6. Juli 2014



Honored Reader!

On Sunday June 29th 2014 at 10:40 pm I received 
the following email from Dr. Georgi Stankov: 

Dear Jahn,

As already mentioned, St. Germain (Asana Mahatari) is 
continuously present with us for the last three days. 
He has just told Carla that we should integrate the gold-violet 
flame fully into our energy fields, because this is the flame of 
ascension. It is not only the flame / energy of transmutation 
and healing, but also of peace and ascension, which can only 
come when all the old patterns of separation have been resolved 
and healed. I just did my personal invocation and was immediately 
flooded with source energy and got goose bumps, which I only 
experience when I perform global purges of the dark archons.

We were urged to speak out loud the invocation of the gold-violet 
flame - as you surely know, the human voice is the most powerful 
force in the universe - so that now our fields are fully flooded with the gold-violet energy of the source. The same is true for all ascending 
ones. In this way we will trigger a rapid transmutation of all holograms, 
because the Light Warriors of the first and last hours encompass with 
their fields all these 4D and 5D holograms and even create them as 
Logos Gods, as recently confirmed by Sanat Kumara. In this way we 
are promoting not only our ascension, but also that of Gaia and the
few half-ready ascending candidates, whom we shall take with us 
due to God's grace.

The fact that St. Germain is all the time with us, 
accompanies and directs us, something he has never 
done before, points to a final action.

I find that this information is very important and should be 
communicated to all your readers, so that they flood their 
fields with the gold-violet flame of the Source with the help 
of orally recited invocations and prepare in this way for the
final upward shift.

I am pretty sure that after the notification of this information 
Asana Mahatari will give you further instructions and even the 
corresponding invocation, so that they can be further given to 
your readers and the ascending ones. 
I feel that this is urgent now.

In love

only a few minutes after I wrote my answer to Georg and 
closed with the following words: “Now I am curious, if and when, 
because it also feels like it to me, will I receive an “invocation 
for ascension”. Yes, the permanent presence of St. Germain 
with you and Carla also for me points to something very significant, 
which will occur now….”, I immediately received, which with me is 
rarely the case yet happens in “special” situations, the “invocation 
for ascension” from ASANA MAHATARI.

A message, of which the transmission ended exactly 
at 11:44 pm, therefore barely an hour later.

The significance of this Initiation into the 
golden-violet flame,  which simultaneously also represents 
the flame of ascension, is foremost in the fact that we are thereby 
empowered to provide the necessary thrust for ascension on a global 
as well as individual level.
 or this initiation as well as for ascension it is necessary to be ready.
And everyone is ready, who until today has consequently illumined his 
issues and has worked through a major portion of his issues and has 
released them into the Light. 

This initiation has the power to 
once again change your life,  
now that we find ourselves in the midst of our own and the 
planetary uprising.
The determination and the strength of human Beings is a 
significant part of the ascension. Thereby it requires the 
necessary energetic, emotional and mental equipment and 
foremost the necessary qualities and instruments, in order 
to be able to adequately face the upheavals of this time.
The golden-violet flame is this vehicle and is the power, 
which removes any imperfect condition from your life: 
instantaneously, effectively and completely. 

The flooding of all energy bodies of human Beings 
with the golden-violet flame of transformation affects 
the rapid transition between dimensions – easily, 
harmoniously and in a sacred instance of the Creator. 

Please work with this flame from God after you have received 
this initiation. Free yourself from all dark attacks and infringements, 
whereby on a regular basis you call on the golden-violet light ray 
from the Source.
For all human Beings, after they have spoken this invocation, 
if no “result” of awareness or “liberation” has happened to them,
it is necessary to repeat this initiation at a later time.

Until then please make every effort to continue your basic work 
(purification of the energy field, by recognizing your false belief 
patterns), because mostly purified energy bodies can incorporate 
this powerful column of Light.

„This initiation occurs under my care, and if you are not ready 
yet in that moment against your own awareness, I will carefully 
guide you, so that it may fulfill, what your heart longs for.
Everyone who knows himself, knows what is, each one who 
still nurtures realms of shadows, will be accompanied by my 
Light, until his inner light appears – the golden-violet flame 
of ascension.” ASANA MAHATARI in the message 

Now fulfill yourself with the love for life and 
to yourself. Open yourself for this gift from 
Heaven – it has been handed to you.  

My heartfelt gratitude goes to my friends from eternity, 
Georg (Dr. Georgi Stankov) and Carla (Carla Thompson), 
who in every fiber of their Being are interlaced with the 
uplifting of the world and the arrival of mankind in the Light, 
and in unique dedication perform this service for all of humanity.

And it is their dedication, whereby the track to the 
“invocation for ascension” has been set.

In gratitude that I may bring you this gift from God and in Love,

Jahn J Kassl

Invocation for Ascension

Beloved Ones,

Farewell means to strip off everything, 
to overcome time and return into infinity.

Farewell means to let in the eternal life, 
to devote oneself entirely toward God and to 
attune fully to the ascension into the Light.

Farewell means to arrive after the bridges to space-time 
have been dissolved, because they no longer have any significance, 
because an awakened and ascended one moves freely in the whole 
universe and he knows the eternal access doors to the dimensions. 
A perfected one dissolves all impermanent bridges of the lower 
vibrating levels.

Yet foremost it is the connections to this world and to 
these human Beings, which need to be dissolved, to remove 
them, so that freedom and peace are coming, because only a 
human Being, who is whole, who is not bound through any foreign 
bond, inherits peace, happiness and harmony.

Known to mankind during many timelines and 
several epochs as Master ST. GERMAIN.

I am again among you and will go together with you
into the Heavens, which open now for us.
As human Being among human Beings I have 
already overcome being human.

The golden-violet flame of transformation is omnipresent
in this world and gains in significance and power in the last 
phase of the ascension. 

It is the flame of ultimate awareness, the 
flame that blazes at the gate to enlightenment,
and that each ascending one has to walk through.  

Therefore I call on all human Beings, who have chosen the Light,
who from the bottom of their hearts want to return into the Light, 
who indeed count as light warriors of the first and last hours in this 
world, now to incorporate this flame into their encompassing Being.
These flames must fully capture you and must fully penetrate you, 
so that you enjoy the protection from all centrifugal forces, which 
this ascension process sets free.
You must be fully equipped with the golden-violet flame, 
so that you may enter into the kingdom of peace, 
which I came to prepare. 

After you have detached from this world and have 
apostatized from it, after you have been freed from 
all bindings, the great eternal peace returns into your 
heart and then the switches for your transfiguration into 
the Light have been set. 

Therefore I invite you to accept from the Source the following 
“invocation for ascension”, the “invocation of the golden-violet
ray” and to state it out loud or in silence, yet distinctly audible 
at least to yourself.

Initiation into the Golden-Violet Flame
I…(state your name here)
Am ready to incorporate the golden-violet flame of 
transformation and healing into my entire Being, 
until all of my bodies are penetrated by it. (Pause)

Invocation for the Ascension 
I mandate that the golden-violet flame of peace and Love
keeps me constantly in the ascension vibration and removes 
all appearing “impurities” and bindings to this world that I am 
willing to let go from the bottom of my heart.

I ask Master St. Germain into my presence, 
until the power of this divine flame is anchored 
in me and has been sealed in my whole Being.

I am the way, the truth and Life.
I am ready for this initiation into the golden-violet 
flame of ascension.


Repeat this invocation as it is shown to you.

Yet as soon as you have invoked this once from the 
depth of your soul, this energy begins to anchor itself 
in you and I am with you in that moment.
Thereby it requires the inner silence, it does not require 
meditation, the inner silence, no matter what you do
– the inner silence; and it occurs.
After that this flame is at your disposal and you can set 
it free with your light sword or you can call on it at any 
appropriate opportunity, so that it releases any ambiguous 
condition from your energy field. Know:  

there is no energy on earth more powerful than this! 

Be conscious that after the anchoring of this flame of ascension, 
your life will no longer be as before, foremost if you held on to 
your life until today.
Everything that is ambiguous and impure, everything 
that belongs to illusion, dissolves in the Light of this flame.

Entrust, act and be effective - and know one more thing: 
I know your hearts, I know your intentions, I know your 
energetic and spiritual “condition”, I know you – nothing 
can happen to you.

This initiation occurs under my care, and if you are not ready 
yet in that moment against your own awareness, I will carefully 
guide you, so that it may fulfill, what your heart longs for.
Everyone who knows himself, knows what is, each one who 
still nurtures realms of shadows, will be accompanied by my 
Light, until his inner light appears – the golden-violet flame 
of ascension. 

You are the power that God has sent to this earth, 
in order to lift the planet, so that human Beings 
experience the touch by the Light. 

You are Life.

I am

(End of transmission 11:44 pm)
The 11 is the Master number of the ascending ones.
The 44 is the cosmic Master number that will be transferred 
to human Beings after the ascension. 

written and channeled by JJK
translated by Franz 

Final remark on behalf of myself: The Lichtweltverlag and I conduct
no further correspondence regarding this publication. 
Neither do we interpret this message nor do we pass on 
any questions to Dr. Georg Stankov.