7. Januar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Beloved Ones, 

Inside are the treasures of life and it is time 
to spread out these treasures in the outer world. 


The shakedown of human society and of the Mother planet 
of mankind continues. New earths develop, new worlds are 
created and the creations are truly awe-inspiring.

Energy creates new Conditions

At this point in time the energy begins to turn and this fact 
creates a new reality. The effects of this process begin to 
show on earth, which so far has been flooded with the Light 
from the Central Sun. 
Meaning, that now the light-filled intentions of individual 
human Beings as well as the human collective increasingly 
prevail. Light-filled as well as loving aspects can no longer 
be disempowered or wiped off the table due to dark 
infringements or intentions. Light warriors have been 
empowered by Heaven and due to this fact the energy 
on earth changes.
The power to make possible the impossible and to fulfill 
deeds, which so far had almost no chance of success, 
has been unleashed.

In each energetic work and when setting manifestation 
impulses go entirely into the energy and the presence of 
God, so that you can pursue this path free of the glare 
of the ego. In the energy and presence of God you attract 
all creative energies into your life and all destructive forces 
stay away. Whatever you would also like to affect in this 
spirit, always do it with God. Then all miracles are possible.
You will be invisible, in case it must be, you will simultaneously 
appear in several places, in case it must be, you will stem evil, 
in case it must be and you will reveal the Light, wherever it 
must be and where it is not expected even by you that it 
may be. 

The world structure begins to shift in favor 
of the light warriors! 

Thereby darkness is still consistently illuminated, the dark 
ones are exposed and are robbed of their capabilities; 
human Beings recognize them.
And while the creators of the new earth perform their work, 
the time of great unveilings on the old earth has fully started. 

Because indeed, this mankind can only get well as those, 
who have done great damage to this world are called by 
name and will be held responsible for their deeds. And 
“responsibility” means to ask for forgiveness and ensure 
a balance. 

It becomes increasingly more difficult for the dark forces 
to escape earthly justice. The escape routes have been 
destroyed and the Galactic Federation of Light has sealed 
them. Entry is no longer given.

The White Brotherhood of Light

Has ensured that the necessary healings on all levels may 
be carried out. And for that it is necessary that those, who 
so far posed as “columns of society” will be recognized as 
the destroyers of society.

And this point has now been reached. The transformation of 
society goes into the next phase; thereby the spiritual Light 
penetrates to the most hidden corners of the world. Abysses 
are revealed, and Light gets to where darkness has been so 
far. Discharges are the result and they level the path for the 
time of peace.

Heaven’s trombones are sounded again and in God’s 
omnipresence attune mankind for the turn.
The walls of Jerusalem fall for the last time. 
Power has been taken from the dark ones, 
and power has been given to the forces of Light.

Truth, Light and Life prevail on all levels; 
peace spreads out and the new human society develops.

The wind has turned and God is with us.


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