19. Januar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones, 

Create inner calm, go into inner silence, center yourself
in the realm of peace that expands in your soul and only 
waits for you to come in. 

The outer world gets increasingly restless, because the world 
is lifted out of its hinges, the events gain in power and begin 
to condense; rarely a day, when massive steps toward 
transformation do not occur, rarely an hour that is free 
of reflections and rarely a moment which lets you come 
to peace in the outer.

Appeal for Daily Meditation

Therefore in this message I appeal to you to meditate daily. 
Connect yourself daily with the Source until the constant 
binding has been attained. 

You will never lose your orientation in the coming 
days, if you are in the command center of your Being. 

Out of the center of your soul you can clearly discern, 
because the great time of deceptions has begun, when 
the cheats of this world want to secure their power using
their last array and in their last desperation.

Ask for Insight

Rise up! Recognize your position in this game.
If you are uncertain of your assignments, so ask the 
spiritual realms of Light for insight. The knowledge 
about what you have to do today, here and now, is 
of great significance. In your tasks let yourself be guided 
by intuition, and entrust your Higher Self with the direct 
guidance in all affairs of earthly life. 

You have a best friend! A friend, who never leaves you, 
never yields from your side, never follows other or even 
selfish interests: The Higher Self.
The Higher Self is the compass of your life, the 
navigator through time and the anchor in stormy sea. 

Orient yourself entirely toward the inside, and act in the 
outer world from the inside.
If fears show up, accept them and with consciousness work 
dissolve them. Always look at what it is, what is in you and 
what occurs in the outer world. Do not suppress, cover up, 
hide or deny anything. What appears wants to be perceived – 
and everything that appears, wants to be recognized! After 
that the healings begin, after that everything can be given. 
The fears yield the more you deal with your fears, single-
mindedly recognize them as illusion and dissolve them.

Look there!

Do not look away, as images of destruction, 
suffering and hate reach you – look at it.
Accept the task to rise above the lower vibrating 
energies, whereby you care for redemption with 
meditation and due to direct devotion to God’s Light.

Mother Earth recirculates, is put from inside to 
outside and mankind loses a foothold. All?
No, those, who are grounded in God remain 
standing on firm ground of Mother Earth; 
upright like an unswerving warrior in the storm. 

Grounding due to God’s Light, grounding due to God’s Love, 
grounding due to the awareness that your home is in Heaven 
and not on earth.

Mother Earth has begun with the destruction of all lower 
energies. This has the consequence of riots and fights, 
changes in the environment and conflicts on all levels of

If the chaff separates from the wheat, it cannot remain 
unnoticed if the ones swing up and the others swing 
down; this leaves obvious traces behind. 

Deep in your heart rests your divinity and the vast 
soul invites you to enter into this kingdom of peace.
And while a storm rages outside, the days pass; your 
Being is nurtured from the Source of all Life and you 
mature into an immortal divinity. In Eternity.

God is with us and alive in you.

I am

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