29. Januar 2016


"Live" Message from  GOD


Destroy dark Energies

Message from God

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Dark forces and entities react differently to the prospect 
of their destruction than to the possibility of their transformation. 

Whoever wants to avoid one’s change into the Light, will 
reject transformation impulses and will continue with the 
destructive actions as long as possible. 

But as soon as such an entity is confronted with one’s destruction
it retreats. One’s own ego is the greatest value of the egotist.
If it feels threatened it changes its behavior. Here one answers 
with exactly the energies, which emanate from these forces and 
it is pure fear of one’s destruction, which then prompt these entities 
to retract. It is also important to understand that in this time the
attacks become more and more massive. Ultimately it is about 
nothing more than the survival of dark energies on this level. 
And these fight for their continuation with all means.

In the future you must formulate your mandates even more 
decisively and clearer. Never back off from DESTRUCTION and 
removal of a condition, which is unhealthy and unbearable for 
you. Affirm this process and no longer back off from it. Call the 
Heavenly forces for help; call ARCHANGEL MICHAEL to your side, 
and you will quickly and thoroughly be freed from the monsters 
of this matrix, which romp about in your environment. 


The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light
Reading lifestream or on location. 

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