15. Februar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: One of my former classmates from High School 
gets sick. This illness claims his life within 5 days, very 
unexpectedly for all. I myself am affected by it to the 
extent that streams of tears run down my cheeks, and 
this, even though I was hardly connected with this 
student in friendship; too far away was his perception 
and my perception of life; he an atheist, I catholically 
molded – there was not much room. And also when I 
saw this man again a short time ago and after many 
years, nothing had changed in that respect. All spiritual 
processes in this world were infinitely far for him just 
like before. 
And now his dramatic end in the dream, whereby 
also his face, as he finally laid on his deathbed, 
was absolutely disfigured, bloated and full of puss.  
(End of dream)

Beloved Ones,


This dream sequence describes the consequence 
and radicalism, whereby human Beings are removed, 
who no longer can hold on to this level. Human Beings 
are torn from the midst of their lives, entirely 
unexpectedly and suddenly: 

„Two will be in the field. One will be taken 
from the field and the other one will remain.“ 

These human Beings truly are losing face in this 
world, where the vibration is constantly increased. 
Because even before the ascending ones have overcome 
this matrix, those, who cannot deal with the steadily 
increasing vibration, will be removed from this world.

This dream picture shows foremost, how quickly and 
surprisingly the final events begin. Out of nothing the 
whole is born, a great throw of the Creator and everything 
returns to the void; visible only to those, who themselves 
are reborn together with the birth of the new star.

A life in godlessness, and this dream describes this also, 
always ends in death. And Jahn’s quite sympathetic yet 
soulless fellow student demonstrates this in a very 
dramatic manner.

In these days there is one thing 
that counts for human Beings: 
Their spiritual quality, how much 
they perceive themselves as a divinely 
unlimited and immortal spiritual Being. 

Each one, who denies this his nature or stands far 
from it, is imprisoned in this limited self-perception and 
permanently remains a prisoner of the old matrix. Dying 
and death, mortality and suffering continue, until the 
day of the Light also reaches these human Beings.

This dream picture shows, how many human 
Beings and which human Beings remain behind, 
because also those, who lead an honest life, yet 
experience this life far from spiritual awareness, 
must remain far from eternal life in God. After all 
the hidden meaning for every human existence is 
to experience oneself as divine in the seclusion 
from God. The illusion of separation from God must 
therefore be looked through and be penetrated on 
the level, where one is incarnated, before the 
journey back to the Source can be fulfilled.

This has been, is and remains the challenge for 
all human Beings in the third and all lower vibrating 
worlds of the fourth dimension of All-That-Is.

Once the longing for God has been awakened, 
everything begins to flow, everything is affected, 
a Being is conscious of its heritage, and it can 
return to eternal home. 

…A Day like Eternity, a Sound breaks 
through Silence, and Light is everywhere….
suddenly Life changes and the World changes. 

I am amongst you

I am 

Elija Prophecies 49-65 (digital) – JAHN J KASSL: 

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