8. Februar 2015

LICHTWELTVERLAG shipping rates lowered!

Honored Readers!

Because of larger order rates in recent times,
we would like to point out that Lichtweltverlag 
receives a discount from the Austrian Postal Service. 
We want to pass on this “discount” directly to you.

Meaning, starting today, new adapted shipping 
rates become effective due to this new situation.
For example for the EU this means that the rate 
for a book is lowered to Euro 4,50 from 6,90.
The individual shipping rate for a book in Austria is 
now Euro 1,50 compared to 3,20 before.

We are grateful to be able to offer you these new 
prices and we continue to wish you much joy with our work.

With the conviction that also in the future some valuable
insights will flow to you in the form of a book or of any of 
the “gifts from Atlantis” from our offerings, we remain in Love.

Your Lichtwelt-Team & Jahn J Kassl 

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