16. Januar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Where do your thoughts point to and how do you think?
This is a question we would now like to turn to.


Beloved One,
Time, at the end of time, brings forth everything and 
the illusions get stronger before they dissolve.
How can you face this process, where should you 
direct your consciousness and your mindfulness?
It is the manner in they way you think, which counts today. 

Due to your thinking you create the first level of reality.  

Repetition loops in thinking penetrate your emotional 
consciousness and gradually fortune or misfortume 
become visible.

Right Thinking 

Means to think in the now. 

Whoever remains oriented toward the Now 
has understood the principle of Creation. 

Why? Whoever lives in the past or in thoughts, which let 
the past come forth again and again, lives outside of 
the ALL-THAT-IS REALITY and outside of the Now.
The same thing is true regarding the future.
Past and future are illusions in God’s Creation, 
which are necessary to be overcome.
Whose thoughts therefore continuously circle around 
past or future, is ensnared in illusion.
Only in the Now can light-filled thoughts develop, 
because the Now can be free of fears, free of lack 
and free of unkindness, as one chooses it consciously, 
while the past can be charged with the history and the 
future with everything, which phantasy holds ready.

The Now-Consciousness 

Is the key for a felicitous life and it is necessary 
to think the right thoughts in the present.

As soon as thoughts of lack come in, correct these 
thoughts and replace them with thoughts of abundance.
As soon as thoughts of a lack of love appear, correct these 
and replace them with the fact that you are unconditionally 
loved, from God, that you are loved from all of Creation for 
what you are and not for what you do in the eyes of human 
Beings. Bed yourself in this love, love yourself for what you 
are, and correct your thoughts in the moment as you flip 
out of this certitude.

As soon as thoughts of lack of courage or as soon as anxieties 
mix in, correct these, whereby you instantaneously set yourself 
back into the trust in God and into confidence. Now the time has 
come for this consistent self image, because every destructive 
thought, due to the increase in spiritual energy on earth, creates 
quick results and very quickly creates an It is important to
understand that despite your planning, which you must do 
for your daily life and in your life, to always return into the 
Now, as soon as the planning is concluded.

Never hang on to thoughts of the past or thoughts of the 
future! For example, never think continuously about the 
possibility of a “Third World War”, because then you are 
in the process of creating this reality. Consider this possibility, 
because ignoring facts is of little help, yet never remain stuck 
in these fears, which these thoughts trigger on all levels of 
your Being. 

Think clearly, never back off from any thought, 
yet give up all thoughts, which are charged with 

It is correct to see what is possible, and it is right to give no 
nourishment to undesired possibilities due to your power of 
thinking. For example, if you think that another disappointment 
in the personal area may again happen, if you think in patterns 
like “it always was like that”, or “it always happens to me”,
then it is necessary to change your thinking at exactly that 

Positives or negatives, before it fulfills, 
are created in thoughts. 

Your thoughts show, if you deal with yourself and 
with the world with reverence or with disesteem. 

You are living divine consciousness, which experiences
itself in the Now. Every fearful remembrance from the 
past or any fear of the future is erased, as soon as you
understand that there is no past or future. 
Then ends illusion and reality begins. 

Internalize this truth and you will be in peace and 
you will radiate Love; on every day and in every moment.

I am with you in infinite Love,


Three Instructions - Babaji 
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