30. Juni 2015


Mother Earth has accepted our Gift!

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

The time is ripe to transfer the “Crystal Cube from Atlantis” 
to mankind, so that the miracle of enlightenment in human
Beings may occur and the uplifting of the planet may be fulfilled. 
This manifestation lifts Mother Earth to a new vibration and this 
means that all life partakes in great and far-reaching healings. 
The energy of the “collective Crystals”, meaning all crystals, 
which so far have arrived at the Lichtwelt Project, already 
have an effect and with the activation by each human Being, 
in order to work directly with the Crystal, this energy is 
increased and potentiated.

Yet this also means that the process of transformation of
the individual and of the planet continues with a so-far 
unreached velocity and is accompanied by unimaginable 
discharges on the Mother planet. 
Because before the Light takes on the regency on this earth, 
before Love is omnipresent among human Beings and before 
the kingdom of peace begins in this world, everything warlike,
anything dark and everything of evil must be burnt, 
banned or be transformed.

And so it is, and so it comes, and so it occurs: 
„Everything heals, everything heals“… How true.

Mother Earth has gratefully accepted the gift of 
the unconditional devotion of many human Beings
toward their own transformation and thereby the 
rebirth of the planet may be fulfilled in a new 
manner for many human Beings.

1.) In joy for the ascending ones and in 
absence of suffering.
2.) In deep trust in God for the ascending 
ones and far from 
doubt or hopelessness.
3.) In the certitude for the ascending
ones that God is omnipresent 
and in the consciousness that they are 
under God’s complete 


The "Crystal Cube of Ascension" is immediately available. 
The Workbook (Illustrated Book), in order to be able to work
with the "Ascension Crystal", is exclusively available in German.
An English version is in preparation. 

Telos, Welcome to Agartha – JAHN J KASSL: 

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