3. Februar 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: My brother Karl is with my son Noah and they play 
with each other, as Noah suddenly says: “Uncle Karl, you, 
I was already in Heaven…., But now I am here.”  
(End of report)

Beloved Ones,

and this truth applies to all human Beings and foremost 
to those, who are conscious of their heavenly reality and 
their earthly reality: the light warriors of the first and last 

An awareness, which does not recognize this truth, lives 
in spiritual poverty, lives in fallacy and lives in hopelessness; 
a live, which is not worth to describe more precisely, because 
who does not know his origin, at the end of time does not 
know where and continues to remain foreign to himself.
The great number of light warriors has descended to earth, 
in order to foster and enable the great event of transformation.
Enlightened ones, Gods in human Gestalt, walk on the ground today. 
We have descended from Heaven and we return to Heaven; after we 
have done, what needs to get done, after we have fulfilled, what is 
being fulfilled in these days and after we have seen, what no human 
eye has seen: The uplifting of a whole world in an instant of God’s 

Masters in their Mastership 
Today each Master is fully conscious of his assignments and 
each Master knows his position in the great game of Creation 
and in the final play of this time.

And therefore it now comes to pass that each Master stands 
exactly at the point in time, where he is needed, where he 
has to stand, so that the “great throw” succeeds and the 
last burdens of this world will be overcome.

Today the complete interlocking of these human Beings 
with their heavenly assignments is carried out and each 
human Being serves the great cause, knows about his 
destiny and for these human Beings the search for an 
adequate place in this world is over.
Today we stand at the gate to Heaven, today new worlds 
manifest and the old ones crumble. And today it is time to 
enrich the ascension of this world, where one has been 
placed – due to God’s wisdom and out of one’s own decision.

Gone is the quarrel, gone are the tears of desperation, 
and gone is the worry about one’s own life, one’s own 
existence. Now it’s time to give!
To give everything that is needed and to all, who 
need it. Because the one, who has remained steadfast
until today, has proven, whose child he is, whose heritage 
distinguishes him, and he is anchored in his life and in God. 

Today the dark warriors take flight from the light-filled 
warriors, which you are, today the light-filled warriors 
pick up their sword and they destroy the energies of 
darkness – with every swipe. 

The time of long speeches, great words and negotiations 
is over, because the one, who today still gets involved with 
the dark ones – no matter in which manner – does not know 
his own light-filled strength or the power of the dark ones.
We have stepped into this world from Heaven, in order to 
accompany the world into Heaven.
We have come out of our free will.
This one has guided is here and brought us together.

Many of us had completed the great last circle of this 
world a long time ago and yet we returned to this unique 
space-time, which reflects all times, because all times redeem 
And today we stand in the middle of these powerful transformation 
processes and we are the ones, who hold the light-filled energies 
and destroy the dark energies. We are the ones, who today stem 
the dark ones, because we ourselves were asked to do so and we 
have urged human Beings and we were empowered by God to do 
so: the Creator who is All-That-Is.

„Now I am here”…

now we are here and we fulfill our work for this world 
and for this mankind. No time has been like this one, 
and no time will be like this one.
It is indeed the unique time of transformation, 
which reaches all life, removes all illusions and 
let us overcome the matrix of deception.

Human Beings become Gods 
We are in the process to be reborn and to resurrect.
Human Beings become Gods and they are fully conscious 
of it. The dark must yield, because we visibly carry the Light 
and guide our Light sword, like it is due for Masters and Angels. 

The last deadlines for the dark 
ones have run out, now we act. 

Let us together proceed to action, which forms a new 
world out of the old one, whereby a dark time transforms 
into Light. Everyone there, where he has been put by God
and out of his own will, and with the means, which were 
transferred to us by God:
1.) The power of distinction.
2.) The almighty Light sword.
3.) The divine will, which we represent on earth.

Do not stagger instead act! 
Therefore I direct these words to the light warriors 
of the first and last hours: Do not stagger instead act! 
Do not hesitate for one second to destroy each dark entity, 
which meddles in your life in an unsolicited manner! 

The dark ones, who until today played the game with 
you and still want to continue to play it, have gambled
away every chance for turning back at this hour in time. 

Do not hesitate for a second to act, because today 
the attacks and infringements of the dark ones increase 
and do not decrease! Why? Because the final battle rages, 
and those, who have nothing more to lose, act in desperation 
and throw everything into the battle – also their own lives. 

We are empowered by God, 
to remove darkness from the 
Mother planet of ascension. 

And from God we have received the tools for it.
Today it is necessary to apply these and to deploy them
– uncompromisingly, highly accurately and effectively, 
because whoever underestimates the dark forces or even 
denies them, falls into the grave, which the insiders of 
darkness want to prepare for the ones.

Light warriors of the first and last hours!
Light warriors, you, who have descended from Heaven 
to earth, in order to liberate this world from the 
anchorage of space-time! 

Never hesitate, as it is necessary to remove 
dark manifestations from your environment! 

And everything else is cared for.
Because whoever finds his end due to the Light sword 
or the spirit of a light warrior of the first and last hours, 
returns to the starting point of a life in the third dimension 
and begins a new cycle in mortality.

Whoever continues his dark game against better knowledge, 
will continue to exist; not in this one but in another world
– which equalizes to the vibration of these entities.
And these newly created places of darkness exist, 
as the entities of darkness exist and are real.
Never deny evil, because only due to the unfeigned sight 
of this world can you correctly interpret the phenomena, 
which this level brings forth, and decisively put an end to 
them, as they intervene in your life.
Therefore act uncompromisingly, as the dark ones haunt you.
Sharpen your awareness, utilize your mind, do not let yourself 
be confused, be courageous and take heart, whereby you will 
prevail in every battle of this end time.
Many light warriors get worn out in these last days of time. 
Due to the steady attacks from the dark ones they are weakened 
and some begin to stray from the path of the Light. Persevere, 
because truly: We have descended from Heaven to this world, 
in order to uplift this world into Heaven – under the most 
difficult conditions and with the comprehensive support
from our siblings from the subtle realms of Light.

Get tired, get worn down, yet straighten up or ask to 
be straightened up!  Because in the last days of mankind 
the last strength is mobilized and freed in the dark players 
of power as well as in us, the light warriors of the first and 
last hours.

What for the dark ones is the hate, and at the same time 
their downfall, is for the light warriors the Love and at the 
same time Life. Outfitted with our Light sword and in the 
protection of Love we unfold our strength.

Our lives are fulfilled, in the time of times.
We have come to earth as Masters and Gods, as 
Masters and Gods we leave her – after we have 
fulfilled and are fulfilled ourselves. 

The Light sword, which was given 
to you, is neither adornment nor jewelry; 
it is the tool, which was given to you from 
the Creator, in order to appropriately 
encounter the forces of this time. Use it!

Your wellbeing, your integrity in body, mind and soul and 
your freedom are based on the wise handling of the Light
sword. Do not hesitate and act, because “now we are here”.

In infinite Love

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