16. Februar 2015


Conversation with God

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

JJK: I sense the harmony between human Beings, 
the kingdom of peace on earth and at the same time 
I see that until we totally arrive there much will still
happen and also must. It is harmony and peace on 
one level and disharmony and war on another level.

GOD: I am All-That-Is; I am the omnipresence of all Life.

Your perception shows the two levels which act today 
within the light warriors, which have attained the kingdom 
of peace within themselves: Peace on the inside and the 
genuine view of what still shows itself in the world. 
Whoever has carried out his inner battles and has 
released his conflicts in himself and with everything 
that surrounds him, encounters all events in the polar 
world on the level of duality with inner composure, 
and this human Being does not let himself be pulled 
by anything or anybody into a battle on the lower 
vibrating level of All-That-Is.

JJK: This means the end of all revolutions?

GOD: The end of all revolutions as humanity carried them 
out so far. This is the end of “repetitions”, which created 
only new suffering instead to bring the desired liberation. 
Today it is the transformation that determines everything; 
it is the inner revolt of individual human Beings, which forms 
the sustainable basis of all necessary upheavals. Work on 
your perfection, and hone your Being like a sculptor, who 
works on his artwork until it is completed.

JJK: What is still waiting for us 
before we enter into your Kingdom?

GOD: The miracle of the fulfilled change! 
This is what waits for you, because your reward 
is great, already in this world.  

Miracle of fulfilled Change  

You will see how everything is shaped for the 
benefit of the world and you shall bring in the 
harvest yourself, after you yourselves have 
cared for the pure sowing. The light warriors 
will inherit, what is due to them, because truly:
Whoever remained steadfast in the service of the 
Light, has crossed every valley for it, has taken
every hurdle and has overcome all blockages and 
fallacies, will now be richly gifted – with the fruits 
of his own work.

JJK: And until then?

GOD: The events unwind on the reel of all Life, 
at God’s discretion, prompted by Mother Earth 
and wanted by humanity. The coming days will show
 their worth, the new time reveals its Light and the 
young morning of a new creation let the darkness of 
the old days yield, like a dense fog must yield to the 
first rays of sunshine.

With these impressions and with the vibration of my Love, 
I bless all of you, those, who are transforming themselves 
even before the world is transformed. I bless you, those, 
who understand and who have come forth from the Great 
Light, and have entered into this world.

I am THAT. 


Refinement Work before the Ascension – ASANA MAHATARI:

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