20. Februar 2015


Putsch Attempt in Venezuela 
translated by Franz

„According to Maduro, Air Force officers had planned to 
bomb the government seat Miraflores-Palast in the center 
of Caracas with an EMB-32-Tucano-Airplane of the Air Force, 
as well as the Ministry of Defense and Latin-American 
television station Telesur.

After that General Oswaldo Hernández Sánchez was supposed
to announce in a video that the Armed Forces had rebelled 
against President Maduro. This was supposed to be quickly 
broadcast by international news agencies like Reuters and AP.

Hernández Sánchez has already been temporarily arrested 
in 2014 because of entanglements in supposed Putsch attempts. 
On Thursday Parliament President Diosdado Cabello presented
in his weekly television show “Con El Mazo Dando” on the public 
television station VTV proof in the form of photos of house searches.
Among them were computers with incriminatory material, mobile 
phones, weapons and maps with “tactical targets”.

The sources of finances are supposed to come foremost 
from the USA (Miami). Additionally the US Embassy in 
Caracas has issued visas for all participants, in case 
the Putsch attempt should fail.
The plan was uncovered, according to the online portal 
Ameriak21, with information from young officers, information, 
which was passed on to government intelligence. Maduro 
explicitly thanked these young officers during his television 
address with the following words: “I would like to thank these
young officers and intelligence services, because we were able 
to investigate and thwart the Putsch attempt against our Country.”
Source: http://www.rtdeutsch.com/11909/international/koennen-die-usa-es-nicht-lassen-putschversuch-in-venezuela-aufgedeckt/ 

by Jahn J Kassl

What RT Deutsch is reporting is not new!
Democracy “Label USA” for the world. 
Actually this one provides for unrest in 
the South American Venezuela and there 
is war in the middle of Europe, the Ukraine. 
The imperial interests justify any approach
– at least from the viewpoint of the NWO elites.

Obama Indictment for Murder 

The USA is the rogue Country number 1 on this globe!
Namely the government in Washington with their actual 
despot Barack Hussein Obama. Obama himself is, even 
though only a “carrying out tool for murder” and henchman 
for more powerful circles in the background, yet he is to 
be made responsible for murder and killings around the 

Alone the personally ordered killings of civilians, 
women and children due to US killer drones in Pakistan, 
Afghanistan or Yemen, justify the indictment for murder 
of the US President. 

It is a responsibility, which weighs heavily and nobody will 
take it from him, as he will have to be held responsible – 
together with his accomplices – in front of the world and 
mankind. This still seems unrealistic and this day seems 
far away. But I say: We are much closer to that point 
than we ourselves, Obama and the rat pack in Washington 

Europe is actually elbowed into the threshold of war 
with Russia, due to the USA and NATO alliance stoking 
the conflict in the Ukraine. And also in South America 
the wellbeing of the Bolivian Republic and of 30 million 
inhabitants was hanging on a thin thread on February 
12th, 2015. The CIA sponsored Putsch against the South 
American Republic failed, as well as the permanent
weakening of Russia will fail.

What is of significance in both cases is the role of our 
media. Nothing but silence about Venezuela or the 
skipping of the truth, distortions of details or the 
invention of facts, like in the Ukraine war.

The Media Lies 

More and more mainstream media do justice to the 
expression of “The Media Lies”. Even more so, it 
seems that they compete with each other, of who 
lies more boldly, distorts facts more professionally 
or who stokes more fiendishly the negative atmosphere 
against Russia, and heats it up against its President 
Vladimir Putin.

In the following, perfectly to the point written article of the
investigative journalist André Vltchek it is portrayed, what 
we have to deal with in the US governments since the second 
World War, and not just since yesterday: with slaughterers 
and psychopaths, to whom millions of human lives mean 
nothing, their political and economic power means everything.

Nothing new in the West! All are „Charlie“ and nobody 
cries: „I am Chavez.“ What are we actually waiting fore? 
Until the smell of crematories gets into our noses?

We know it! 

Because despite the massive lie propaganda on different 
levels of politics, commerce, religion and art, this time we
do not get by, totally in opposition to our ancestors, with 
the excuse “we did not know anything”. 800 FEMA-Camps
in the USA, whereby a few hundred are already in full use, 
continue the Nazi tradition of eradicating “unworthy life” a 
long time ago. And what America contrived, always still 
came over to Europe – sometime and somehow.
Meaning: We should be aware today that the fascists 
under the cover of democracy carry out and dominate 
their daily political and economic business in many 
parts of the world.

And we should be aware that as a first step of this fact 
we have to look into the eyes of this without fear and 
with courage, in order to then withdraw any energy 
from this system on any for us already possible level. 

It is war, but nobody goes there!
There is pressure to consume, 
but nobody goes shopping!
There is a worldwide media monopoly, 
but nobody has a television.

Favorable Signs 

Under this aspect I am very confident that in the coming 
months we will experience a further erosion of the Anglo-
Saxon empire. More and more human Beings awaken and 
the cosmic change also becomes more obvious on our earth. 
An extremely visible as well as impressive proof for it is the 
“New Heaven”, which more and more frequently opens above 
us. Proof for it is also the vibration on earth, which increases 
daily, even if it still not perceived by most human Beings.

In summary: These are favorable signs, which herald the 
end of darkness and the beginning of Light in this world. 
And in the meantime the many-headed Hydra of darkness 
swings up for a last time like a wounded animal, in order 
to give a destructive strike to the world and foremost in 
order to escape its own destruction utilizing its last strength.
And this is the crazy and at the same time unique thing 
about this time quality: Everything happens simultaneously.
The shadows dissolve while the Light breaks through.

It is up to each one of us, to open oneself to this 
truth and be aware of the “simultaneity of all events”, 
so that we can remain oriented on the inside and do 
not lose courage or slide into hate, as we encounter 
the familiar daily images of suffering.
Because if Caracas or Kiev: 
„Good human Beings are contagious.“ 
Peter Rossegger (1848-1918)
And good deeds even more!

Let us think, formulate and carry them out.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

Sanctions Should Be Imposed on the U.S. 
by André Vltchek

Another year, another set of coups that we can 
expect to be administered by the West.
This year, it is all beginning in February. 
First the onslaught against Argentina and following 
that comes yet another coup against Venezuela, 
and its democratically elected, progressive government.
The coup has been thwarted. Venezuela prevailed!

As Telesur reported: Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday 
that the government had thwarted a coup attempt which 
was being coordinated by Venezuela’s right-wing opposition 
with the support of the U.S. government.
Just the day before the revelations, opposition leaders 
Leopoldo Lopez, Maria Corina Machado and Antonio 
Ledezma released a “transition plan” which involved 
privatization of the country’s oil, deregulation of the 
economy and accords with “international financial 
institutions” including the International Monetary Fund. 

The army stood firmly by the government of President Maduro. 
Most of Latin America, including UNASUR, expressed both their 
solidarity and support. But all over the world, life goes on, 
as if nothing significant really took place!

How much longer can such banditry by the Empire 
be tolerated? I don’t feel like writing my usual long 
philosophical essays, today. I am simply pissed off; outraged. 
This time I really am! Not by what those sadistic imperialist 
control-junkies in Washington have managed to do again. 
I have no positive expectations when it comes to them, 
as they are clearly a bunch of mass murderers of the 
greatest caliber, not unlike their European colonialist 
and crusader predecessors.

What shocks me, suddenly, is this silence, this calm, 
all over the world! As if nothing really taken place. 
As if nothing is going on!

Are we going to eat the lowest grade of shit from 
the Empire forever? Is the monstrous fascist and 
market-fundamentalist system going to get away 
with absolutely everything? It has already murdered 
some 60 million people since the end of the WWII, 
as I explained in my recent book with Noam Chomsky.

The Empire overthrew every decent government in Africa, 
in the Middle East, Asia and until recently, in Latin America. 
It liquidated peaceful and secular Muslim governments and 
replaced them with thugs or extremists.
Many of us know about it. It is no secret! But then, 
when the same banditry takes place again and again, 
everybody stays seated on his or her bum, silent like a 

Where at least are there any substantial protests in 
Western capitals and major cities? Where is that 
multi-million crowd yelling “Je suis Chavez”?
Did those morons in Europe and the United States 
enter a complete, final, terminal state of amnesia 
and indoctrination? Don’t they see and care what 
their governments and corporations are doing all 
over the world?

It seems that all that can still lift them up from the 
couch is either that bloody football or regime-sponsored
events like “Je suis Charlie”.
So this is their famous “democracy” – the one that the 
West wants to ‘export’ and sticks down the throat of the 
Chinese people, of Russians, of Latin Americans: the 
establishment can butcher millions of people in the 
Democratic Republic of Congo, in Somalia, in Libya, 
Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Papua, Kashmir, Syria 
and Ukraine, it can attempt to overthrow any democratically 
elected government in Latin America, but the citizens of the 
Empire are so ‘pacified’, so fucked, really, that they don’t 
even recognize what is happening in front of their eyes, 
or what is done in their name. And if they recognize it, 
they don’t care.

It must remind one of those Germans who were living next 
to concentration camps, during the war, looking at the smoke 
coming up from the chimneys, and then claiming that ‘they 
did not know’. Have they – Europeans and North Americans – 
lost their marbles? Their Christian fundamentalist/corporatist 
states are imposing sanctions on Russia – for nothing. 

Actually, Russia is being punished for the successful 
Western act of overthrowing the Ukrainian government! 
It is all totally bizarre, grotesque, comical. It makes a 
person with at least a few intact pieces of brain want to puke.
They first create ISIS in those NATO sponsored ‘refugee camps’ 
in Southern Turkey and Jordan, in order to overthrow the 
legitimate government in Damascus. Then when ISIS goes 
gaga, they use it as justification to redeploy troops in Iraq, 
and to bomb Syria! And European and North Americans still 
immobilized on their asses and still getting stoned and 
pissed, instead of at least building a few good, 
old-fashioned barricades! And now Venezuela!

I believe that Latin America should, immediately, 
impose sanctions on the United States. This is not a joke; 
it can and should be done. This is the only way to deal with
the Empire! Merely exposing its acts only, does not obviously 
help. It just laughs back and continues murdering people 
and destroying countries that do not want to lick its boots 
and to sacrifice its people. It does it all in broad daylight.

Venezuela should approach the UN Security Council, 
and then the ICC (although states like the US or Israel 
do not recognize it, as they are ‘above the law’).
Enough of fear; enough of this horror! The world cannot 
count on the Europeans and North Americans. They 
cannot and are unwilling to control their governments 
and corporate bandits. Their countries are forming, in 
fact, a bunch of failed states, processing materials that 
are plundered abroad.

What happened in Venezuela on Feb 12th should 
never be accepted as the norm. Not anymore.

The world is not a chessboard, 
Mr. Obama. But what you are 
playing is not even chess. It is 
dirty; an extremely dirty game, 
which should be stopped by all 


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