13. Februar 2015


Thank you for your 
Energy Balance 2014/2015 

Honored Readers! 

Today in the name of the Lichtwelt team I would like to  
thank you from the bottom of my heart for the financial 
contributions, and for your energy balance, which occurred 
during the year 2014 and continues also now at the 
beginning of the year 2015.

The free availability of messages takes money and 
requires a solid financial foundation. Money is still part 
of our life and with money it is possible to affect much 
beauty and positive things, which is our prime concern.

Because the mission of the Lichtwelt-Verlag 
is clear and remains unchanged also in 
the year 2015: To open the floodgates for 
the individual change of human Beings 
and the global changes of human society.

For that we will also continue to provide you with everything 
that Heaven hands over to us, because these gifts from the 
Light serve all of us until we return to God.

For myself, as “God’s scribe”, it continues to be valid: 
to turn over to you the messages, which are transmitted 
to me, in the purest vibration, unchanged and without 
comments. It is a never running dry stream that I am 
connected to for now more than 10 years and which I 
may experience as my work.

And that the source never dries up is cared for:
Due to my firm decision, due to the comprehensive 
accompaniment of Light Entities on this side and the 
other side of the veil, and foremost due to God’s Grace
– wherein all of us are fulfilled.

In gratitude and in Love

Your Lichtwelt-Team & Jahn J Kassl 

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correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
published on this website. Translated by Franz