20. Januar 2016


"Welcome Culture" changes our life 
and can become our doom.
Requiring a radical course correction.
Essay regarding the raging conditions due
to the mass immigration in Germany and Austria.

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 


As expected nothing could be expected of the German 
Chancellor. It does not occur to Merkel to react adequately 
to the events in Cologne, meaning, to denounce the welcome 
policy. The Courts of Justice should deal with the damage, 
which Merkel delivered to Germany and Austria. 

Dagmar Henn writes: 
A sense of perspective: According to actual information there 
were 200, 250 police deployed at the Cologne Hauptbahnhof. 
At the mostly peaceful Pediga marches thousands of police are 
deployed, completely equipped for violence and with few inhibitions. 
Not only could one have asked for reinforcement in Cologne and did 
not do so, even worse, one rejected this despite specific ask for help. 
Also, just as an aside, the police talk much about that they were 
overtaxed and therefore were unable to take down all charges 
and could not write down personal data in time.

Yet this is just another attempt for misinformation and manipulation. 
As I know it, no victim complained that the formalities took too long – 
this is not the point of failure, as one wants to explain it now.
No, the point of failure and the relevant question is: Why have 
the police not prevented these very bad crimes, utilizing their 
best force? Exactly that is their primary task.
Let us compare: What happens with a Pediga march with 
also about 1,000 participants?
Initially a multiple of security forces get into position. 
Also these forces are ostensibly ready to intervene, at 
any time forcibly. And: What happens in Dresden, Leipzig 
and in other places? Do the police busily take notes about 
charges and ask for help from the Ministry of the Interior? 
No! They beat, they spray pepper spray or they severely
injure demonstrators, like it happened in Stuttgart. These 
are German citizen, which in most cases exercise their basic 
rights peacefully.
And now we shall believe the fairy tale from Cologne 
of too few and helpless police?
No, also here it is valid: One, using excuses, allow highly 
criminal offenders to carry out and rape, while some Germans, 
carrying out their basic rights, are beaten down.
Obviously there is no lack in police, weapons or possibilities.
If human Beings are chained to atomic transports, then it is 
no problem; the chains out of steel are cut in no time. 
But when several “refugees” form a circle around a victim, 
then it is an insurmountable hurdle for the – after all 
armed – police?

This is the hour of fairy tales and even worse, as usual, 
government bodies, politicians and media act in coordination, 
viciously and highly mendaciously (whereby I look mildly at 
the police, because they are drilled to obey; they are also the 
normal police, and even if they still do not understand it, are
heating material as well as the citizen).1 


Our small Alpine Republic is ruled by a chancellor, who 
sometimes defiantly „I have not invited anybody“, then 
again raffishly taking harsh methods „in the future we will 
be more active at the borders“, demonstrates his total incompetence.
Our borders are still open like a barn door. Fence still remains a 
foreign word, or if a fence, then with sufficient gaps, doors or side 
parts; sufficient measures to stop the migration tsunami, which 
looms in the spring, remain lacking. 

„In the past days and weeks it was quiet at the border crossing 
in Spielfeld, but this will change again very soon: as soon as the 
construction projects are finished in two to three weeks, refugees 
will again be directed to Spielfeld – the police in Styria very soon 
expect 5000 to 6000 per day...“ 
12,000 refugees per day? 
There are predictions in the Ministry of the Interior, which 
assume a daily inrush of up to 12,000 refugees.“ 2 
(actually about 3,500 refugees per day are directed 
to the border of Styria) 

Prevention, to hinder a mass onrush – when, if not now?!

The „Agitator“

But foremost our chancellor is against any kind of “agitation”. 
This could honor him. Thereby it escapes him that it is himself, 
who plays and agitates human Beings against each other due 
to his policy of open borders. The greatest agitator of our 
Republic possibly sits at the Ballhausplatz and certainly 
is not to be found among the callers, who warn us about these 
conditions and still do. The uncontrolled mass immigration is 
the downfall of any State – a little bit of study in human history 
could certainly help the chancellor. Asking too much?

Before Cologne we knew that there are many, and after Cologne 
we know that there are many, who certainly do not want to be 
integrated into our society. Too many! There are also too many, 
who deceive their actual refugee status and obviously are sent 
to us with criminal and state and population destructive intentions 
(Soros & Co). Even if the governments and the naïve multi-culture 
supporters do not want to hear it: 
We are dealing with an invasion of criminals! 

„Zero Tolerance“

also says politics and at the same time abstains from the 
consequences. Criminals still move freely among us and 
the borders remain open – still for all. In addition existing 
law is regularly broken and thereby our constitutional state 
is undermined. Regarding the German example, 
Federal Judge Udo Di Fabio declares: 

»The Federal Government clearly breaks constitutional law (...)« 
Di Fabio in his expert report chooses such distinct words that one 
would like to embrace this sympathetic baldhead. He determines 
very clearly that the Federal Government clearly breaks the 
constitutional law with its prevailing refusal to control the 
borders comprehensively.

Verbatim it says: »The Federation is obligated, due to reasons 
of constitutional law, to renew effective controls of the federal 
borders, if the common European border security and the 
immigration system are temporarily or permanently disturbed.«

The Federal Judge also determines that the constitutional law also 
presumes »the ability to control the borders and the persons living 
in the country«. Reading these sentences one immediately thinks 
about the overflowing refugee criminality and the Islamic terrorists,
which in order to carry out their attacks and deeds, freely move in 
and out of Germany as part of the refugee stream.
Despite the polarization and split of the society Merkel stubbornly 
insists in her radical open border policy. Also after the Arab sex 
mops in almost a dozen German cities, Merkel is incapable to 
admit her “epochal false decision”.3 

Instead of ordering police and the military to deport all illegal, 
criminal and generally non-qualified asylum seekers – here we 
are talking about mass deportations – a few dozen free criminals 
are indicted. Done. Please consider the situation of a crook, 
knowing that every crime is forgiven him, because handcuffs 
and prison cells are over occupied.

Clearly: The behavior of governments is a direct invitation for 
criminal persons to carry out additional crimes or to repeat their 
crimes. Whoever came short during the rape-sex-mop in Cologne, 
can do it somewhere else. In this manner one could bring Merkel’s 
policy to the point. At the Praterstern in Vienna, a transportation hub, 
fistfights, infringements, violent crimes, theft, robberies occur every 
hour and the criminal scene of new immigrants established itself at 
the Westbahnhof. Also the new Hauptbahnhof increasingly becomes 
an imposition. Reports of violent attacks from the Federal states 
complement this atrociousness.
What we have not known before are No-Go-Areas. 
Now we have them. 

These refugees should neither be indicted and be let free, 
or be treated with “understanding”, like the do-gooder 
lobby still wants to. These criminal asylum imposters 
should be sentenced in a fast procedure and be immediately 

What does that mean for all of us? 

Germany and Austria abolish themselves!
Naive and overtaxed (at best), but rather criminal 
governments continue to drive these conditions to 
the peak. 

In the end we ourselves have to fortify our borders (as it 
happened in the fall of 2015 at the border crossing in Spielfeld), 
in the end it will be up to us to send a signal to the world and 
to the future immigrants, which is also understood: 
Immigrants are not welcome anymore! 

Set Boundaries!

Everyone, who works on the energetic level, knows that 
the removal of negative energies is a central part of any healing work.
And what applies to the energetic level, also applies even more to 
the physical and interpersonal level. Whoever is unwelcome should 
be clearly informed of that. 

Setting boundaries means to express where the personal 
boundaries are. Up to here and not any further. Stop. 

And what applies to each one of us should also be considered 
by the State.  

Whoever does not show boundaries, reaps chaos and not, 
as is supposedly believed, the limitless love for all.  

This needs to be understood, because only once
the boundaries of the individual and the State are accepted 
can the oneness of humanity be manifested based on their 
differences. To welcome each one, means to carelessly manage 
oneself and irresponsibly treat the State, as one is responsible 
as a representative. If this is understood, much has been 
achieved. What has been overdue before Cologne and after 
Cologne and becomes important for the survival, is:

Stop the Immigration Flood! 

There is no way around that, if one wants to prevent another 
Cologne or something worse. At first human Beings, who are 
in the country illegally, must be captured, registered, deported 
or integrated. This is a herculean task for all of us with an 
estimated 1 million unregistered immigrants in Germany and 
about 100,000 illegals in Austria. The motto, in order to be 
able to control the situation, must be:  
Refugees are not welcome! 

And the highest goal must be: to divert damage 
from us and from all future immigrants.
The real tragedy of the counter movement, as it gains 
speed, is in the fact that the ones truly needing protection
and the ones, who with their whole strength want to become 
part of our society, are captured by such a dynamic and are 
trampled underfoot.

Escalation Policy of the Rulers

Thereby the policy of open borders is not only directed against 
the population, but foremost also against the refugees. 
Against those, who truly need our help and have a claim 
for asylum. Because once things take their disastrous course, 
there will be no difference between the good and the evil refugees. 
To save us from that, we ourselves can only do it or God will to 
all of us. The politicians, devoid of all good senses, will continue 
to pour oil into the fire and will fire up the war of religions.

In summary: While our politicians stagger into the abyss like 
sleepwalkers, the pendulum begins to turn. Human Beings no 
longer tolerate this incompetent and revolt inducing policy and 
form groups. Thereby it will be up to each one of us so that the 
events will be recognized and will be banned in time. 
The escalation policy of our governments should be 
stopped, as long as it is still possible.

Order out of Chaos

At the end of these developments and as a bloody high point, 
according to the NWO script (order out of chaos), a war of 
religions shall break out on European soil. As a final act, 
until the remaining mankind is tired of the battles and the
loss of blood, shall in unison cry for peace and for a new 
world order. It is necessary to prevent this war of religions 
under all circumstances with a radical immigration stop.

Our governments are in the process, knowingly or due to 
blindness, to agitate us against each other - all measures 
of the past months point in that direction.

And in this question it is superfluous to impute anything
to anyone. 1 million illegal immigrants in Germany and 
100,000 in Austria speak a clear language.

Ascension or Descent?

Nonetheless I am cheerful. The radical nature of the events 
demands decisions from all of us, which are urgently needed.
Light or darkness, truth or lies, freedom or slavery. 
Today we are challenged to stand up for it.
The tepid ones will be disgorged.
Ascension or descent? This decision must also arrive in 
the geo-political reality, because the termination of the 
system and ascension occur on all levels – and this simultaneously.

Indeed: The year of revelations 
promises to become such a year.

Jahn J Kassl

Update 1/18/2016: 
Germany: In the meantime 766 complaints have been filed, 
says Cologne’s senior prosecutor Ulrich Bremer today. 
In about half the cases it is about sex offenses, including 
at least three complaints of rape. 

Update 1/19/2016: 
Austria: Starting this Wednesday the battalion 25 (a unit for
aerial landing with 150 soldiers) will support the 435 soldiers 
in Spielfeld. “Thereby begins a test run for the new border 
system”, confirms first lieutenant Karl Schmidseder.

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