6. Februar 2015



Honored Readers!

On the occasion of the digital (eBOOK) publication of 
the book „Telos-Willkommen in Agartha“ it is a joy for me 
to publish the 16th chapter of this work with the title 
“Time and Space” at this point. 

„Time and space will not be overcome for 
you due to an event on the outer, instead 
you overcome it first within yourself. „ 

This truth once we capture it, ends any waiting and let 
us “expect” the end of time, calm and serene, in peace 
and with the knowledge about the state of all things.

The Now is the key, in order to wring a deep sense 
from this time. To understand it is much, yet to experience 
it day by day and to have it internalized in every fiber of 
our Being, brings everything on ikts way and lifts us out 
of the modus of “waiting for the ascension”. 

„We can now break through 
the concept of time……“ 
explains MASTER LANTHO further in this 
message and truly: The time for it is Now.

In Love
Jahn J Kassl 

Time and Space
Master Lanto
From the Book: Telos, Welcome to Agartha

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Life, resurrection, rebirth and achieving enlightenment! 
The eternal meaning of a human Life fulfills itself in these days. 
It is recognized, the curtain of deception has been penetrated, 
and now it dissolves like fog that could not lift for a long time, 
because you needed the illusion, like children, which get fully 
lost in a game and delve into it, and take no notice of the 
world around them.

Today your heavenly garment is turned over to you and 
new light qualities are interweaved therein. Immortal 
medals that let you appear in your true light and cloak 
you in your actual glory. The days until then are barely 
measured and the time until then is hardly worth mentioning. 
And yet it is the patience that today gives the most trouble, 
it is the being-patient in this world while you constantly receive 
more and more knowledge and insights into the new world.

So now it is needed to bring time to a standstill and stop it.
So it is needed to step out from this concept, even if it is 

only for a short while.

Because he who measures attainments and 
non-happenings with time scales, misses to 
celebrate the achievements in the Now.

Deepen your spirit, stretch wide your awareness, open 
your heart for the timeless Divinity and you will immediately 
be liberated from impatience.
Keys for Patience

The key in order to effectively overcome impatience is
to be continuously linked to the divine Now, to the divine 

He who in his daily routines removes time from the 
timeline experiences himself connected and one with 
timeless Creation and perceives himself to be part of 
this world.

The challenge is to be constantly aware of what time is, 
what space means and how one can step out of this concept.

How can one succeed in keeping awareness constantly oriented 
toward the Divine, and thereby stand in the middle of daily life 
and be stalwartly confronted with time concepts? This is the 
question of questions and in these days, before Heaven opens 
up and before the divine light penetrates the last veils of 
ignorance, the knowledge of time and space has special 

Time and space are not overcome from 
the outside, by an outer event, but you 
overcome it first in yourself.

This happens through you becoming aware, through the 
all-transforming expansion of your consciousness by 
immersing yourself now in the time- and space-less Being. 
It is the overwhelming task in this time to be in the midst 
of life, to stand on the timeline, and yet give time no 
power over you. 

He who gets lost in time concepts gets easily lost or 
loses himself – because the divine is also manifested 
on this level of time far away from time.

Delve into your work, pursue your assignments, 
and be aware that your time-less spirit is omnipresent 
on many time- and space-less levels of Being. Do it now 
because you do not need to wait for it. Life in this timely 
as well as space imprisonment can only become tolerable 
and beautiful as one does not experience this imprisonment 
as such anymore, as one removes the mail shirt of time 
oneself and as one experiences self in all areas of one’s 
thinking, feeling and acting as a time- and space-less 
universal Being.

You can now break the barrier of the concept of 
time by understanding your multidimensional Being.

Meditate on it, go beyond any horizon, because he who
today gets lost in time remains behind discouraged and 
disappointed, confused and in unrest.

Days will still pass by, months will still elapse, months 
will still roll past you .....
...He who understands all this as an instant in God’s 
Creation and experiences self as a universal time-less 
Being is fitted with everything that he needs in order 
to master this time as a Master among Masters.
Waiting can wear down! Do not wait any longer.

Do not wait any longer for the Light, 
do not wait any longer for God, do not 
wait any longer for what is already in you: 
The time- and space-less reality of your 
multidimensional divine Being.

Meditate on this, call me to your side!
We experience ourselves in the Light, there is no other reality.

Guardian of awakened human Beings 

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