4. Februar 2015


Conversation with God

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz 

Emancipation of Women
Gender Confusion
Ascension Dates and Predictions
Purification of Light Warriors

Dream, which repeated twice within one week: 
I am in an attic, in an enclosed room. I look through 
a small window and see a crying baby in an enclosed
room, similar to a dungeon. Nobody can free it and water 
drops from the ceiling. A little fat and upset woman, on 
top of that smelling bad, seemingly does as much as 
possible in order to free the child. 
A week later this dream picture repeats to the point, 
as I, standing next to the woman, notice that she only 
pretends to free the child, yet in reality wants to let the 
child die. In the meantime the water is already very high 
in the room and the child is in danger of drowning.
I recognize the situation and immediately call the 
fire department. (End of dream)

Angels come down from Heaven and Angels go up into 
Heaven. God’s Grace fulfills this world and all Life heals.

I am the Creator, God and All-That-Is.

Beloved Ones!

The truth of end time is consolidated in this dream picture.
The attic symbolizes the fact that this world has reached 
the highest point before the ascension. From there it 
goes directly to Heaven.
The born child symbolizes the new consciousness, 
symbolizes the Christ consciousness, which on this 
level still has not been “liberated”; it lives, barely born, 
in captivity and must fear death.
The woman, who plays with fake cards, symbolizes that
the female energy, which was supposed to be freed on 
Mother Earth, has been misdirected and is being exploited 
for dark intentions.
Instead of being balanced and compassionate, granting,
nurturing, equal to the loving Mother Earth, the female
power has been oriented toward the male energy. Thereby 
many women took over many important positions in society 
and are in a position to continue to do so.

Emancipation of Women 

Yet instead of serving for the benefit of society due to 
their specific attributes, these women discarded “femininity” 
and became equal to men. 

The „Emancipation of Women“ as a demand turns out 
to be a great evil today. Out of the desired freedom and 
the liberation of female energies, new slavery developed, 
which is based in the pressure to superimpose male role 

The liberation of female energy was supposed to reestablish 
the balance between genders. The opposite happened. Now 
women and men are equally uprooted and search for their identity. 
Today, at the end of the old and the beginning of a new age, the 
actual union of female energies with male energies occurs. For 
that the male energy needs to be strengthened in the last 
chord of the ascension.

And this describes the last scene, wherein Jahn 
sees through the game and calls the fire department.
The initial ignition for the ascension will be affected due 
to the healing union of man and woman and for that the 
falsely realized “femininity” will be unveiled for what it is 
and the male power reclaims its significance. 

The new self-image, which was suggested due to 
the “sexual revolution”, led this society to where it 
is today – to the total lack of orientation of man and 

This will now be compensated for, whereby the dark ambitions, 
which in the background were affecting in that direction, will be 
uncovered and mankind, which was led astray, will also recognize
it. It is the blocked female energies, which are now liberated, 
and exactly the opposite was the result or it was the intent of 
the sexual revolution. This is a fallacy, which holds and the 
spiritual scene has also been completely captured by it.

Because the female, which clothes itself in male garments, 
the mother’s womb which becomes infertile or the born child, 
which has to be put aside, are a sign of fallacy, a sign that 
dark forces are here at work, rather than a sign of a light-filled 
evolution of mankind. 

Report: Two men and one woman sit in the sauna. 
The men return my greeting, while the woman ignores it. 
After that a man looks for a place to sit in the sauna, 
which has filled up in the meantime. And again it is a 
woman, this time a different one, who claims a lot of 
space for her and remains lying, while the man is lost 
and remains standing looking for a place to sit. 
(End of report)

This casual allegory shows what it is about today in 
this world. It is about the energies between man and woman, 
to balance the sacred female and the sacred male powers, and 
to dissolve the false female picture, which women have of them 
and men of women. A world, in which these energies are in 
antagonism, is exposed to constant conflicts and dramas.
And what this dream picture still reveals to us: 

The liberation of the Christ Child is hindered due to 
the unredeemed female energies and will be affected 
due to the determined intervention of male forces. 

What has fallen out of divine order, will now be set back 
into divine order, it is being centered and again finds its 
peace. Man and woman in harmony, like the world is in 
harmony with female and male energies.

JJK: Meaning, the woman’s movement and the emancipation 
of women goes or went in the wrong direction?

GOD: Yes. Women have become like men, while men 
hide their male identity and hold back their male power, 
because confused society does not accept it.

Gender Confusion 

The equalization of the sexes on the one hand and 
the invention of gender identities on the other hand, 
affect this “gender confusion” among human Beings, 
because nobody still recognizes oneself as what one is, 
instead of what is possible to become in this society. 

Men, who today appear “butch”, meaning they do not hold 
back their male energy, are looked at or tabooed, women, 
who become “other” or “better” men are praised as a role 
model. On the energetic level these “men-women” have 
taken over the helm in many parts of this world and have 
done this in an inappropriate manner, because the genuine 
male energies are suppressed.

Everything in this world obeys the principle of the pendulum 
swing. Thereby this “false control” is the logical consequence 
of the long suppression of the female energies due to the 
molding of the world by men. And this pendulum swing now 
finds itself back to the center and comes to rest in the middle.
The extremes begin to equalize and there is no longer the 
necessity to emancipate from anything, because all portions 
and all fallacies have been lived. This is the quality of a 
mature society before it can enter into the high Light 
levels of All-That-Is: Fallacies have been lived; the 
reality and the truth of all life can be experienced.

Ascension Dates and Predictions 

JJK: I would like to come to a totally different subject. 
Ascension dates or deadlines for events in general.
I see that some channel mediums or human Beings, 
who deal with this theme, regularly name such dates, 
in order to then remain disappointed together with the 
readers, because they have not occurred? What is the 
cause of such a “pressure” to proceed in such a manner, 
whereby “false predictions” are programmed in?

GOD: The root for it lies in the human need 
for a correct interpretation of messages.

Dates, which were given from the high Light levels 
of the spiritual world and could not be observed, are 
and have been few, and naturally the deeper sense of 
these changes, were always unveiled. 

It is important to understand that most of these 
fallacies were caused by interpretations and opinions. 

The pure contemplation of a condition, the pure reading of 
a message, without usurping an interpretation, creates the 
right access and prevents any misinterpretation, because 
an interpretation is generally refrained from.

JJK: I also think to myself that the ascension predictions 
or predictions regarding the downfall of the Orion system, 
which are not fulfilled, exert a very destabilizing effect on 
human Beings; human Beings remain discouraged and lose 
the trust in messages and the messengers.

GOD: For human Beings, who are still not fully conscious 
of their path and their assignments, this factor can certainly 
have a negative effect. For all human Beings, who have 
completely captured this ascension process on the spiritual 
level, these interpretations are completely insignificant. 

Those, who do not know, need 
interpretations! Interpreters are always 
unknowing ones, because knowledge is 
always free of interpretations. 

Knowledge is attained due to the steadfast viewing, 
because it is put into the heart and has not been created 
by the mind. Whoever has a tendency toward premature 
conclusions, must live with its consequences. “Right” or 
“wrong”, it is a game, whereby nobody receives any benefit.
Interpretations, opinions and assumptions are unfamiliar to
a knowing spirit and always create discomfort to a spirit, 
which has come to rest.

Here only those, who are uncertain in themselves, 
will be unsettled. This is such in all affairs. Whoever 
is firm in self, cannot be caused to misstep by anything 
or anyone.

JJK: I also observe that some channel mediums have 
stopped their work, because they think that their 
assignments have been fulfilled.
Paradoxically I thereby very often have the impression 
that these human Beings were withdrawn by the dark 
ones and do not follow their soul plan, even though it 
gives that impression.

GOD: This is a very significant question, 
which does justice to this time. And here it is also 
true what is always true: Whoever knows self and is 
interlocked with his assignments, always acts correctly. 
And exactly this is still not the case with many human Beings.

Purification of the Light Warriors 

Meaning, in the area of channel mediums and in the area 
of the light warriors or those, who consider themselves to
be such, a great purification process takes place. Some 
channel mediums have indeed fulfilled their light-filled 
assignments, yet many are now being confronted with 
their dark doings, whereby they channel the dark levels 
of All-That-Is. It is a purification, which occurs now, so 
that fallacies decrease and knowledge increases. 

Spiritual guidance can only come from those, who 
are fully familiar with their own spiritual reality and 
who have mostly purified their earthly affairs. 

These processes are part of the great purification, 
which is now ongoing, so that the ascension vibration 
can be reached and this matrix can be left – for those, 
who have whole-heartedly chosen this.

JJK: Are all of us Gods?

GOD: You are this beyond all measures and in Eternity!

Trust the way and trust life. Because: 
You are the Way, the Truth and Life.


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