28. Januar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

„What goes into someone's mouth does not defile 
them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is 
what defiles them." (Matthew 15:11) 

Beloved Ones,

These significant “words from Jesus” express the truth of 
this time. In these words it becomes clear what it always 
has been about and what it foremost is about today: About 
inner purity, about the pure and innocent perception of life 
an all levels.

Where shall you pick up the thread and continue to spin? 
What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them… 
Which means that an awakened human Being can no longer 
be defiled, either in body or in the soul.

The Awakened One

The awakened one has removed evil from his inside and illumines 
darkness with Light. An awakened one cannot be diverted from 
his path of recognition due to any guile, because he immediately
recognizes this temptation of the mortal world as such.

Such a human Being cannot be defiled by anything, and even 
a sluggish, low vibrating and polluted environment leaves no 
permanent traces in one’s soul behind.

Then the awakened one is the Light for the world, 
is the way for human Beings; is Life and is Love.

It is entirely different for those, who pretend to be awakened. 
For those, who relate to appearance instead of being, for 
those, who call themselves gurus or priests, and are not 
more than human Beings in flesh and blood, because they 
fail daily in their self-limitations.
Whose heart is a pit instead of a polished vessel, and 
whose inside is defiled instead of refined, is preoccupied 
to hide these conditions and is far from the path of truth.
Whoever stands at the summit in order to be seen and not 
in order to shine due to his inner Light, is like a jewelry 
dealer that offers false pearls for genuine ones, and false 
jewelry as jewels.
Please be alert, please remain vigilant and orient 
your entire aim toward recognition.
Each complete condition must at first be created in 
you, must, before it can come through to the outside, 
become alive in yourself. 

Dedicate yourself to your own perfection, 
because whoever is incomplete, brings forth 
the incomplete. 

Cease from concealing lacking will for inner work with outer 
hustle and bustle. Whoever is defiled inside, absorbs the 
negative from the outer world. Thereby the heart is defiled 
further and true garbage heaps of unresolved issues pile up.
At first attain the condition of purity, cultivate this condition 
daily and pay attention so that your soul remains a clear and 
pure source of the divine.
Then only the sacred will come out of your mouth and nothing 
what comes into your mouth will defile you.

Today you see yourself facing a great task, namely, to maintain
the vibration of love in powerful discharges. Whoever pays full 
attention to this point, whoever gets everything under way 
to keep his own vibration oriented toward Love, cannot be 
reached by anything or by anybody with dark intentions, 
be compromised or even be diverted from the path of Light. 

What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them… 

As you are aware what significance your own redemption 
work has today and as you become aware that in these 
days much is being done in order to divert you from your path.

Pay attention to your doing and being. Prepare yourself 
for the inevitable, whereby you at first refine your inner, 
so that your outer can become a reflection of this truth.
What comes inside can no longer weaken you and 
what comes out of your mouth strengthen, uplift and 
heal human Beings.

To become independent of all dark energy fields, 
today this “autonomy of the awakened one” is 
necessary to be aimed at with all strength.

I stand by you in all your efforts.

In infinite Love

I am 

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