23. Januar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Expect clear inner signs! Orient yourself entirely toward 
your heart center and you will clearly perceive YES or NO.


The time of a lack of inner orientation is over.
Decisions, which have to be made, today can be 
made in a new manner, self-assuredly and self-consciously.
How? Whereby you bind directly with the knowledge of your 
heart and expect a sign in silence. Begin to trust your inner 
images, after you have centered yourself. 

The heart does not deceive you, because the heart 
bails all knowledge from the prime Source of all Life. 
Illusions belong to the mental and emotional levels, 
which the heart is free of. 

Furthermore this means: Go into silent meditation, 
as you face a question, as your life demands an answer.
Get entirely centered in self, in your heart – come to rest; 
silence surrounds you and you are in peace.
Then wait for what shows. The HIGH SELF talks to you, 
it reveals itself and shows you the way to the right decision: 
YES or NO.

3 Indications 

There are unmistakable indications for it that you 
receive knowledge directly from the heart:
1.) Images, which develop out of nothing and clearly 
do not correspond to phantasies or a suppressed desire.
2.) Mirror images and a twist of fate, which may follow 
such a meditation, as you gain the impression that you 
have received no clear inner picture.
3.) Sudden inner clarity, after you attained calmness 
and have arrived in the center of your Being.

In one of these manners you attain knowledge and 
clarity, in one of these manners the High Self talks 
to you and tells you what is appropriate and how to decide.

Very often you stand at a fork in your life, where you do 
not know how to proceed. Here is a tool given, so that 
you may make clear decisions free of mental or 
emotional influences.
YES or NO – the knowledge is inside of you.

Begin to trust yourself.
The time has come for it.

I am amongst you,

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