29. Juni 2015


Open Letter and Call to all Siblings of Light
to persistently continue their own transformation! 

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Work is still not done!  

Beloved Siblings of the Light!
Light warriors and Light messengers, 
Light workers and bringers of Light for this mankind! 

Our work is still not done! The most significant 
part of our work here on earth has just begun! 

Be aware: In the past years we were prepared for our 
assignments and we were schooled and strengthened, 
in body, spirit and soul. And many of us have already 
interlocked with our assignments, which we have already 
received from Heaven for this life on earth, which means:
1.) The assignments have been recognized.
2.) The assignments have been fully accepted.
3.) The assignments are fully lived.

Yet many of us still wander around, they search 
and try and stay away from their perfection.
Therefore what still has to be done, how to proceed, 
in order to attain the last certitudes, in order to clearly 
recognize one’s assignments and in order to be able to 
live them unconditionally and in devotion to God?

Highest Priority 

In order to obtain the step of clarity regarding this question, 
it is necessary to continue with the purification tasks in oneself. 
Never and also today, there is no way around this. 

Please continue actively your own transformation work, 
also if you have already changed much, have affected 
much and have transformed much.  

Also if you have already died many deaths, be ready to die 
new “small deaths”, until your rebirth in God is fulfilled and 
completed. Begin by removing the still existing beams in front 
of your own eye and end the mania of seeking the mote in the 
other’s eye.
Today it is time to set free deeper layers of your being and 
to heal them, it is the time of divine Grace, wherein miracles 
and complete healing may be obtained. 

Grant now, more than ever, highest priority 
to your own spiritual advancement. 

-too many light warriors get lost at different “construction 
sites of Life”, at places, where they have no business being 
there and where they are wrong.
-too many light messengers lose their energies with inappropriate 
tasks and let themselves be drawn into conflicts, where they 
should stay away from.
-too many light workers look spell bound at outer appearances 
and neglect the fascinating reality of their inner self.
-too many Light bringers are satisfied with half-knowledge, 
never sound out their depths, back off from their inner 
travesties and have conceitedly left the path of transformation.
-too many “Healers”, „Gurus“ or „Masters“ sell their partial 
insights as complete knowledge and put the ego into the 
center of their thinking and actions. Instead of devoting 
themselves entirely to God, the encounter with God is 
shunned, only, in order to maintain their status and life 
in the self-created illusion.

With too many of us, the “Masters of Deception” have set in, 
instead of self-empowerment in, with and through God, and 
have talked the word of ego-empowerment without God.
The lifeblood, in order to meet the coming events in joy, 
in trust and foremost unperturbed, is God, is the deep 
anchoring of our souls in God and in our own divine reality. 
And this occurs far away from the ego and apart from all 
attachments, which emanate from this matrix.

Enlightenment and Realization 

In order to gain this rich insight and in order to navigate
securely across this time, our being must be liberated from 
all overlaps and blocking influences of time on all levels.
This is a condition of realization, which with most human Beings 
is still outstanding, but which can now be attained and must be 
attained, so that the unimaginable can become the determining 
reality on earth. 

An Enlightened One is always aware of his own 
enlightenment! Whoever seeks still has not found it, 
whoever is on the way, still has not arrived, whoever 
aims for enlightenment, for him it is still outstanding. 

As long as different attachments to this world are still affective, 
human Beings encounter their mirror images and as long as these 
processes go on, it is necessary to see oneself in these images. 
But foremost it is necessary to recognize where the Light should 
be directed to and where God’s Love should flood our souls.
Ego-addiction, envy, greed, anger, fury, jealousy, not admitted 
feelings of lack, not admitted blockages, not admitted wanting 
to know better, not admitted pains in spirit, body and soul, 
must today be overturned to healing, so that God’s Kingdom 
actually settles down in us, and not just an illusion of it,
a breeze of it.

The next deeper levels of our being wait for redemption, 
the mine fields from many times, which still exist in our souls, 
must be defused, neutralized and healed.

With Full Force! 

And so today it is called for again to take up your transformation 
process with full force, with full attention, and with full devotion.

Where do I stand in this process, is the question here?
Where do I have neglected my transformation or have 
even broken it off? And I say to you: Each one of you, 
who grapples at length with yourself, knows quite 
accurately where you stand and what is still unredeemed! 

-So please make the decision now and have the courage to 
look at yourself in the mirror of truth; to see what is and 
foremost to see, what is still lacking.

-Have the courage to go to the root of your still acting 
shadows, which the ego cleverly knows how to hide, in 
order to equally cleverly play it out at a suitable location. 
-Make the irreversible decision to go along on the 
pathway of ultimate transformation, which Mother 
Earth has taken, until the end, until together with 
the planet you enter into the Light. 
-Never believe that everything has already been done, also 
if it seems that everything is done and the great events only 
need to be waited for!
-Each second, each moment, each day, when you bring Light 
to beings, this is the challenge of end time; there is no greater 
task and there is nothing more necessary than that. 
-Do not get lost in the labyrinth of time, whereby you
revolt against the system, whereby you fight against 
the 3D matrix, without having lifted yourself against 
your own inner enemies. 
-Revolt against your own comforts, against your own fears, 
against your own blockages, which in total still compromise 
your life on deeper lying and still unredeemed levels.
-Revolt against your self-satisfaction, whereby you take 
up the work on yourself again and ask the powers of 
Heaven for assistance for it.

Open Questions 

How often have you called on the Archangels, 
the Ascended Masters and the Light? Often!
And how often have you taken their pointers and
highlighted ways without ifs and buts – unconditionally?
Answer for yourself the all-decisive question about your 
“unquestioning nature”.
How often do you remain faithful to your old life or to your 
old manners of thinking and acting, your dogmas and healing
patterns, instead of putting all these unconditionally at the 
disposition of the Light?
How often have you followed the instructions from Heaven 
and how often have you ignored the messages from the Light – 
and exactly how often have you followed the directives from 
Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters? What does 
transformation mean to you?

Is transformation a silent, calm, unnoticed growth, a change 
without our direct and conscious participation; a process 
which occurs by itself? Or does transformation mean foremost 
the conscious sacrifice of everything, which was important so far, 
the active willingness to walk through forgotten pain, until they 
are completely redeemed; again and again to look at what can 
be seen, and not to belief blindly, what the subconscious 
incessantly suggests what may be? 

Go inside, there is the safest place in this insecure time! 

There is God, there is your self, everything exists there, 
everything was there and everything remains there; 
timeless and eternal.
Have you reached this condition? Have you reached the condition 
of pure brotherly love, which asks for nothing but gives everything? 
And the next one is you. Do you love yourself so much, that you 
are ready to give up everything for you?
Do you love yourself so much that you no longer want to inflict 
pain and injuries to your being, and want to heal all existing injuries?

I say to you: Brotherly Love begins with you yourself. 
Because before a fellow human Being can be loved by 
you from the bottom of your heart and can be touched 
by your spiritual Light, you must love yourself or God’s 
Light must have touched you. 

This is the way and that is where the journey goes, 
now, at the end of this time.

Clean in front of your own Door! 

Described is the return of human Beings into their all-loving Self, 
after all fallacies have been recognized, all blockages have been 
redeemed and the matrix of this world, the illusion of impermanence,
can no longer exercise power over you. Still before the sun rises in 
the west and goes down in the east, still before the image of this 
world radically changes for all of us, it is necessary of having attained 
this status of consciousness, so that on this day, when Heaven opens 
for us, Light can be recognized as Light and shadows can be recognized 
as shadows.

-Be the change yourself, which you expect on the outside.
-Be without compromise in the redemption of your own issues, 
consistently commune with yourself, yet toward your fellow 
human Beings judge mildly and never condemn them!
-Be without fright, courageous and strong, as you encounter 
your own incompleteness, yet show understanding for all fellow 
human Beings, who again and again fail on their own account
and due to the world.
-Be gentle as you recognize the beam in front of the eyes of the 
other and never hesitate to remove the tiniest mote from your 
own eye.
-Remain persistently on the path of transformation and exercise 
compassion toward those, who have not even entered the 
path toward it.
-Change your attitudes toward life and toward you – 
fundamentally! Meaning: 

At the very first clean in front of your own door! 

There is still much to do and the work in God’s vineyard is 
not done! In the time of times and at the moment, when 
the world gets off track, it is necessary to be redeemed, 
energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
How often will we encounter death and see dying in 
these close days? We do not know it!
But it is certain that the final change of the planet will 
transport many, many millions of human lives from this 
into another world. And nobody of us knows insofar we 
will witness these scenes or shall be part of it!

„The Ascending ones will enter into the kingdom of Heaven 
without suffering and pain” has been repeatedly announced
to us! But it is also true that many of us stand in service on 
this earth until the end of these days and the whole cosmic 
scene of the world changes will be unveiled in all details in 
front of our eyes. Therefore it is necessary to be perfected 
oneself and to die still many small deaths until the final 
death of the old world. 

The greatest challenges for Mother Earth and for mankind,
the animal world and for all living organisms on this planet 
are still outstanding! 

Some upheavals will and must still occur and 
the greatest miracles are still in front of us. 

It is time to prepare us for the final world fires with 
appropriate meticulousness; there is nothing more 
important in these last days of time.
This is an open letter to all Light warriors, to the Light 
messengers and Light workers of this time!
To all, who want to walk the way of perfection and thereby 
often lean toward long inappropriate pauses or fail due to 
their own sluggishness.

Self-Empowerment instead of Ego-Empowerment 

This is a call to all human Beings, who are blessed with great capacities 
and either have not recognized these or on the basis of their ego offer
them to searching human Beings: Look at your mirror image and free 
yourself of the burden of the ego, so that you can apply your talents, 
which God has given to you and which make you unique, for the 
blessings and benefit of all!
Much is still to be done, even though much has already 
been done! Be aware: 

The greatest challenges for each individual are still 
outstanding; the great end time is still in front of us. 

Before this earth finally returns into the Light of the fifth dimension 
of All-That-Is, darkness will still have to occur for one more time.
And before mankind ascends into the Light, it will once more meet 
its shadows on the lowest level. This is the nature of transformation.
The past discharges in this world offered the beginning and much 
more powerful ones will follow, until every layer of the living Mother 
Earth is healed and every level of human entities have been flooded 
with Light. God in His Grace is omnipresent.

Let us always be aware of this fact, foremost now, as each 
one of us is asked to clean in front of our door and keep our 
own house pure. 

What we are, we are through God, 
what we will become, we will be due to God 
and what we create we create out of God. 

In Love, in trust and in the certitude that it will 
be fulfilled – in His Grace.

Jahn J Kassl 

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