24. Februar 2015


Conversation with God

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

JJK: Already in the first few weeks does the year 2015 
do full justice to the claim of “year of truth”. Internally the 
Lichtweltverlag and myself have been confronted with immense 
dark attacks, on the geo-political level Paris has been hit with 
terror, and discharges, conflicts and unrest shape the image in 
many locations of this earth. From my perspective this year still 
lets much to be expected and some evil will still show itself to 
us. Are these painful contractions in the birth of the new earth?

GOD: I am amongst you, I am the Way and Life, 
and I am All-That-Is. I am God.

Beloved Ones!

The year of truth has started and one after the other things 
show up and reveal their actual value and condition. On the 
outside as well as on the inside, by and large as well as the 
small, and therefore the Lichtweltverlag is confronted with 
hate-filled infringements and the whole world is being 
covered with hate and anxiety.
Everywhere darkness creeps forth, because the ray of truth 
and the Light from Heaven illuminates all. Truly not a pretty 
sight – initially. The necessity of these events lies in the fact 
that further processes of purification continue; targeted and 
consistently everything is brought to light, until the 
transformation tasks have progressed as far, so that the 
point of uplifting has been reached and the ascension can 
be fulfilled. 

The year 2015 is the decisive year for mankind, 
when individually as well as globally the switches 
will be set for each new orientation and at it’s end
the transformation energy reaches an extent, 
which will enable any light-filled manifestation 
in a very short time.

New Orientation 

Whoever is today confronted with his own darkness or
with the darkness in the world, now has the opportunity 
due to the steadily increasing transformation energy, to 
reorient. Toward the Light, in order to obtain healing.
This new orientation is profound and elementary, 
because human Beings are to be recognized due to 
their energetic status quo. Today any deception is 
impossible and lies are quickly unveiled and unmasked.
On a global level the actual motives behind the fright, 
which captures this world, will become obvious and the 
dark leaders as well as all prophets of darkness will be 
recognized as such. Here indeed an immediate new 
determination takes place, whereby nobody and 
nothing is excluded. 

Now every entity receives the opportunity to orient 
itself toward the Light, in the short timespan, which 
still remains until the all-changing events. 

JJK: Another act of Grace, who you are?

GOD: Another act of Love, who I am.
This world will ascend into the Light, after all 
potentials on this level have been lived and 
have been experienced. There are still potentials, 
which are unfulfilled and also unknown to human 
Beings, which even though they will manifest in a 
very short time, are yet still to be expected.

JJK: This will now very much disenchant and 
disillusion very many human Beings, who expect 
the ascension shortly, who are standing with 
packed suitcases on the ascension platforms?

GOD: Live without timely concepts as far as the ascension 
is concerned, live without timely concepts as far as your life 
is concerned, and entirely dedicate yourself to your own 
transformation. It is necessary to dissolve all illusions 
and inner images of the changing world. Remove yourself 
from imaginations of the ascension and you have taken a
great step in the direction of transfiguration. Do not form
any opinion, nor let yourself be misguided to assumptions. 
Go to the bottom of what is.
On the other hand this is only possible, as you initially 
encounter your own motives and intentions, your own 
opinions, and recognize these as illusions. 

Liberation and peace develop within you and will 
never be attained due to exertion of force in a life, 
which is oriented toward the outer. In these days 
direct your whole energy toward the inner
– revolt against your own displeasure to 
continue your purification. 

Each change comes forth directly from a human Being, 
and nothing can happen, as the inner will for it is blocked.

JJK: Crystal clear Words. Will the right human 
Beings be touched by it? Those, who it pertains to?

Get moving 

GOD: This touch occurs on a very subtle level inside of 
a human Being. The human soul has the characteristic 
to be able to instantaneously recognize itself in the truth. 
The question is, if this inner impulse, which the human soul 
sends to the day consciousness of an individual human Being, 
will also be granted, and if human Beings also feel spoken to 
deep inside due to these repeated hints, if human Beings begin 
with the revolt against their own lethargy, if they get up and 
rise. Whoever is now captured by doubts and is undermined by 
uncertainty, or whoever says rashly and confidently that he has 
already recognized everything, those are meant as it says: 
Get moving spiritually, because it is necessary to continue 
on the path toward the Light! 

Human Beings awaken, because they experience the touch 
due to the Light and these sacred and healing days offer 
the opportunity for it.

JJK: This means in summary: Shortly before the great change, 
before the ascension, it is again about the immersion of human 
Beings into their own life. For many human Beings it is about to 
focus entirely on them and not get lost in rash phantasies about 
the ascension?

GOD: The entry into one’s own Being, into one’s own inner 
world, is the key. Simultaneously it is also about to direct 
the focus to the high energies, to the ascension energies. 
This goes hand in hand – here it is neither or instead it is 
as well as.

World of Lies 

JJK: What is the role of lies in this connection? 
I observe that lies – in every context – get 
shorter and shorter legs.

GOD: The lies are means for the dark forces 
and the dark souls in order to achieve their goals.
Every human Being, who feels attracted to lying or to 
lies, who spreads lies or lies to himself, whereby he 
glosses over his inner world or does smooth talk and 
adopts his inner untruth to outer events, will now be 
recognized by human Beings as a “liar” – with a so far 
unique velocity. This works on all levels of human Beings 
living together, because the Light of the central Sun brings 
forth the truth.
Dishonest relationships now encounter the truth and no lie, 
even if it also contrived really well, have a stand. This means 
a totally new orientation of all human relationships and all 
relationships among States in this world. Adjustments on 
all levels are the direct effect of the Light and all human 
Beings, also the “liars”, face this situation.
In personal relationships the consequences appear 
blatantly obvious already today.

Many relationships dissolve, because partners suddenly 
recognize their underlying intentions of each other and 
do not encounter each other due to their pretensions.
Suddenly the abysses show, there, where nobody would 
ever have guessed it and suddenly the Light shows, there, 
where nobody was able to perceive it before. Relationships, 
which lack the foundation of truthfulness, remain no longer 
in existence, they fall like a house of cards and new
relationships on solid ground are initiated. 
The great cleanups continue in every respect and in 
a fully different new energy, which cannot be opposed 
by anything or anybody.

Thereby it is to be regarded that those human Beings, 
who hold on to their lies in different manners, have
created a matrix, which is described as the “world of 
lies”. These human Beings exist on this level with their 
lies as long until they are ready to give them up.
This also means that ascending mankind will be
liberated from the lies of this time and from the 
liars of this world. Life thereby becomes increasingly 
easier for those human Beings, who are internally pure 
and who can show a polished inner vessel. These human 
Beings attain the ability to build up a highly vibrating 
resonance field, whereby they rise instantaneously 
above any low vibrating condition.

JJK: What is to be done, as somebody for example is 
publicly defamed? Some organizers or speakers of 
demonstrations in the West experience this for example 
in these days. And what is to be done, as lies also become 
apparent in “circles of friends”, because somebody does 
no longer want to live with the truth or declares his own 
lies as the truth? What is the most appropriate remedy
in order to face a lie?

GOD: To set the truth against it. 
This is always the way. 
For it there are several ways.
1.) To name these publicly.
2.) To reveal them due to their silent effect.
3.) To free oneself energetically, whereby they 
are rejected by means of mandates, in order to 
throw back the lie and the liar to itself. 

Lies get shorter legs with every new day in time.
Faster and faster these are recognized and the 
liars themselves are looked through. 

Also the fact is of great significance that the lies today 
are very quickly directed against the liars themselves.
Meaning, and this is the Master path of the light warriors:
4.) Leave every lie in the realm of lies. Do not judge the 
lie or the liar, and continue unerringly on the path of Love.

What kind of intention does every dark force have,
which want to come near you? It is with the demand 
that you enter into their resonance field, measure 
yourself with them and deal with them.
Thereby the dark power receives and the light 
power loses energy. Avoid this, whereby you proceed 
as it is described here. No matter, which method you 
have chosen, it is necessary to send back to the sender 
all inadmissible energies, which reach you, and to forbid 
any further energy transfer.
The light sword, mandates and the heavenly Light realms 
are always at your disposal, as it is necessary to help the 
truth and help Love to the breakthrough. 

In the last consequence, Love is the answer to 
all dark conditions, as well as to any lie.
Love answers everything, is all and heals all 
and the loving one knows this power himself. 

JJK: To love the liar, and to reject the lie?

GOD: So it is. Eventually all human Beings fulfill 
their great circle.

Every human Being longs for Love 

Today a few, some tomorrow, and the broad swarm of
human Beings in a later epoch of this space-time, yet 
all human Beings long for this Love.
All human Beings, who have a soul, may the soul also 
still be so buried, broken and wounded or be overlaid 
by the events of time, eventually they orient themselves 
toward Love. And to orient oneself toward Love means to 
orient oneself toward God.
This is the beginning and the end of any development.

The world heals and all lies now see the light of day. 
The ones come forth transformed from it, the others 
remain behind unchanged.

With these words we end this transmission. 

Human Beings awaken in their whole strength 
and Mother Earth regains the beauty of her first days.
It shall be Heaven in this world and Love will rule 
among all human Beings. 

So it is. So be it. So it occurs. Now.

I am 


What is still waiting for us – GOD: 

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