27. Juni 2015


Abstract from yesterday’s message during 
the Light Reading and presentation of the 
“Crystal Cube of Ascension”

Adama of Telos    

Know: The dark forces thin out.
More and more shadow entities, greys, dark ones 
or representatives from dark levels of this universe 
must leave this planet.

Even though it may not necessarily look that way to you, 
it is a fact. The last deadlines have expired and now these 
forces are leaving this earth. Nonetheless the still existing 
dark ones stoke fear and the try with all means to rule 
mankind. Yet in all corners of this world this power slips 
away from them and from now on this will become more 
visible to you week by week.

In addition it is to be noticed that the Love vibration 
increases on this upper earth. 
The Light affects this and it also affects that everything, 
which until now has carried out a comfortable and secure 
existence in darkness, will and must show itself!

The more revelations come to light, the more obvious
it will appear that one power is at work here that 
enables this. And this power is: God’s Light! 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Telos, Welcome to Agartha (digital) - JAHN J KASSL:

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