6. Juni 2015



Honored Readers,

On January 22nd, 2011 „Bodhisattva“ was first published 
in German in the Lichtwelt Blog: 

It was affirmed by JESUS SANANDA on April 22nd, 2015 and was
complemented with the message „Live your Assignments“ 
(You may read it shortly). 

The contained topics, the wisdom and inherent Light in the 
words are still valid today, are of great value and spread 
their healing effect.

Therefore I have decided to reedit this timeless message, 
republish it in the blog and send it to you via the Lichtwelt 
newsletter. In addition, this message is also available in 
English, translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb.

In the conviction of thereby providing a good 
service and joy to you, I remain –

With God’s Blessings and in Love 

Jahn J Kassl 

Conversation with Jesus Sananda 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Beloved Jahn,

What you experience is the broad mass of human Beings, 
who cannot bear the spiritual Light. Therefore they become 
aggressive and unpredictable.

Report: During the bus trip to the café, where I like to write, 
the driver and the passengers, due to the entirely overcrowed bus, 
were totally aggressive, and also here in the café a very young human 
Being talks to me very indignantly – it seems as if the fuses in human 
Beings have burned through….. 

So it is, Jahn. Human Beings get lost completely, because they are 
not used to look at themselves, they do not reflect and thereby 
lack experience. Now they would urgently need these abilities, 
yet they have not learned these and have not attained them. 
Many clues from the spiritual realms were cast into the wind, 
and now it becomes obvious that this time truly reveals 
everything that has been hidden in a human Being.


It is the discharges of forces, which human Beings 
tried to suppress so far.

JJK: And I also notice that it makes no difference if a human 
Being is young or old, because I also notice that more and 
more young human Beings are unredeemed and heavily 
laden. Is this correct?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, by all means. Human age is not the 
clincher. Please consider that human Beings always come to 
earth with their whole karmic garment, a garment, which is 
claimed after the seventh year of life.

Regarding this also see: „The Biography of Jesus – Part I“: 

Therefore it is the same how old or young a human Being is, 
it is very obvious if he has not redeemed his issues. Therefore 
also still young human Beings carry incredible energy packets 
and energetic impurities with them. An exception is the great 
swarm of new arrivals after the year 2000.
There you will perceive very few impurities, because these souls 
come to you from a different level of Creation and are freed from 
old burdens of time. They are Master souls or those, who are 
immediately before master ship. Meaning, each agegroup, 
which is now born on earth, is in its base mode more redempt 
and more purified. Yet many human Beings of the previous 
generation still have to cast off their karmic equipment and 
this pertains also to the 20 plus year olds.

JJK: So far one has always pointed to the “Indigo Children” 
and we even thought that only such children are born.

JESUS SANANDA: This is correct as such, for some 
time and with transitions, since 2000 exclusively.


Yet please also consider, if an Indigo child does not receive 
the appropriate environment, it begins to deny itself and 
creates patterns, attunes to the energy of the environment 
and gets lost.

It is not the direct karmic circumstances, which are working, 
because these children bring little karma with them, yet they 
must manage with the little that is offered to them and this 
brings them to the edge of madness.
Therefore a mixture of realitires occurs, the in itself clear 
becomes unclear, because it must exist in a world of lack 
of understanding. Therefore it is so important for all parents 
to know what they are dealing with, as they bring a child into 
this world.

In summary it shall be said: Not every high yet in earthly
years still young Light, being human, is automatically 
redeemed, because life conditions are still effective.

Beyond that it must be recorded that the change simply 
passes by many human Beings. And these are presently 
present on both levels, as well as on 3D and also on 5D. 
There is still a certain mixture of human Beings, as well 
as the levels are also intermixed.
This reveals everything, and nothing is excluded.

And it is also significant that for an unredempt entity it 
becomes uncomfortable in a world, which is increasingly 
interlaced with 5D vibrations.

The spiritual Light of the Central Sun has an effect, 
does its work and brings light to all situations. Discharges 
occur presently on all levels, as well as on the one of 
humans living together on Gaia TERRA XX. 

JJK: May I change the topic?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, go ahead, Jahn.

JJK: Now, pole reversal? What is the issue here?

JESUS SANANDA: There are different scenarios for it. 
Yet one thing is certain, that it happens.

Pole Reversal 

In these days we consider to create “hyper space”, which is 
a space, wherein all human Beings, who will continue to live 
in 5D, will await the events.
Yet this is only one option, because as earths have distanced 
themselves far enough you are imbedded in a hologram, 
which equals “hyper space”, and therefore you are nearly 
unaffected by it. There has also been the option to keep you 
in a longer sleep, to bring you to inner earth in the meantime, 
yet these options are excluded more and more, because these 
events get more and more integrated into the daily pattern of 
this new time.
We create everything with as little stir as possible, and therefore 
many scenarios, which we considered so far, will not occur. 

This change shall occur in peace, except for the frequent 
discharges of old energy structures, which still must be 
redeemed on the planetary as well as individual level.
Therefore we undertake everything in order to alleviate 
all necessary events, and as well as possible to let them 
occur without further dramas.

We make an Appearance! 

Also there is already a fixed date when we make our appearance.
This will change everything. Here not only the events of recent 
times are meant, when many sightings of our space ships took 
place, instead there is the plan for an event, which cannot be 
denied by all human Beings on earth, in order to end any 
speculation about us.
This occurs after our vibration levels begin to immediately 
touch each other, because only then can you also accept 
us and recognize us for what we are, the Lights from Heaven.
In one third of the human Beings, who want to live on 5D, all 
fears must be removed, fears, which would stand in the way 
of such recognition.

Meaning, any darkness must be removed, in a soul, because 
otherwise it would consider our appearance as a work of the 
“devil”. One thing you shall never dismiss, a sighting, wherein 
we reveal ourselves, must also be understood by you and 
must be correctly classified. You must be ready to recognize 
it, only then will we appear. 

Because even the greatest miracle does not work if a human 
Being shuts himself off from this. Presently you are also prepared 
for it, whereby you increasingly come to us while you sleep, and 
therefore it will be easy for you to recognize us, as we appear.

JJK: This means therefore that all reports, which 
circulate about it, are indeed options?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, yet they are constantly adapted to the 
new facts, which you have created due to your own work on 
yourself, and therefore are also subjected to steady changes.

It is certain that everything changes, somewhat less certain 
is the fact how it occurs and on what timeline, because every 
timeline has its potentials and some are fulfilled 1 to 1, yet 
others do not occur, because we can go back to new possibilities.
Also for us it is a very exciting matter; we have the overview of 
all potentials, yet which one ultimately is being used, is determined
relatively short-dated and is determined due to your individual 

JJK: Do you know, Jesus, I notice again and again, how many 
questions human Beings have regarding this, and I often think 
that many questions lead to nothing. Therefore when is a 
question appropriate and when is it entirely superfluous?

JESUS SANANDA: The question should be asked like the 
following: What is predominant in a human Being? Is it 
the mind or is an entity already directly connected with 
inner knowledge? As soon as this occurs, the end of 
questions is very near.

End of Questions 

Then every question is no longer necessary, because one 
knows that at the right time everything will be given that 
is needed. Also the mind receives explanations so that it is 
satisfied and remains in peace.

On the other hand if the mind predominates, questions gain 
a compulsive character and one wants to “understand” 
everything on that limited level, yet knowledge remains 
lacking, because the abundance of information, which 
we bring to you for several years, can never be captured 
with the mind! This is simply not possible, the mind is not 
capable of it, no matter how much you try wanting to 
understand and having to explain it to you.
Therefore if the inner certitude exists in a human Being
that everything will show, then all questions will remain 
within harmonic limits of an entitity living in peace. 

If the mind is the level upon which one seeks understanding, 
permanent unrest and lack of peace will rule and one asks for 
“explanations” of everything and yet one understands nothing. 
Because: The characteristic of infinity, and we bring only such information to you, because you are raised from finiteness to 
infinity, reveals itself only to human Beings, who understand
to answer their questions themselves due to their inner

Asking many questions is a sign that the search in the outer is 
not finished. The steady attempt “wanting to understand” everything 
is a characteristic of space and time, a level, whereupon success and 
failure where defined due to the intellectual understanding of things. 
Yet on the levels of All-That-Is knowledge occurs in a different 
manner and now you regain these abilities.  

Those, who ask a lot, still have not arrived at themselves, 
and assume deep knowledge by seeing their questions answered. 
Yet this is a fallacy, because knowledge occurs, as you trust your 
life track and the strength in yourself, your inner knowledge, 
wherefrom everything bulges out as you are connected to this 
all-knowing Source.

JJK: Does this not require practice and time?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, yet you are already in 
the process to acquire it more and more.

JJK: What I also notice is that so many “spiritual 
seekers” function in this “mode of questioning”?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, because this “mode of questioning” 
was also taken over as a relict from one of the described 
ancient times. Many human Beings, who today seek for 
knowledge from All-That-Is, are highly “educated” and 
have acquired their “knowledge” foremost with their mind. 
It is necessary to discard this and to penetrate to the core 
of knowledge, which always lies in the consciousness of an entity.
Many human Beings begin their spiritual search with old equipment 
and it is part of the path to discard this. And this pertains to many, 
who have entered the “spiritual path”, or at least claim it for 
themselves. Foremost the “scientists” among you are reluctantly 
willing to leave old paths and therefore the spiritual unfoldement 
must stagnate and frustration spreads.

Evolution toward Buddha Nature 

Enlightenment occurs far from the intellect.
The intellect has noting to do with enlightenment.
The intellect is not part as Bodhisattva1 appears 
out of your essence. 

As you become Buddha, the questions end and on the way 
toward it, questions become less and less. It is a sign of 
awakening that the questions decrease and it is a sign for 
it that one is not ready for the insight of the last things, 
as one incessantly searches for peace and knowledge in 
the questions, which the intellect poses, in order to keep
you restless and preoccupied.

JJK: Therefore there are many “spiritual seekers”, 
yet many also do not really want to find?

JESUS SANANDA: It is the evolution toward the Buddha, Jahn. 

Everything that being human offers, wants to be lived by you. 
Therefore you have decided to come here, and you enjoy 
everything. Because they still need the experience that the
intellect cannot provide any true insight. 

The intellect is one of the last hindrances on the path 
toward seeing God. Once it is overcome, realization 
occurs instantly – instantly. 

It is insignificant what a restless mind is preoccupied with. 
If these are “spiritual topics” or very worldly ones as long 
as the intellect cares constantly for unrest, produces answer 
upon answer, which seek for an answers only on that level, 
any deep insight remains lacking. 

As long as the intellect uses you and as long as you are 
not capable to use the intellect, it does not matter what 
you are preoccupied with, you remain far from any 

JJK: But how can one overcome it, what can 
one say to such human Beings?

JESUS SANANDA: Nothing! Jahn, this is it. Nothing.
For these human Beings it is significant that their questions 
do not find any answer and like a Koan2 they unfold the 
effect in their soul. Until the answers emerge from the inside 
and until these are set free in the consciousness of a human
Being. Until a new manner of attaining knowlege is established.
Therefore we also advised you to no longer answer the many 
letters from readers, because each one of your answers already 
has many new questions in them. You can certainly handle this 
even more consistently and this will unburden you very much.

JJK: Yes, this would ease my work very much. Because as 
much as I value as human Beings come to me full of trust,
I also see as much that each one of my answers – like you 
said – immediately brings about a whole string of new questions. 
No end, so to speak!

Answers are given directly!

JESUS SANANDA: This is what it is about, Jahn!
Now we enter the phase, wherein human Beings 
have to search for answers, which we put into their 
hearts, and not hang on to the answers from foreign lips. 
This is important.
Distance yourself ENTIRELY from the task to elaborate 
questioning mails from human Beings.

Pass on what you receive from the highest Light levels of 
Creation, and leave it at that. You do not need to explain 
anything, because the messages explain themselves to a 
knowing spirit. And all, who are on the path toward this 
knowledge, now require this turning toward their inherent 
knowledge, even if this is initially new and unfamiliar. 

Each one is God! Each one is his Master!
The time when one faces a Master in the outer 
with his questions, even if they are of pure intent, 
is over, because the time of master ship has begun.

JJK: But this will hit many human Beings on their head?
Not that I care about it, yet maybe a little bit of discomfort, 
as the mail, which is very aggressive, should increase, as once 
before, as I withdrew myself?

JESUS SANANDA: Certainly, this is also quite possible. 
Yet this ebbs and thins out. It is a great service, which 
you thereby offer to human Beings, because they must 
be thrown back to themselves and as they have many 
questions, initially search for an answer within themselves, 
until there seems to be no other avenue, and then the intellect 
fails and this failure brings everything on its way – it is the birth
 into the awareness of consciousness; the moment, when knowledge 
is given and the moment, when every question finds an answer. 
Until they finally retreat entirely, because a higher force no 
longer needs to take hold of this limitation.
It is high time that human Beings change into the mode, 
which their eternal consciousness predetermines, and no 
longer obey their limited action of being human; also if 
they foremost believe to be on the spiritual path.

JJK: Now, this certainly cannot be any clearer!

JESUS SANANDA: This is what is required now, so that human 
Beings no longer go astray and walk “empty kilometers”. 
Now everyone can make one’s choice.

JJK: Also I will take back again regarding the answering 
of certain questions?

(Meanwhile, over 4 years later, we from the Lichtwelt team 
and myself have entirely ceased the “discussion” or “interpretation 
of messages”. At the same time, questions have also decreased. 
This is an obvious sign that human Beings have matured.
Rem. JJK)

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, please act like that, it is not only good for 
you, it is foremost good for human Beings, who again and again 
seak answers in the outer and still cannot trust themselves. 
Because also in any fallacy resides great power, as one has 
created this oneself.

Now it is necessary for human Beings to 
step into self-responsibility – in every respect.

No longer “he or she has said”, instead I have said and 
determined for myself, no matter what the consequences are. 
This is walking school for those, who wish to awaken spiritually. 
All others are not ready to step into their self-responsibility. 
Also thereby it is valid: ”The chaff separates from the wheat.”

On 5D there are only “mature” human Beings and no longer 
any students, which attach any significance to the knowledge 
of a Guru. As you wish to establish yourself on 5D, you must 
go into master ship yourself, and this path begins now for 
many human Beings on this planet.

JJK: Feels like a concluding sentence?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, today it is given. 
We go on and reach new levels of the Light.
You are the knowledge, the power, which is inherent in 
everything. Begin to take hold of it and trust in it, also if 
some fallacies appear, in the beginning, as you are in the 
process to obtain this ability.

Because it is better to fall for a self-created fallacy 
instead of a deep inner experience to do something 
“right”, which was only given second hand.
Deliberate about it – utilize your inner senses and 
not your intellect. Begin now with it.

You are blessed and infinitely loved by us.
I am omnipresent, amongst you,



1 Bodhisattva: In Buddhism, a bodhisattva (Sanskrit: बोधिसत्त्व  
bodhisattva; Pali: बोधिसत्त bodhisatta) is an enlightened (bodhi
being (sattva). Traditionally, a bodhisattva is anyone who, 
motivated by great compassion, has generated bodhicitta
which is a spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood for the 
benefit of all sentient beings.[1] According to Tibetan Buddhism, 
a Bodhisattva is one of the four sublime states a human can 
achieve in life (the others being an Arhat, Buddha, or  
Pratyekabuddha).[2] (Wikipedia)

2 A kōan (公案?)/ˈkoʊ.ɑːn/; Chinese: 公案; pinyin: gōng'àn;  
Korean: 공안 (kong'an); Vietnamese: công án) is a story,  
dialogue, question, or statement, which is used in Zen 
practice to provoke the "great doubt" and test a student's 
progress in Zen practice. 

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