12. Januar 2016



Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Arriving in the Kingdom of God and returning into the Light – 
this is the truth that all Life comes to, having determined this 
for itself. 

For every human Being this way back to the Source goes off in 
a unique manner and offers exactly the chain of experiences, 
which he needs in order to conclude this one journey before a 
new one can begin.

Everything indeed is part of God’s Creation and it is possible on 
account of God, and therefore, in order to make your arrival in 
the Light secure and far from dramas, waters will separate, 
earth masses will shift beneficially, storms will die down and
fire will burn without burning you.

You will be truly taken away, carried away from a as of yet 
unknown force, which has the power to manifest everything, 
which serves the great creative blueprint.

God is great, and this greatness appears in the decisive hours 
for mankind, it determines everything and is omnipresent on 
all levels of this world.
You are not alone, you are not left standing on your own two 
feet and you never were. And today you are even less so, 
because it is about the last and decisive movements, which 
lead directly into the Kingdom of God, and the Light, the Life 
and Love will be lifted to the only reality on the new earth.

From now on set your steps securely and in deep trust of self 
and of God. Do not avoid your further transformation, instead 
courageously take on yourself and let yourself sink into God’s 
arms; until you are contained in His Grace and find calm, 
peace and enlightenment in His Love.

God lifts you, but you must stand up on your own,
God gives you strength, but you must move on your own.
God gives you insights, but you must accept these as your own.
God works through you, but you must be open for it on your own.

And what you are, you are through and in God.

Be ready for this truth and on God’s wings let 
yourself be carried into the Light.

I am

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