5. Juli 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Breach of Taboo in Austria 
For the first time a “people representative” and medical 
professional talks about what is waiting for all of mankind 
in the backyard of the NOW horror: the total chipping! 

The chipping by means of RFID chip technology (Radio-Frequency 
Identification), in the USA already the custom, one also wants to
make it palatable for Austrians and make it presentable in Europe. 
Initially it is a much more harmless chip, without the connection to
a “central server”. And the NWO laurel for this pioneering effort in 
Europe has been draped around the Austrian Politician (Team Stronach) 
and medical professional Dr. Marcus Franz.

The national representative asks in all seriousness for the 
“chipping of all Austrians” as a means of improvements in the 
health care system. The practicing doctor writes: “Today everybody 
in the heart outpatient clinic can read the status of a heart pacemaker 
within seconds using a digital reader, all heart rhythm problems can 
be captured without a gap. Today this is daily routine in all hospitals.

If we want to utilize the advantages of IT for good and modern 
medicine and foremost for a quick access to medical data in emergency situations, then the rapid development of such “chips for everyone”, 
which are implanted in the body, is without a doubt a necessity. 
Only with the use of such EDV implants can such important
seconds and minutes be saved in cases of life threatening conditions 
or with unconscious patients, which facilitate saving a life and often 
make it only possible.” 
Very cleverly one uses the fear of human Beings as an 
argument. “The only prison is fear, and the only freedom is 
the freedom from fear.” Aung San Suu Kyi, *1945 (Burmese  
Politician, Freedom Fighter and Noble Peace Prize Winner)

An old trick, because fear makes everything possible 
and shall pave the way to total surveillance.

And additionally in the stage script of the doctor and of 
the horror: “The only truly meaningful ELGA (the electronic 
health act whereby your treating physician can access your 
health records independent of time and location! Remark JJK)  
will only be available if all necessary medical data are stored in 
the form of an implantable chip, and are available to the masses.” 

Interesting! The fact that 170,000 Austrians have logged off from 
ELGA, exactly because of this transparency that such a system 
incorporates (under aggravating circumstances) does not count 
for the politician. One must only improve the system and people 
will turn around, which is the logic of the health expert of the 
Stornach team. Yet Dr. Franz reassures: 
“Only exactly those data are stored, which the patient wants 
to have stored and foremost those, which are medically relevant. 
Read will only be on location and in case of need, there is no
central server, where delicate patient data is stored and could 
be hacked. The data is exclusively on the chip and can only be 
read there for the time of a medical treatment.” 
Sounds like true medical progress and totally like the 
“Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley: “Medical Science has 
made such enormous progress that there are hardly any 
healthy people left.” 

I ask: How believable is the reference to “data security” in 
times of nearly total NSA surveillance? In a time when the 
surveillance technology has made so much progress that one 
is not even alone in the bathroom, and to speak of that the 
data “cannot be hacked” is, to say the least, “naïve”. 

The naivety of a people representative is always dangerous 
for us citizens and to dare to make such a proposal to the 
public, testifies less to courage than to ignorance – at best.

What is going on with our Politicians? 
Fundamentally it should be asked: What is truly going on 
with our Politicians? How far can a people representative distance 
himself from the citizens without noticing it himself?
No matter which party they belong to (without exception!) 
they speak – if knowingly or unknowingly – the language of 
the global agenda and do not understand the needs of human 
Beings, because they have become tired of the citizens a long 
time ago. The glassy human Being is already reality, and now 
the elites take the next step, to totally control the glassy 
human Being per microchip.

Fact is: Once such a chip is implanted, very soon it will store 
all data of a human Being, replace credit cards and cash. 

This is the destiny of the journey and to the “writing onto 
the chip” with “information from the outside” is only a stone’s
 throw. Critics of the regime and system, poor and ill people can 
thereby be easily set aside, because without the chip you can neither 
purchase nor sell. 
The relatively harmless chipping in the sense of an optimized 
health care system is the springboard, whereby the total 
surveillance can be completed. 
One needs to know this, regarding proposals like this one, 
and it needs to be considered, because surely Dr. Franz will 
not be alone for very long with his opinion.

Resist the initial Actions! 
The glassy citizen is already reality, now one wants to degrade 
citizens to absolutely outside-determined citizens, and one can 
do anything to us as one wishes.
This kind of health care policy is totally unhealthy, 
inhuman and fully ludicrous. 
Do they know this, those, who carelessly talk about it?
Does Dr. Franz Marcus know this? 

Chipping of all Austrians? No thank you!
Chipping of any human Being in this world?
No thank you!

My Proposal 
The chipping of all politicians and medical professionals, 
who consider this for us. 
Do the Obamas, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Blairs or 
the Merkels carry such a chip on their forehead or under the 
skin somewhere else? What about the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds?
And Dr. Franzenstein? Here the effect of an example is called for, 
noble ladies and gentlemen.
Go ahead as an example for mankind, those, who want to 
dispose of our free will and our freedom, as in the past the 
plantation owners disposed of their slaves!

Yes, in this case I am for the chipping of the elites, 
because it is time that all politicians, scientists and heads 
of corporations, will be confronted at the very first with 
what they expect of all human Beings! 
I bet that the rush of our representatives sitting on their benefits 
for their own chipping will be very much limited. Have the courage, 
go on! Dare yourself, wherefrom human Beings are rightly afraid of. 

In conclusion: The breach of taboo has also happened in our area. 
I guess that the “people representative” mentioned here, does not 
know himself what he is doing and possibly means good for us 
human Beings. But one thing is clearly obvious: Ignorance or 
naivety does not protect from its effects.

Foremost if you have such an important role in the 
State and as an elected mandate, you should defray 
damage from the citizens instead of increasing it. 

To represent human Beings is the highest 
political virtue, and not to betray them at 
any possible opportunity. 

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. 
I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think 
I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. 
That's what's insane about it."  
And John Lennon (1940-1980) was right!

Otherwise I demand the basic income as a 
birth right for all human Beings 0-99.

Jahn J Kassl

Source: ortneronline.at 

This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.

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