19. Juni 2015


God Devotion 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones,

Unconditional devotion to God is the key for everything 
and the solution for all! Whoever asks, whoever hesitates, 
is still not ready for this step, which opens all doors to reality.

How can knowledge be attained based on questions?
How can God’s closeness be experienced based on 
hesitation or how can trust in God be attained based 
on doubt? It is impossible!

The general human access to the divine, meaning, an access, 
which is conditioned by human awareness, always brings forth 
only lack and disappointments. To be able to devote self
 unconditionally, means always to have overcome human 
considerations and reservations, not to let self be blocked 
by the mind or other restrictions. 

God devotion means, what the mind can no longer 
capture, no longer wanting to capture it with the 
mind as well! 

A wise one recognizes the boundaries and the narrowness of
his human instruments, he understands how to utilize these 
and he knows to forego them at the appropriate time. A wise 
one knows that God recognition occurs beyond all human 
experience and awareness possibilities and he puts everything 
aside, which hinders him to see his own reality. 

The greatest hindrance is still the human disposition, 
in order to attain true and fundamental recognition, 
wanting to understand spiritual processes on the level 
of the mind, and this even before a human Being has 
exposed self to the actual spiritual work. 

The unconditional devotion to God is the “Master quality” 
of these days and only true Maters dispose of it.
Due to this higher consciousness, it is possible for these 
human Beings to free themselves gradually from their 
imprints and blockages, and to set free the true divine nature.

It is a slow and steady process, which is always crowned with 
success, as a human Being consistently and unerringly follows 
this path toward the Light. And on this path the unconditional 
devotion to God is the Master quality.

Humility and Innocence 

The divine nature is liberated gradually, deep inner 
certitude develops gradually, and the untiring seeker 
knows that recognition will be given and can never be 
Here humility appears, the pure and innocent attitude of 
a divine creature, which longs for the Source, and knows 
that only God can quench this longing, no matter how 
many efforts one undertakes.

Heart thinks, Mind feels 

At the beginning of any awareness process is a clear thought,
after that follows an obvious inner impulse, before germinating 
the first inkling, which means and requires in its essence the 
unconditional devotion to God. And this clear thought is of 
creative nature and the heart thinks it. 

Thinking with the heart occurs as soon as a human 
Being is energetically purified and to a certain degree 
is liberated from blockages. Nothing comes by itself, 
even if everything comes to you by itself! 

Understand this truth, because the basis must be established 
in your self so that you can receive God’s Light; due to daily 
work on your being and due to the daily readiness to subscribe 
to your own transformation – unconditionally.
Then you bring yourself into the position to recognize God’s Light, 
to let it come into your being and due to this permeability you will 
become capable of genuine devotion.

Whomever the divine Light has touched begins to ache for 
the divine Light and the sensual world steps back, and loses
power over such a human Being. 

Recognize what is, think with the heart 
and feel with the mind, this is the way.

All is God 

Understand that today it is essential to attain deep God 
realization, that today it is essential not to think any “godless” 
thoughts, meaning, to think no thought without God, to speak 
no word without God, and that today it is essential to perform 
each action in deep harmony with the divine in you. 
All is God, and everything that a human Being is, is God.
God, God’s Love, today are the greatest help for mankind in 
this intensive and great time of transformation. 

Whoever wants to realize self, yet surrenders God in 
this process, strengthens his ego; whoever lifts himself 
without being uplifted by God, strengthens his lower 
nature, and whoever orients his deeds toward a reward 
in this world, will receive it from this world. 

Love, Light and Grace is everywhere! Like an unborn child 
is surrounded by the amniotic fluid in the womb, so is the 
planet and all Life on Mother Earth surrounded by God’s Grace; 
this is a natural condition, wherein humanity lives, acts and 
breathes, only that this fact is only known to the fewest.
Understand this reality and discover it, and to the same 
degree as the binding to God increases the bindings to this 
world decrease. This occurs totally by itself and without any 
effort, because any sensation having to give up something, 
in order to attain God, gets lost in this condition.

The divine connectedness of a fully conscious entity 
with Mother Earth may manifest itself. Recognize the 
difference between binding to God and the bindings to 
this world, and continue to walk and walk on the path 
toward realization! Do not relent, so that you may separate 
the chaff from the wheat and you can walk on the path of 
unconditional Love.

Continue the Transformation! 

Be aware of those, who want to keep you from your own 
transformation, whereby they focus on outer events instead 
of focusing on the energetic healings inside of you.
Whatever you need to know comes to you, whatever you 
need to experience is given to you, whatever you can recognize, 
will be conveyed to you – and it only behooves you to magnetically 
attract the knowledge, the experiences and the insights, to invite 
them into your life. Thereby your essence opens up, because the 
Light of Heaven reaches your heart with new strength. 

Now everything is possible for those, who are ready 
to spread out everything in front of God. Whoever opens 
to this truth will enter into the kingdom of Heaven, 
because truly: Creation unconditionally cares for all Life 
and for each world. 

So go there and do it like Mother Earth and Creation, 
whereby you bring the “Master Quality” of being 
unconditional to the surface. 

Now, as Mother Earth upends and as the sound of Creation 
is heard everywhere, it is necessary to devote self to the 
Light and it is time to open self entirely to the divine. 

I am amongst you. I instruct you and guide each 
human Being, who full of longing calls for me. 

Under my roof you find protection, in my presence you find 
shelter, and due to my Love the Light is revealed to you.

Trust, beloved One,
Mother Earth heals and the Planet is reborn.
Your longing will be quenched. 

In infinite Love

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