1. Februar 2015


Conversation with God

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz 

"Everything done?" or "Still more to do?"
Is the Ascension delayed?
Love and Reconciliation
Love is the Way
Day X
What does the Year 2015 bring?
Purification on the next higher Level

„Everything done?“ or „Still more to do?“ 

Observation: From my perspective the past year 2014 can be 
summarized in one sentence: „Everything has been done 
and there is still more to do!“ All messages are fit with this 
main statement and conceivably this also had the consequence
that some human Beings quit to continue to work on themselves 
and on the ascension of the world. “There is still more to do”, 
was overlooked, driven out from the subconscious, and many 
tired light warriors retreat until today from this necessity, to 
bring clarity to their thoughts and into their life. Thereby I 
also recognize that the fewest ones understand the complexity 
of the ascension and the steady “repetition of purifications” 
on higher and higher levels. 

For me “everything is done” means that we have 
created the energetic preconditions for the planetary 
as well as individual ascension, and “still more to do” 
means to realize the well-being of the world and the 
ascension on this basis. 

From my perspective, to sit back and take things easy now, 
to complain or to fall into gloomy crackpot ideas, is exactly 
the most inappropriate moment. Some light warriors out of 
frustration about their still not occurred ascension, stop 
with their work for the Light.
For instance, I observe this in recent days, that they end 
their work as a channel and transmitter of spiritual messages. 
Foremost affected are those, who very often made timely 
predictions, which were not fulfilled. Then again others get 
totally caught up in dark energies, which now discharge due 
to the intensive Light influx from the Source to earth, and 
they do not even notice it. In summary: 
“There is still more to do” is the focus for 2015.  
(End of observation and report)

Beloved Children,

Creatures out of God’s breath, Life, which is eternal!
You are the immortal expression of the Creator, 
who I am.

Still more to do. Your description of the present status 
among the Angels, those, who, before they came to earth, 
were fitted in Heaven with great wings, is accurately 

JJK: Why does it happen such that many 
light warriors are foundering now?

GOD: Because their great circle of life still does not 
want to be fulfilled. Thereby new decisions are constantly 
created and these human lives orient themselves accordingly. 
Great and high assignments with which a human Being was 
outfitted from Heaven and came to earth with, therefore very 
often are not adhered to until the end, because the end of the 
great journey has not come yet. Also even though this end was 
predictable before the entry into this life and from the higher 
perspective it was also wished for, during the course of a life 
it is conceivably possible that a human Being makes a new 
decision and does not entirely fulfill his assignments or yet 
even denies them.

The reasons for it are very manifold, please know one thing: 
Each human Being is honored solely for the reason that 
he is born into this world, and is deemed worthy from
Heaven beyond all measures.

Is the Ascension delayed? 

JJK: That so many do not fulfill their assignments certainly 
has an effect on the ascension. Do the events get delayed

GOD: No, nothing can be “delayed”, because this event occurs 
in the eternal Now. Do the events get “delayed” on this level 
of space-time? No, because with each human Being, who steps 
back from his contracts, two human Beings come along to accept 
their contracts.  

To the extent how the ones prematurely throw in the towel, 
others bear up, attain their power and thereby as a whole 
bring in the necessary energy to the ascension process.  

With the dependability, which is inherent in each 
divine process, the ascension is being fulfilled!
May also weeks and months go by, it will be fulfilled 
and the human Beings, who stand on earth in their 
assignments, know this very precisely. These human 
Beings remain unreached by impatience, because due 
to their awakened consciousness they are protected 
from being held hostage.

JJK: Today what is the most important quality, 
which is necessary to have and what are the most 
important courses of action, which one should do?

GOD: Quality: Love. Course of action: lovingly.
Meaning, the great reconciliation with this world and 
with mankind has begun, so that light warriors, who 
now leave the battlefields of this time, are totally
merged with the vibration of Love.

Love and Reconciliation 

To have the quality of Love anchored also means to 
encounter, quite obviously and out of oneself – without 
any effort and in deep trust in God - with determination 
and without compromise, any condition, which has fallen 
out from the divine origin and wants to weaken you. 
The river of Love can be streaming, active, or can flow 
through the riverbed quietly and almost unnoticeable, 

What do the life situations demand from you?

Passivity or activity, all loving ones need to recognize 
this now, without the remarks from fellow human Beings, 
who do not understand to give it significance by any number 
of means or to give it some energy. Much talk is done about 
Love, and this for one reason: Because it is still not anchored 
in human hearts. The same is true for peace. Many talk about 
it and have a hard time with it themselves or are warring 
against the whole world.

Whereby do you recognize a loving action?

In the purity of the intention. A loving one is free 
of any ego attachments; this can be clearly recognized 
in purified human Beings!
Thereby the greatest deceptions happen today whereby 
many light warriors cannot distinguish “right” from “wrong”, 
“good” from “evil” and “light” from “dark”. This way the false 
prophets have an easy game! And precisely because of that 
it is constantly pointed at, to redeem your own affairs, to 
bring Light into your shadow worlds and to look courageously 
what is. Here there is still much to be done and foremost for 
those, who follow these words with indignation or flatly reject 
them, because they surmise already being redeemed or 
having contributed enough to the redemption of this world.
Here it is necessary to be honest with oneself and it 
is necessary to have courage to recognize one’s shadows.
Foremost affected by it are some, who portray themselves 
as Master, yet still are not.

How can this be recognized?

It is easy, because everyone, who says about himself
“look, I am the one”, is not it, and to everyone, to whom
such a suggestion is foreign, the honor of a Master falls
to him by itself, because it is granted to him by God, 
who I am. Today to draw the right distinction is the 
command of time and it is easy, if a human Being 
courageously looks at it and if, one after the other, 
he puts his unredeemed issues into the Light. 

Whoever cannot distinguish, whoever agonizes 
over it, is inwardly still not liberated, because only 
that is difficult, what lies in one’s soul and still has 
not seen the light of truth. 

Clarity and unmistakable action is the nature for such 
human Beings, whose words and decrees, their actions 
and moves do not allow any wiggle room for reinterpretations 
or misinterpretations.

Love is the Way 

Therefore Love is the way, is always the way and 
Love has as many faces as the way has facets. 
An actual light warrior of this time loves and 
guides his Light sword, yet with utmost precision.
Dark energy fields cannot divert him from his sacred 
projects and this one is no longer subjected to deceptions;
Like the fog all fallacies dissolve quickly in the presence 
of such a human Being and the Light emerges. 

To love means to see everything as part of the whole, 
as part of God, and yet does not mean to invite all 
energies, which have distanced themselves from the 
Source, into his life or to go into antagonism with these.  
This is wrongly understood love.

Love grants and does not grant, Love unites and separates, 
Love destroys and creates. Love is everything and whoever 
knows his place in All-That-Is, whoever has accepted his 
light-filled assignments and realizes these on earth, knows 
how to apply the universal energy of Love cleverly, 
thoughtfully, wisely and healingly.

JJK: Wherein lies the greatest fallacy 
of a human Being in this time?

GOD: It is the assumption of God’s absence.

JJK: I also see that actually very many MPRs must 
occur on many levels, my beloved son Noah often 
is startled during the night, and far from any dream 
world I see that he may perceive things, which must 
be very significant and dramatic.

GOD: In the infinity of Creation exist an infinite number 
of worlds. This also applies to the third and fourth dimension
of All-That-Is. And today the changes have arrived in these 
worlds; continually, until also this matrix, wherein you perceive 
yourself consciously, will be captured by these events. Some 
human Beings, the Masters of this time, are switched into 
these processes, because they are active on many of these 
levels. This is what you describe.

The Day X 

JJK: Meaning, the day X also looms ever closer for us?

GOD: The day X has already arrived – “closeness” 
and “distance” are illusions of time. It is better to 
speak of the “eternal Now” rather than hang on to 
unfulfilled moments in the future.
And all preparations are made in this “eternal Now”, 
so that the day X continues without frictions and is fulfilled.  
What seemingly still takes some “time”, already exists, 
only it is still not recognizable for you, because you still 
have a significant part of your consciousness oriented 
toward this matrix.

What does the Year 2015 bring? 

JJK: The year 2015, what does it bring for mankind?

GOD: Fulfillment on many levels and the recognition 
that this world is part of an infinite universe and that
this mankind can free it itself from this matrix out of 
its own strength, and it will.

It also brings the recognition that many human Beings 
do not want to give up their familiar pictures of life in 
mortality and thereby also continue to remain stuck in 
their tar boots of space-time.
For human Beings, who are whole-heartedly ready for it, 
the year 2015 brings pursuing and great awakening experiences. 
Bliss is the attribute for some, disillusion for many. 
Everyone according to his choice. 

What in the year 2014 has clearly built up, will 
now be visible: the truth appears everywhere! 
Each human soul and each condition will again 
be examined for its actual quality. 

JJK: I also observe that many human Beings do not 
accurately understand this any longer, because they
think that they have redeemed enough for a long time 
and then say: “How long do we still have to listen to
these “repetitions from Heaven?”

GOD: Nothing repeats in the universe!
Everything is a unique process and is to be 
distinguished from each previous process.

Purifications on the next higher Level 

Further purifications occur on the next higher vibrational level;
this is necessary to be understood. In the spiral galaxy everything 
exists according to this principle, and all circles move “upwards” 
in spirals to the next higher vibrational level. And it is exactly 
like that how further purifications behave on this level, it goes 
on and on, until the level of the fifth dimension has been 
reached and until further manifestations, which wait for 
you, can be affected. 

Whoever is completely purified, is indeed a Master, 
enlightened and all-knowing, yet whoever only pretends 
redemption, like a one-eyed being the Light for the blind 
ones, is a charlatan, in order to enrich himself from the 
energies of human Beings, who believe this.

Light warriors be careful with false prophets, 
there are many of them in this world!

Light warriors be careful with your own deceptions, 
because whoever fixates the further course of the 
ascension and the changes in time, or as an unredeemed 
one imputes a purified Being, misses the way and goal, 
and goes astray. 

The next level of clarity has been reached, certainly for those,
who recognize this, because they are the inheritors of Heaven, 
the new custodians in God’s realms.
Know, with all these great differences and infinite possibilities
of human creative expression: Each human Being is honored for 
the fact that he has come down to this “world of great experiences”. 
This also applies to those human children, whose assignments 
remain unfulfilled, because they have turned away from the

It requires a special quality just for the fact to be able to 
step unto this earth, in order to participate in a life, which 
seeks its equal in the infinity of All-That-Is.
All human Beings, no matter if the individual is aware of this fact, 
were allowed to walk on the path to earth, because they have 
already experienced themselves on many different levels of
Creation. Space-time-less travelers in the infinity of Creation, 
which you are, each one of you beloved human Beings is it, 
you are it.

With these words we end the transmission 
from the infinity of All-That-Is.

I am the river of all Life and the inexhaustible 
Source of Grace for all human Beings.

I am

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