1. Januar 2016


Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Everything alludes to the fact that the earth and human 
society will remain subjected to the centrifugal forces 
of transformation also in the year 2016. 

The cosmic influx of spiritual Light from the CENTRAL SUN 
will also continue to increase and will reach new heights.
Thereby our bodies become increasingly lighter and our perception 
becomes more and more refined. I am convinced that at the 
end of the year 2016, as we still make efforts, nothing will remain
of the “old human Being”, which we were over thousand of years 
and in many incarnations. And nothing much will also remain of 
Mother Earth at the end of 2016, the way we knew her so far. 

For me the year of revelations has begun. It is a year when 
not only the truth will appear on all levels; instead it is the
year when the divine will obviously begin to be revealed. 

New Dimension of Possibilities

The light warriors and light workers, the Light entities and the 
siblings from the Light will be confronted with a new dimension 
of possibilities. And this means that miracles will increase and 
surprising turns will be the order of the day.

Why am I convinced of it?

Due to the intensive purification and redemption work many 
of us have pushed wide the door into the Light. Our bodies 
are subtler, our thinking is more loving, our sensations, 
feelings and emotions are more peace loving, and our 
actions have become more decisive and more courageous.

We no longer put our light under the bushel; instead we 
act out of the new self-image that we are God’s infinite 
creatures. Following this logic our reality must also change.

We attract what we are, thereby our fruits of our inner 
purification work must become visible, and to a new extent
in 2016, because the turning point has been reached. This 
excerpt from a message of 12/14/2015 from ASANA MAHATARI 
describes this clearly: 

„Energy creates new Conditions

At this point in time the energy begins to turn and this fact 
creates a new reality. The effects of this process begin to show 
on earth, which so far has been flooded with the Light from the 
Central Sun. Meaning, that now the light-filled intentions of 
individual human Beings as well as the human collective 
increasingly prevail. Light-filled as well as loving aspects can
no longer be disempowered or wiped off the table due to dark 
infringements or intentions. Light warriors have been empowered 
by Heaven and due to this fact the energy on earth changes.

The power to make possible the impossible and to fulfill deeds, 
which so far had almost no chance of success, has been unleashed.” 
(Complete message will be published shortly, rem. JJK) 

What we experience is: „The Force Awakens“
(Star Wars: Episode VII) We have empowered ourselves and 
thereby have begun to take responsibility for our life. We have 
ceased to give up power, to transfer it to others or to let others 
have power over us. We have overcome the victim status, have 
atured into self-conscious individuals and have uplifted ourselves 
to wise and kind Gods in human Gestalt. On the foundation of our 
redeemed hearts can this new consciousness expand until it takes 
full possession of us. And it does it already.

We have not only gifted ourselves, instead all human Beings, 
who we meet, are touched by this new energy, which emanates 
from us. Our transformation can affect everything and everyone. 
No encounter and nobody are excluded from it, unless individual
human Beings stubbornly maintain the illusion of separation.

But we have overcome this illusion and this means:
1.) The Light realms of All-That-Is can now be revealed to us.
2.) Peace can develop now.
3.) God’s abundance can be given to us now.
4.) God’s protection is absolute.
5.) Miracles are the order of the day.

Crises and Dramas also in 2016

Furthermore this means that due to the further purification work 
on earth, crises and upheavals, dramas and incredible horror will 
also manifest in the year 2016. The unredeemed must be redeemed, 
the ill must get well and hate must yield to love. It is a very intensive 
process, which we already know, and which will certainly still continue 
well beyond the year 2016.

The Crucial Point

Thereby it is necessary to regard our own position; and this is 
the crucial point. Based on our consciousness we begin to perceive 
this planetary spectacle with new eyes; we look at it without 
attachments and we view this earthly drama with new eyes. 

„We are in this world, but we are not of this world”, say the Sufis. 
And this truth will from now on shape our daily life; worries will 
yield, fears will evaporate and everything of lower vibration will 
no longer reach our heart.

And from now on still one more fact will be obvious:
How God works in our life.

God in the Midst of Life

To the degree of how much we trust in ourselves, God will 
trust us. Life quality improves substantially and the closeness 
to God can be experienced with all senses. We will be invisible 
and as it is necessary, we will bridge time and space.

In our presence bullets will change their course and as it 
must be, water will separate and rocks will open. 

An exciting and wonderful year has begun.
Exciting, because the dramas and discharges will 
be of enormous extent and wonderful, because our 
consciousness is no longer focused on these dramas, 
instead it is oriented toward God’s presence. 

A new experience of life spreads out, because from 
now on and to a new extent we determine our reality ourselves.
We have entered a new level of awareness and this begins to 
have an effect on daily life.
We have internalized many lectures and we have changed.
We ourselves have built in ourselves the foundation for a 
global transformation.
We have reason to thank God and us for everything that 
has been achieved, and foremost we have reason to 
joyfully expect what is ahead of us. It is that far: 

We are God’s first messengers,
Who came to this Earth.
At the end of this time we are the ones,
Who say good-bye by restoring
Everything to its original order,
And by giving the healed planet
Back into the hands of the Creator. 
(Book 2026 –Revelations from God; 
an English version is in preperation)

Welcome to the Year 2016. 

And may the Power of the Light and the
Force of Love always be with you. 

Very cordially yours,

Jahn J Kassl

2015: The Year of Truth - JJK 
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