4. Juli 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I see Vladimir Putin, as he says: 
„Enough of the lies, from now on I act and create 
facts.“ Thereby his facial expression is very stern and his lower 
jaw is more pronounced than actual. (End of dream) 

Interpretation JJK: Putin refers to the USA, to NATO and the EU. 
These Western Powers can no longer be recognized as a reliable 
partner. Also the language of diplomacy (the allowed lies, one has 
agreed upon) fails. Putin therefore says that he is willing to do 
everything in order to protect Russia from the raid of the USA and 
NATO. Because in the Ukraine conflict it is only about expanding this
alliance of geopolitical ruler ship to Russia’s borders, in order to thereby
have easier direct influence on Russia and China (also militarily). 
That this aspect is blinded out by the Mass Media is rather compulsive 
than surprising, because the editors of those are on the pay-roll of 
this syndicate (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, K300, Bilderberger, 
Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, the global 
Banking and Oil Cartel, Secret Societies and Death Sects Bohemian 
Grove/Club, Skull & Bones etc.) which press ahead with the 
New World Order (NWO).

In summary: Putin, with his pronounced lower jaw (signaling his determination), knows that in its substance the Ukraine conflict 
deals with the continued existence of Russia as a sovereign Nation
and he stands up for it with all his strength, therefore: 
“Put an end to the lies!” (End of interpretation)

Beloved Ones,

This interpretation is to be confirmed and further elaborated, 
because truly this dream touches foremost the higher and 
higher-ranking level – the ascension level.

Today it is necessary, as it has already been transmitted 
in several messages, to hold the balance between the 
discharging dark energies and the newly manifesting 
energies of Light.
The Ascended Masters have taken on responsibility 
for it and since this mandate from the Creator we are 
constantly involved, in order to guarantee the ascension 
in its final phase and foremost to make this into a 
festivity of joy for the ascending ones.

Russia’s Role 
The President of Russia has been advised by his inner 
guidance to stand up with all his power against the 
“great imperium” that wants to imbibe this world and
foremost all of humanity. This is very urgent on a geo-political 
level, because it thereby balances the ascension process in total. 
Everything affects all levels – it is still like that in the dynamic 
of time.

Therefore Russia and her President play such an important role.  

If Russia falls into the hands of the 
One-World-Elite then the path is free 
for a One-World-Dictatorship. 

And on this level, whereupon the ascending ones and 
the descending ones still live in “union”, this may and 
will not happen, as long until the worlds are totally separated.
Russia’s strength brings a significant part into the process of 
the ascension, because thereby the world fabric at least does 
not entirely tip over in the direction of the despots and a partial 
balance is being maintained.

While on the next higher energetic and subtle level it
has the effect that the balance of the ascension 
process can be reliably maintained.

The ascension is a combined project of heavenly and 
earthly Light forces and thereby each human Being contributes 
his absolutely unique and essential part. Each Nation contributes
its part and besides Russia there are other Nations, which oppose
a One-World-Dictatorship with all of their possibilities.

Thereby this dream is adequately described.
In conclusion I say to you, beloved sons
And beloved daughters of humanity: 

The day of truth is near, very near! 

And I proclaim: The end of lies comes, even though the 
majority of mankind no longer expects it. The day for it
has been determined and the path toward the Light for 
mankind fulfills itself in these hours.

The Ascended Masters have taken on this world 
and we fulfill human hearts with Light and Love.

But I am the One, who from the beginning of time 
walks as a human Being among human Beings,


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