11. Februar 2015


Conversation with God
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
transalted by Franz

Report: Yesterday Sai Baba said to me: „Reduce your 
contacts to a minimum“. Today I observe how the process 
of purification continues on all levels, it almost seems as 
if nothing or only little has happened?

GOD: Beloved Ones!
This is the reality of end time: 
Purification and redemption until a human Being, 
earmarked for ascension, is holistically ready for it; 
until the inner vessel is polished and can shine in the 
brilliance of its glory.

Reduce your Contacts 
Until then it is wise for human Beings, who stand in the
midst of the fire or are in the middle of processes of 
transformation, no matter if they themselves are affected 
by it or if their environment has been touched, to reduce 
the contacts to fellow human Beings to a minimum.

Imagine a physically ill or bedridden human Being. 
The most effective therapy is silence and self-reflection.

In this phase of the global and cosmic processes it is 
about the consistent dedication toward one’s own 
transformation, because this section of space-time 
requires this. Also those human Beings are spoken to, 
whose processes of transformation are “mild”. 

Keep yourself away from discharges of mankind 
and hold yourself at bay where you clearly recognize 
this. A wise human Being never interferes with 
processes, which are orchestrated by Heaven. 

JJK: Now the purifications occur on the next 
higher level. How many levels are there still?

GOD: This process is a flowing process and the levels 
are not abruptly changed, instead a human Being gradually 
vibrates higher. This is necessary to know at first. 
Transformation is an infinite process and if you ask, 
how many levels there still are in order to reach the 
fifth dimension of All-That-Is, then the answer is this:
As many levels as an individual human Being still has to 
bridge. The multidimensional structure of Creation and 
the individual vibration of a human Being offer the answer.

Each human Being creates the vibration field and the 
environment himself, wherein he actualizes. For every 
human Being there is “his world”. Even though the 
ascension of this planet takes place as a whole and 
virtually in a “single act”, each human Being will experience 
this ascension in a unique and inimitable manner. And each 
one will find oneself in the world, which he has chosen and 
created for himself. The next circle of purification on a higher 
level therefore means for some to be the last circle and for
many the continuation of individual realization of awareness.

JJK: I have noticed that many human Beings interpret 
the messages, which are given to me, or those, which 
they read somewhere else.
There is a certain “interpretation-compulsion” and the mind 
is tirelessly in the process to classify, in order to attain an 
opinion, a picture. This is true foremost for those human Beings, 
who are well read, studied or scientifically educated or partially 
educated, their mind seems to work tirelessly and it has taken 
over the command in consciousness. From my perspective, 
these “controlled” human Beings approach the light-filled 
messages almost exclusively with the methodology of the 
human mind. Fundamentally I am very much for it that this 
level also comes into one’s own, because knowledge, science, 
intellect and the mind are of great value. But this is not the 
question here.

What I see is that one simply interprets, opinions are turned 
over in one’s mind and assumptions are distributed – and all 
of this is then fixed in one’s Being. “How is this or that to be 
understood” are ongoing questions, which then on the periphery 
also penetrate to me. 

Interpretations, opinions and assumptions yet have 
noting to do with secure inner knowledge. Yet many 
light workers have nothing else on their mind than to 
meet exactly on this mind level and to wring out the 
actual value with these tools. 

Here therefore “intelligent, educated human Beings” act 
in this manner. Thereby I observe obviously that based on 
this method they do not come one step closer to deep recognition. 
Opinions and assumptions are always interpretations of the mind 
and have little to do with the inner knowledge of the soul. For me
it is clear that these human Beings thereby block themselves 
consciously or subconsciously and keep themselves far from 
fundamental insights, from the experience of what is.
The inner understanding with the heart steps back, the 
“experience of truth” stays away, because the understanding 
due to the intellect dominates. 
“Intelligence is not only a question of the mind,
but also of the heart.” Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

In conclusion: A purely “scientific” or from the mind controlled 
access to a message from the Light brings forth fallacies 
instead of insights.

GOD: In order to attain the insight of the last things 
means to walk a long, long way. And what you have 
described here is a partial section of this way. It is 
nothing more and also nothing less.

Knowledge and Opinions 
Human Beings, who hold on to knowledge and opinions, 
and feel insecure beyond that, because the handles of 
the mind cannot be found, have decided to acquire this

Therefore scientists appear very often as “smart alecks” 
or “all-knowing ones”, are determined and often presumptuous 
and like to present their knowledge as the last and universally 
approved insights. This is the typical characteristic of a still 
unconscious soul, because: 

The more a human Being glorifies 
his earthly accomplishments, the 
less is his actual degree of realization. 

Only when the last fork in the road toward the Light has 
been taken, will these fallacies disappear and there remains 
only one question: Where are you God?
The lower “I” steps back entirely; ego and the mind lose 
control and appear as servants of consciousness and not 
as their ruler. Meaning, each human Being, who defines 
himself in his knowledge, or his earthly accomplishments, 
may they ever be so impressive, is like a child, which wants
to build the biggest castles, in order to tower above all other 
children. These human Beings have not been caught yet by the 
desire to step out of the sandbox of vanities.

This also applies to those human Beings, who have already 
attained certain insights along the way into the Light, and 
issue these to those, who “know less”, as the final and 
ultimate knowledge.
Souls are at work here, which have a very tight binding to 
their ego and still are not truly ready to enter onto the path, 
which follows the last fork of the road in this world. In summary: 

Fundamental insights and enlightenment always 
occur in a consciousness liberated from the ego 
and the mind! All other paths of knowledge come 
forth from a limited perspective of things in a 
limited world, which the mind and the ego 

JJK: What I very often also hear from human Beings 
is that they would like to communicate with the 
spiritual world on “eye level”.

On „Eye Level“ with the Spiritual World 
Where does this need come from? For myself it is actually 
ludicrous, I do not even know the feeling in that direction. 
It is ludicrous, because I mean that the spiritual levels or 
the enlightened entities have an overview of the whole, at 
any rate much further applicable than me in my human 
And even if we also come from one unity due to our soul essence
and are divine, for me the difference is in the fact, that on this
level I am still not enlightened and the Angels and Masters act 
or speak to us from the level of enlightenment.

It is as if an elementary school student wants to discuss 
mathematics with a mathematics professor on “eye level”. 
Additionally I see that this need must be based on a blatant 
inferiority complex in the affected human Being. “Eye level” 
is given or not, yet it is very childish and for me a sign of 
immaturity to ask for this. Two enlightened ones meet 
each other automatically on eye level, just like two 
mathematicians would in their field.

My conclusion here: „Eye level“, where the necessary 
preconditions are not given, because different levels of 
knowledge and perception exist, result in a lack of human 
self-worth, in the human psyche, or mean a lack of humility 
on the spiritual level.

GOD: This is indeed a widely distributed phenomenon. 
“Eye level” can never be demanded. It is or it is not. 
Let us look at a purely human relationship. If a partner 
does not feel appreciated, he demands from the other a 
meeting on eye level. He demands something, which he 
does not get voluntarily. Does this work? No.

Why is it like that? It is, because all Life obeys to
vibration fields. Two entities, which act in one and 
the same vibration field, meet each other entirely 
self-evidently and in a natural manner on “eye level”. 
Nobody has the feeling of lack; the question does not 
come up. On all levels of Creation it is like that.

Recognize your Deficiencies and remedy them 
Therefore if a human Being with widely limited consciousness, 
when an Angel or the Ascended Masters work on earth, and he 
demands a meeting on “eye level” from these fully conscious 
entities of Light, this on the one hand results from ignorance 
and on the other hand from still unredeemed issues of self-worth.

Because for a far advanced human Being, for a truly awakened 
consciousness, it is easy to recognize the different levels,
appreciate them, and accept them and to see your place 
in the whole. Even though all entities in their soul essence 
come forth from the Source, which I am, each entity has a
specific status, which goes through a specific development 
in Creation. For a purified human Being, meaning for a human 
Being, who has already encountered his “issues of lack” and 
has released them, this is easy to understand. This human 
Being knows exactly that his limited earthly consciousness 
can never reach the unlimited cosmic consciousness of a Light 
entity in the subtle realm.

Yet today human Beings awaken and they become 
increasingly aware of their strength and power.
Some human Beings come close to the condition of 
enlightenment, meaning, to step into the vibration 
field of the Ascended Masters as a fully conscious entity. 
Yet as long as a human Being does not live in this condition, 
a meeting on eye level cannot occur, because the levels of 
consciousness are too different. 

In addition it is necessary to know that “demands” 
in general do not evince a pure vibration. No matter 
what a human Being demands, a demand comes forth 
from a vibration field of fear or lack. 

Suitable is the attitude of humility, of asking and of 
gratitude. Even if you as new Creator Gods arrange 
for mandates and decrees, be aware that your full 
awakening is still ahead and this power, which has 
already been given to you now, is the fuel, the 
carrier energy toward it. 

It is important to know one’s status and to 
assess one’s human reality correctly. 

Where there is still an ego, wishes and 
demands exist, where the ego has been 
overcome, deep understanding and 
comprehensive recognition settle down. 

A dominant ego is a hindrance here, in order to see 
its place in the greater whole, in order to live its tasks 
and to behave properly toward the higher realms.

The status of a “Creator God” has been transferred
to some. Now it is necessary to acquire the capabilities, 
which are inherent in an actual Creator God, to exercise 
these and to integrate them into one’s whole Being.

The demands from human Beings, whose self vibration 
deviates from the Light vibration of the high realms, to 
communicate with the spiritual levels on “eye level”, 
only shows that somewhere conditions of lack exist in 
the human Being, which thereby want to be compensated for.

This is the wrong approach. Correct is: To see one’s unique 
place in the greater whole, to accept it and to get close to 
any entity, which vibrates higher, which is identified due to 
the signature of God’s complete Love vibration, with due 
respect, and encounter it with gratitude and humility. 

The key for these as well as any insight lies within you.
Recognize your deficiencies and remedy them, so that you 
will be refined and so that you can swing higher until you 
act in one of the Light realms together with all Masters on 
that level.
Recognize your deficiencies and remedy them, because: 

Rejection or admiration does not leave any 
traces behind in a redeemed human Being. 

Recognize your unique place in this world and 
close friendship with your position in the great game.

Recognize the level whereon you have anchored yourself 
with your vibration field, then everything takes its natural 
course and you will securely and certainly arrive with GOD. 

The fulfilled one knows, the unfulfilled one interprets.
The enlightened one is, the unenlightened one believes.
The conscious one loves, the unconscious one doubts. 

The Masters recognize each other due to the Light, which
emanates from them, and due to the Love, which streams 
from them. Love is the boundless reality and human Beings, 
who swing up to Masters, will be part of this reality as soon
as you have anchored yourself in this vibration field.

Be willing to remove everything from your shadow 
worlds, let it go and still today you will be lifted up
– to eye level.

In inexhaustible Love for my eternal Children


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