25. Februar 2015


Question: „A source of confusion is that everything shall 
be a creation of spirit. A creation of whose spirit?“
Sai Baba: „Of the human spirit, the mind.“
Question: „But Swami, how can that be? 
Does my thinking create war with all its horror?
I do not find such actions within me!“
Sai Baba: “If you do not think about the world,
it does not exist.“
Question: „If I do not think about the world, 
it is not in my consciousness! Does war only exist, 
because I am aware of it? But it started at some point. 
How could this beginning be traced back to my thinking?“
Sai Baba: „On your level of consciousness it is not possible 
to understand it. As long as the human mind exists, it is 
not possible to clearly capture it and its activities. If your 
thoughts cease, then there is also no longer the mind. 
The human mind is a bundle of thoughts. Do not follow 
the thoughts, then the world will not unfold for you. 
Now your thoughts went to America and to the problems 
there. But they are only thoughts. If you follow your thoughts 
now and you go to America, they bring forth this world for you.”
Question: „Does Swami mean that one should only be the witness 
of thoughts, which come to mind, and possibly not do anything 
with them?“
Sai Baba: „Exactly. If the thinking is switched off,
i.e. if there is direct seeing without the in between 
switching of the thought process, then it becomes 
clear how the world comes into existence.
There is only God, God alone. Hang on to him 
closely and the matter of thinking will be taken 
care of by itself.“ (From the book: Jesus and Sai Baba, 
page 480 ff)

Exactly this is what it is about regarding all efforts, 
which a human Being undertakes until the awakening, 
the attainment of perfect consciousness.


„…everything is a creation of the human spirit.“ 

Indeed this is the only truth on this level of All-That-Is. 
All of us and each human Being by himself is creator of 
his world. It develops due to the creation of one’s thoughts.
In nearly unlimited thought processes inexhaustible 
variations of life are brought forth.
The human mind never rests, and also in the sleep condition 
this mind is extremely active, because this phase is used in 
order to anchor pictures and repeating thoughts of the day 
into deeper and unconscious regions of the human 
Thereby realities are created and worlds are born. 
It is indeed your thoughts, which create everything.
Even more significant is the fact that you now awaken in 
your “free of thoughts” consciousness. This has the 
consequence that your power of creation attains an 
enormous stimulus and boost, meaning that it increases.

The creation of a world by means of thoughts requires a 
certain time span. It behaves entirely different as you 
create due to your all-knowing divine consciousness. 
Thereby it is possible for you to act entirely independent 
of space-time. This means, the more you abstract yourself 
from your thoughts and the closer you get to your all-knowing 
consciousness, the more immediately all impulses are realized, 
the ones you set – also in a world with sluggish energetic 

 “If you do not think about the world, it does not exist.“ 

Indeed, here is a simple exercise:
Try to still your thoughts entirely, until for a moment you are 
“free of thoughts”. What remains behind? Right. Nothing. 
Thinking and the thinker do not exist in that short moment. 
And your consciousness stays in this “void”, in this “nothing”. 
This needs to be recognized and to reach this location of your 
consciousness, without rejecting the thoughts. 

„Witness of thoughts“! 

And this is the issue of all efforts of a human 
Being until enlightenment. 

„…there is direct seeing without the in between 
switching of the thought process.“ 

It is necessary for a light warrior of the first and last 
hours to aim for this condition, because this access 
opens the gates toward much deeper understanding of life.
And I repeat: Thereby it is necessary to accept the matrix, 
already created by your thoughts, wherein you have taken 
on and have to fulfill your assignments, and not to deny it.

Detach yourself from thought processes, which take
away the sight of what is. A genuine view of all life 
is still the key, in order to be able to appropriately 
encounter these days of mankind in peace and in deep 
understanding. Do not switch anything in between; look 
freely, innocently and steadfastly.
You are being challenged and you stand in the 
middle of the battlefields of this end time.
And while you fulfill your assignments and liberate this 
world from all evil, it is necessary to apply the method 
of the “wise warrior”, who due to pure viewing encounters 
the greatest and most fearsome enemy, free of hate and 
anger. This mindfulness, this awareness makes for a 
successful warrior and the wellbeing and the fate of 
all of mankind is entrusted to these warriors. 

Whoever is free of weakening thoughts and images, 
evil can never exercise power over him, and such 
a warrior always goes forth from the battle as 

Now it is important that after each fight you always bring 
yourself back into the inward divine balance! Always heave 
yourself to the energy level, where an awakened Creator 
God acts; free of hypothesis, far from assumptions and 
freed from weakening thoughts.
Affect due to your divine Spirit!   
Affecting due to your divine Spirit means:
To orient the divine creator consciousness toward 
the new light-filled world, free of human images and
thoughts. Withdraw the energy source from this broken 
world, whereby you stop your thinking loops and anchor 
yourself entirely in your divine knowledge. Enter into the 
sacred temple in your heart, the place where there is nothing 
and where you will be welcomed by your divine all-knowing 
And still another message is inherent in this wonderful 
dialogue: Think and create a new and light-filled world, 
as long as you are still not entirely able to enter into 
your divine consciousness, the temple of knowledge. 
As long as thoughts still determine you and as long 
as the view, the pure genuine observation 
of what is, has not been fully realized. 

When it is possible for your human mind
to create this world due to your thoughts, 
then it is also possible to create another 
world, totally according to your imagination. 

As soon as you apply your power sufficiently often and 
consistently, because you have determined such for 
you and have mandated it, this reality will and must 
manifest at your behest.
Therefore you not only manifest war or misfortune, 
instead also peace, happiness and bliss.
Begin with it, never slacken and the world will be 
transformed even before it has changed.
The truth of all life is unveiled in these few words. 

“Hang on to him (God) closely and the matter of 
thinking will be taken take care of by itself.“ 

Also this is a universal and eternal message.
And many light warriors of the first and last hours 
blind out this truth, because they are so preoccupied 
with the fights on this level, so that they have lost the
ability to take in the higher-ranking perspective. 

Spirituality always signifies to capture the whole
life in all its aspects and to recognize oneself in all 
parts as all-eternal and immortal spiritual consciousness. 

Whoever directs his attention only toward this world and 
toward the conflicts of this time, denies the power of his 
divine consciousness, whereby he at any time would be in the 
position to not only take on the role of an immovable observer,
instead the function of an immovable mover, who out of himself 
creates a new world. Today it is essential that the light warriors 
of the first and last hours direct their attention to their divine 
consciousness, which functions and exists far away from thoughts. 

The creation of a new world is directly 
connected with it, in as far as it works 
out for the individual to create this 
world out of self. And this applies 
even more to the new Creator Gods. 

Therefore it is necessary to orient oneself entirely toward
God, toward God’s Love, and out of this strength fulfill the 
still prospective assignments in this matrix.
Until the day when this world retreats forever and can 
no longer be recognized: 

„If one turns to God with ever stronger Love, the world 
retreats and seems to get smaller and smaller, until it 
can be barely recognized…..“ 

I stand by you, with all of your steps into consciousness. 
Further transformation processes are waiting for many, 
and the last ones for some.
Come, go on, and do not stay behind. 
Do not let yourself be kept by your thoughts, 
made crazy or led astray.  
Because only the one, who overcomes, what makes 
human consciousness and blocks divine consciousness, 
will enter into the Light with absolute determination. 
Concepts of fallacy, born in your thoughts, hold back any 
development. Transform your limited human self and view 
the unlimited reality of your divine self.
I am ready to guide you through the richly imaged underworld, 
which you have created yourself due to your thoughts; until
you see the Light and you are Light yourself, until your 
whole power as Creator God has been revealed to you 
and to this world, before it “steps back”.

Do not try to understand, to capture, what is given here: 
Love, Light and Grace, for those, who recognize it.

I am

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