13. Januar 2016


Message from the Light Reading  
on December 18th, 2015 in Vienna

Photography © 2014 Jens Schnabel, Munich 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

God is with us!

I am ASANA MAHATARI, those, who know me, 
also know me as Master ST. GERMAIN.
I am That I Am. I am now amongst you!

Thinking of God

Do you know why the life of many human Beings looks like 
a roller coaster? Days, hours and moments that heights and 
depths characterize? Do you know why it is so difficult for many 
human Beings to stand in the center, to remain in their center 
and center there? The answer is simple: 
Most human Beings think too little about God. 

All thoughts should always circle around God and have 
God in the center. A fulfilled and balanced life can unfold 
out of this centered position. 

At the very first distraction many human Beings digress 
from thoughts about God.
„Now I have to do this“ or „I have to solve this problem“, 
they say – and thereby forget God.
Let us look at this more closely.

What happens if you are constantly bound to God by means 
of your thoughts and thereby remain in constant connection 
with God? You remain in peace on the inside – always – and 
you never topple out of inner balance. This is also guaranteed 
as you are confronted with a challenging situation. If you 
remain centered in God, such a situation cannot “take you 
over”, anxieties cannot get settled in you and shocking events 
are very quickly processed. 

If your thoughts digress from God in precarious situations, 
you topple out of oneness and fears and worries begin to 

The Exercise

Please do – and exercise this consistently – the following:
As soon as you are again in a difficult situation, turn to
God with your thoughts and with your heart.
In everything, which preoccupies you, in everything that you 
see, in everything that disturbs you, center in God and ensure 
that your thoughts remain constantly oriented toward God.

It is helpful as you repeat God’s name. This supports you to 
remain focused in the loving, kind, empathetic and omnipresent
God. Bring the “personal” God into your life and all precarious 
situations will be instantly defused, calm down and you can 
relax quickly and anchor in your center.

I give you this exercise today and at the close of this year, 
whereby in challenging moments your thoughts are entirely
oriented toward God, so that dark energies can neither impair 
you nor take you over. As soon as you have internalized this 
exercise and have anchored it as a permanent “mantra”,
your emotions and feelings begin to change.

In this manner you change your cellular consciousness 
and gradually you become equal to God.
This simple and extremely effective exercise, as you 
practice it consistently, is the key to a harmonious life. 

It functions through thoughts. Correctly oriented thoughts 
towards God make you into whom you are. False thoughts,
turned away from God, make you into whom you believe 
you are. Salvation or harm in your life lies in the world
of your thoughts. 

Therefore before you can whole-heartedly practice the devotion 
to God, you must possess a sound mind and your thoughts must 
be entirely absorbed in God. 

The binding to God begins with the first thought about 
God, becomes weaker as soon as your thoughts diminish
and ends as soon as the thoughts cease. 

Beloved Ones,

in this message of today it is about to lift you to the next
level of insights. Therefore I encourage you to this regular 
exercise, which ensures that you remain anchored on this 
new level. The talk is about the first

Consciousness Level far from Fear

How to get rid of fear? This is a question of great significance. 
And whoever finds the answer has taken a great step toward 
personal freedom. Whoever recognizes that due to the constant 
binding to the Creator, lower vibrating energy fields can no longer 
hold in your environment; one will enjoy the attributes, which are 
inherent to the life quality on this level of consciousness: peace, 
harmony, wisdom and compassion.
And due to exercise, repetition and regularity this condition 
will be reached and this condition can be maintained.
Some human Beings have a tendency to seek the “quick result”. 
Not that it were impossible, yet a good sword most of the time 
is forged in the glowing fire for a long time. Meaning: as soon 
as you internalize that earthly life, measured against the timeless 
eternity, is less than an instant, you begin to evaluate in what 
kind of relation human impatience stands against this fact.

The living bond with God means to exist in timelessness and 
this is also attained due to a bond to the Source. The closer 
you are to God the more insignificant timespans become, 
they lose their significance, like toys, which lose fascination 
with children of increasing age.

This is today, here and now, the message for you beloved 
siblings of the Light: you can now reach the next step in 
insights. It is the level where the closeness to God remains
constant and whereby fears yield.

This reality exists far from earthly truth.
Due to regular practice of this exercise, whereby you 
direct your thoughts always to God, you change yourself 
and you change your environment; you become peace 
loving and easiness comes in, “blows of fate” become 
rare occasions and the meaning of life is revealed day by day. 

You will not be transfigured once the “Day of Judgment” 
occurs and also enlightenment does not occur beyond the 
veil. It is true: The Life on God’s wings is today your 
heritage and is already being realized on earth. 

Ensure that you remain open for this truth and that with 
every day you increasingly remind yourself of God until 
each moment is permeated with His presence.

I accompany you.
In Love, with Joy and out of Gratitude.

God is with us! In Eternity. 

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