24. Januar 2016


Healing due to God’s Grace

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Realization due to Devotion

The devotion to God leads to realization and 
is the most direct path toward perfection.

I am amongst you.

Beloved Ones,

Due to deep trust in God, due to deep trust in ALL-THAT-IS 
and due to the unconditional orientation of all your thoughts, 
emotions and motives toward divine consciousness, to the living 
divine power in self, your life receives its meaning and a human 
Being can grow, be and become. 

Devotion, correctly understood and practiced correctly, 
creates a new energy field; your life blossoms like a 
flower opens its blooms, as soon as it is touched by 
the Sun’s light. 

Incorrectly understood devotion, because it is assumed that
one must give up oneself in this process, let many human 
Beings back off from this step.
Therefore the ultimate recognition must be lacking and a 
discontent with what has been achieved, a discontent, 
which cannot be located, sets in.

Devotion the Principle

I am the MOTHER OF ALL-THAT-IS and I say to you:
Life without devotion is impossible, because all 
Life in all worlds of Creation were created due to 
devotion and due to the devotion of the Creator to 
self has received form and expression! Devotion is 
the basic principle of all Life. 

And therefore also your birth in the human body is an 
act of devotion, which you have decided for at many 
times and have qualified for based on the maturity 
of your soul.

Again and again you descended and you have assisted this 
world and all Life on this earth to gain new knowledge and 
thereby have created new growth for yourself and have opened 
new pathways toward infinity. Often you descended under very 
difficult and existence-threatening conditions, based on free 
will and for praise of the whole universe of this and many 

Nobody has forced you to do so, solely your joy and your 
devotion for the whole, for divine greatness, for the sacred 
divine intention to build new worlds and to give all divine 
aspects the opportunity for self-experience, has lead you here.


Devotion is practiced Love and it is the attribute, which appears 
at the end of the way, before you have attained master ship and
perfection, on all levels of daily life. Compassion-Devotion-Love
is the pearls of the “rosary of all life” and it is what counts today 
for those, who aim for realization. 

To obtain the new awareness, when compassion, devotion 
and Love are practiced, it becomes the path toward the 
coronation of a human life. 

Yet human Beings are still scared of this devotion, after 
they have already completed a long journey through time 
and space! God’s call remains unrequited and even though 
his whisper reaches the ear, only rarely does it penetrate 
the human heart. In the moment when your hearts shall 
open, they close and when it is imperative to let oneself
fall, you remain standing like rooted to the spot. The fear 
to lose oneself prevails and blocks the view to the truth, 
which is:  

The devotion to God returns you to your Self. 
What needs to retreat is your ego and many 
human Beings are afraid of dying this small death. 

They remain standing and look with irritation to the other 
side of the veil, like in front of an impassable border, a barrier, 
which they do not dare to cross – what do I expect there and 
how do I get there?

Without thereby considering the obvious: devotion.

Many look for complicated paths and solutions, instead of 
looking inside and to redeem the fears, which block the 
devotion to God.

Before a human Being devotes himself entirely to his Self 
or to God, meaning, to cede the guidance for one’s life 
entirely to God or to one’s Self, he searches for escapes 
as long until all thinkable alternatives, in order to attain 
knowledge, have been tried. 
As soon as this search has been exhausted, a new 
quality appears in human Beings: the absence of 
conditions. Please know this: 

Frustration and disappointments are extremely helpful 
signposts in order to obtain the right path. And know:  
Each detour is just fine for an immature soul, on the 
other hand a mature soul scents the wrong path, 
attracts the truth and repels everything that is not true. 

Today many human Beings, whose maturity of the soul is 
ready for this last and ultimate step toward insignificance, 
face this great decision. To let themselves fall into the
unknown or to continue to cultivate the familiar and 
grown fond of “securities”?

Many of these high entities have become familiar with the 
principle of “self-empowerment”. And have accepted it 
internally. Yet the “successes” are a few and the rebirth 
as a fully conscious divine entity stays away. Why?

It is, because the principle of self-empowerment is in 
harmony with the divine and works with God himself. 
Whoever is “self-empowered” without devoting to God 
has still not understood. Where self-empowerment is 
mistaken for ego-empowerment, because the direct 
relationship to God is missing, meaning, the Love to
God is missing, disappointments appear and slowly 
doubt eats into the heart.
This frustration brings many light entities to the point of 
turning away from the Light path, because much of what 
has been announced stays away and some of what has 
been expected keeps waiting in an unbearable manner.

Only with devotion everything changes, the energy 
changes and the human life changes. Thereby the character 
of devotion can never be captured mentally; instead it must 
be experienced internally. The effects of this decision bring 
Light into the darkness and bring insights. Devotion as a 
theory leads to absolutely nothing and you arrive nowhere.
How does a fish feel in the water? Nobody can better judge 
this than a fish itself. Whoever does not live in water can 
only make assumptions, which apply here yet do not apply
there, yet the character of life in the water is only unveiled
for those, who also live in the water, who have gone into 
symbiosis with the water. And it behaves exactly like that 
with the “devotion to God”. Thereby a human Being goes 
into symbiosis with God and all divine attributes.

All descriptions of this condition only serve one goal, to make 
you familiar with this truth, so that you may remember and as 
the extent of disappointments has been exhausted, you go 
back to this anchor – and let yourself fall.

And foremost mature souls are predestined for this experience. 
These are souls, which have seen the times and have crossed 
them, which know the world and lack nothing, but also do not 
want to experience anything else. For such human Beings 
devotion is the next logical step and it is the last step before 
the pure and divine spirit appears and allows to be recognized.
The unconditional oneness with God brings forth a life without 
ifs or buts, and the assignments are willingly accepted and 
performed in Love. Such a human Being subjects everything 
to God and to divine providence. And at that moment the ego 
steps back and it ceases to exist, because with the decision to 
devote entirely to God, the ego has nothing to set against.

A mature soul knows what we are talking about here and this 
message is directed toward those human Beings, who feel 
addressed now and there are many of those, who are in this 
world today, compared to times before.

It is time to depart! To new shores of a new life.

It expects you as soon as you entrust your whole Being 
entirely to God and convey everything in your life to God 
without thereby giving up your own responsibility. 

Self-determination means to make decisions, 
which are imprinted from divine consciousness 
and not from the ego. And the most far-reaching 
of all decisions is the one to turn your life entirely 
over to God. 

Lord, care for me; Mother nurture me – I am ready for it.

Heart Opening

In the following healing due to God’s Grace we want to redeem 
hindering belief patterns regarding devotion, we want to set free 
the longing for God and we want to rise up until we are bound 
with the Wellspring of All-That-Is.

In order to achieve this, the Angels of Heaven and the 
Ascended Masters have begun with the process of opening 
the heart. It occurs now and in accordance and in agreement 
with your soul. Whoever is ready for it the heart expands now,
the heart energy flows and begins to circulate freely; you 
become receptive and tuned in for the “Act of Devotion”. 
It occurs now….. 


And while we internally become gentle, generous and kind, 
I direct the following words to you from the womb of Mother Earth:

Mother Earth 

A long time ago has begun to release all dark energies, to repel 
all maliciousness and she has decided to guard human Beings, 
who are of good will, from all discharges, which are now ongoing 
and are still ahead. Mother Earth has seen how much human 
Beings bind with her and how much energy and love from 
human Beings have been offered for this process of purification.

Mother Earth also sees how she is still wounded and injuries 
are inflicted to her living body. This is a condition, which she 
is not willing to tolerate any longer. You already know this 
decision; and today here and now you are again reminded 
of it. Thereby you can correctly interpret the coming days 
and set yourself into the right relationship to the whole, 
because the time for discernment has come and Mother 
Earth distinguishes exactly – between those, who honor 
her and those, who meet her with disregard; and now 
Mother Earth orients everything accordingly.

And at this point in time, many human Beings now face the 
question of how can I give my life another impetus, how can 
I enter the path of perfection and how can I awaken my longing 
for God? Whereby do I receive this insight and who can give 
me help in this regard?

I have come exactly at this turning point to accompany your 
life and to free you from what hinders you to experience
oneness with self and oneness with God.

Until today you have gone through many different schoolings
and have taken on much, and yet there is a “residue” in you, 
which did not want to redeem and despite many efforts could
not be redeemed until today. The ultimate things have not 
been revealed to you, the ultimate insight has been lacking
and perfection is still waiting? Why?

I say to you, beloved Ones: Because your devotion to God
is still lacking or is not complete. For that your desire for God 
must be liberated, then deep trust in God and the acceptance 
of this last step before the arrival occurs. 

Once you have God, then you have everything, 
if you are full of devotion to God, then you miss 
nothing. Lack is there, where the divine reality 
is captured inadequately. 

And we now turn our attention to this fact, now we devote 
our undivided attention toward it. It is a place, which you 
still do not know, but one, which you will reach since a long 
time ago – a place where your desire will be quenched. 

Affirmation of Devotion 
I (say your name here)

Here and now all blockages are removed and in the next days 
will be removed layer by layer. This occurs always under consideration 
of your situation, your readiness and your power in order to be able to
integrate these healing steps. The coming days are entirely in the sign 
of these healings and practice meditation and the devotion to the divine

You become lighter and the character of devotion is revealed to you. 
Gradually new energy fields are activated in your heart and your 
perception becomes increasingly more refined. Up to the point 
when you let yourself entirely out of your own fall into God’s 
arms or you return to the womb of the divine Mother.

The coming days are in the sign of this awareness process. 
It is a process, which is activated in each human Being, 
whenever he follows this message and has given consent 
for it. Once that consent has been given, the process 
of liberation begins.

Words alone are not able to convey this. It is the direct
experience, which counts here and which allow the 
“Act of Devotion” to occur.

The healings begin now, blockages are removed, 
and trust in God nurtures my soul….
It occurs now…
Pay attention now to inner pictures, which dissolve… 


Another key is turned over to you now; the gate to the
ultimate knowledge is opened wide. Be aware that everything 
may occur as soon as you have transferred everything to 
God’s Grace. 


Now we continue, we go on and the longing for the origin
is activated in your heart. Longing is the fuel, which lets 
you travel across time and space and it is the desire, 
which affects your return to Heaven. 

Your heart is fulfilled with longing and as soon as you 
are conscious of it, you are on fire with Love for God 
and for all Life. Your longing for God is the unquenched 
request for the oneness with all Life. 

And now we want to approach this oneness.
Carefully we enter the inner chamber of knowledge and due 
to our opened heart we profess our willingness for liberation. 

Resolve for Liberation:
I (say your name here)



The Light works. Now what until today has 
matured in you begins to blossom now. It occurs.


Please consider this, many old souls have waited for their 
liberation for a long time. And this master key for it may be 
transferred to you as soon as you can no longer get something
out of the old ways of living in space-time. 

The compassion is the beginning, the devotion the 
anchoring and Love the perfection of the spiritual path. 

Purity, Love and Light flow to you now – heavenly entities 
are with you and are in the process to retune your energy 
field and orient it toward the Divine.


Your perception becomes clear, your heart opens and 
your inner senses point the way for you like guiding stars.


Nobody who loves God must give up self, but each one,
who wends one’s way to this path of Love must strip off 
his ego! Nobody who is full of longing for God, loses
interest in life on earth, yet his spirit is irreversibly 
anchored in God in each task. 

Beloved Ones,

Even the farthest journey has an end. And today we certainly 
see the end of the human journey on earth. Everything is 
done for it, everything occurs due to this transformation.

I know your Heart

Whoever orients his life toward eternity knows that the 
processes in order to return to God’s Glory do not take an eternity.
Whoever is in God knows neither patience nor impatience, instead 
only the joy of permanent oneness with the Source. Therefore 
patience is not a task for an awakened one and certainly not a 
hindrance, because whoever is one with God, for him time and 
space dissolve, and all resistances disappear.
And this is achieved due to pure and complete devotion 
to God’s Light.

This Grace has been given to you today and new potentials 
for knowledge are now activated in you.
I say to you: the end of the journey is near and the beginning 
of a new journey is ahead of you – the final tasks for it are 
ongoing now.

I am amongst you.
I am the guardian of all Life.
I am the omnipresent Mother of All-That-Is.

I reveal myself to you in many Gestalts, 
you know my countenance and I know your hearts.

We are familiar with each other, we are infinitely close to each 
other – and you are in the process to experience this today.

I am
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