20. Juni 2015


Healing due to God's Grace

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

The battle between the Light and darkness raged since the beginning 
of mankind. The representatives of the dark power want to secure 
the hegemony on this planet and for a long time it seemed that this 
plan has been crowned with success. Mankind has been imprisoned 
due to manipulations of body, and could not liberate itself nor cast 
off the yoke of darkness. 

This time of “human powerlessness” is over since Heaven 
has announced the planetary and cosmic change and since 
it is ongoing on earth! 

Today the high Light quality from All-That-Is, which flows to earth 
incessantly, serves so that individual human Beings can free 
themselves from the energetic connections to the Masters of 

This is a process, which for years continues with daily increasing 
intensity, until all designated human Beings find back to the reality 
of eternal Life, whereby they become aware of their origin and their 
light filled loving divine nature.
In order so that this process of awakening of individual human 
Beings as well as the collective may proceed, it is now necessary 
to dissolve all still active contracts and black magic initiations from 
the time of and after Atlantis. It is necessary to suspend and redeem 
the “dark heritage from Atlantis”, those black magic energies, which 
survived the downfall of Atlantis.
It is time to do this now on the next level, so that the divine 
Light may circulate entirely free and unhindered throughout 
your being.

Hour of Perfection 

Today, here and now do we want to direct our undivided 
attention toward this necessity, so that healings on the 
next deeper lying levels of your being may occur. Heaven 
provides another hour for the perfection of human Beings, 
whereby still existing bindings to the dark ones will be 
redeemed until God’s Light rules your hearts and until 
your Life is penetrated with God’s Love.

Today, here and now, we will remove further layers of darkness 
from human souls and we will free whatever blocks your heart 
love; until you become entirely receptive for unconditional Love, 
for the Christ Light in yourself, until your essence becomes 
permeable for the only reality of all Life: God’s omnipresent Love.

The dissolution and extinction of such dark initiations today form 
an important part of any healing. Without the total redemption of 
these circumstances on all levels of being any healing is incomplete. 

It is necessary to redeem all programming and contracts 
from all epochs of time entirely, if the whole being shall 
be flooded with the divine Light and be imbued in the 
divine Light. 

Then the path to enlightenment is free, and then the divine 
consciousness reveals itself to you in its almightiness and glory.

Continuation of Transformation 

Today’s healing, the redemption of black magic initiations from 
different epochs of you being human is therefore not a repetition 
of already redeemed issues, instead it means the continuation of 
healing on the next lower level. The presently beginning healings 
reach far back into your history of being human and capture foremost 
the time of Atlantis. The divine Light touches previously untouched 
levels of your being, so that they may heal; deep and still 
unredeemed aspects attain liberation.

Then, as many of you have taken up the dark inheritance, 
the dark influences began to condense from lifetime to lifetime. 
This was the desired development for mankind and it signified 
the descent of mankind into the Dark Age. It is an age, which 
today is over and whose irrevocable dissolution is ongoing. 

The wind has truly shifted and the return of the 
living Christ in your hearts is being fulfilled. 

It is time to set the next step in self-love. What has been 
promised knowingly or unknowingly, contracts and arrangements 
with the dark forces of this matrix, will today be dissolved in the 
full consciousness regarding the significance of this moment.

Key of Ankh 

In the second part of these “healings in God’s Grace” each 
human Being, who participates in this manifestation of the Light, 
will be given the light-filled and living energy of the “Ankh”. 

The “Key of Ankh” opens the gate to abundance and to Life. 

At the same time, today, here and now, all manipulative infringements, 
which occurred in the past due to the key of Ankh, will be dissolved and/
or extinguished in all human Beings, who participate in this manifestation 
of the Light and who are ready for these healings. The key of Ankh 
represents two poles and can give Life or take Life. And therefore
 many powers were enticed to control human Beings by means of 
this energy.
Today, here and now, these manipulative initiations are being 
extinguished and the pure energy of God’s Love vibration, in 
its appropriate frequency for each human Being, will be mediated 
and be admitted to one’s being. Connected with this light-filled 
initiation into the “Ankh energy” is another binding of human 
Beings to God’s abundance, a deeper understanding of immortality 
and an unconditional trust in All-That-Is. And also connected with 
it is the further activation of the Light body. 

Know that black magic infringements always had and 
have the goal to keep human Beings away from their 
divine reality.

Black Magic Baptism 

Giving an example here is the initiation of baptism in the 
Roman Catholic Church, which like no other ritual prolonged 
the enslavement of mankind in the recent history of mankind.

This baptism, whereby the priest paints the sign of the cross 
over the brow, throat and heart chakra, serves in order to close 
the third eye of the newborn, in order to silence human Beings 
(mouth) and in order to block the heart chakra, the seat of Christ 
consciousness and the freedom of “neutral” human Beings.
This symbol of death has been elevated to the symbol of eternal 
life and served the church in order to keep human Beings away 
from Life in this world and from eternal Life. False things were 
declared as right, dead as living, dark as light-filled, and thereby 
human Beings allowed an initiation, which affected the exact 
opposite of what was and still is being promised.

Such and similar rituals are part of the dark heritage from 
Atlantis and they can be found in different forms in many 
religions. Accordingly, the symbols were falsified or were 

The Healing 

Coming from Atlantis, we will redeem the next and underlying 
levels of this energetic structure from your being, which still 
reach until today. And it is simple as anything divine is 
always simple:

Say: I (say your name here)



The liberation of this black magic occurs now in all human 
Beings on the next lower level and is appropriately measured
for the individual. Yet some human Beings receive complete 
healing today, here and now. These human Beings go on 
and for all time walk on the path toward the Light.

It occurred. Accept it and celebrate your life.
Now you are ready to receive it. 


In the second step we now receive the, for many human 
Beings first, initiation into the light-filled and love-sending 
energy of the “Ankh”, the symbol of eternal Life and God’s 
abundance. Today, here and now, new accesses to abundance 
open up for all human Beings, who receive this initiation, and 
further levels of consciousness are accessed.

Negative or positive, good or evil, Light and darkness step 
back, what remains is the steady view of Life, as That-Is, 
inside as well as outside.

On the path to enlightenment it is necessary to overcome the 
polar perspective, to orient consciousness toward the overriding 
“neutral” view and to mature to the unmovable observer.

And this initiation is an important step in that direction, 
because before the polar world can be perceived as “nonpolar”, 
it is necessary for each human Being to experience the divine 
abundance and to quench one’s thirst from the inexhaustible 
Source of all Life.
It is necessary to put down a deep anchor of 
unconditional trust in God. 

Wherever good and evil, without denying it, is overcome, 
the condition of freedom occurs, and then human Beings 
are truly awakened. 

Each human Being, who participates in this manifestation of
the Light in his NOW time and is ready for it, receives this
initiation in a specific vibration intensity and Light frequency.

The Initiation 

Meaning, each human Being, according to his individual 
development, is touched by the divine Light – now.
And it is simple, as anything divine is simple:

I (say your name)



Beloved Ones! 

The process of uplifting of the world continues and 
can only be completed, as individual human Beings 
have uplifted themselves over their self-limitations. 

The change of the world continues and presupposes the 
transformation of human hearts. All healings and light-filled 
initiations of this time serve, in order to return you into your 
divine vibration, in order to let you partake of the All-That-Is 

And thereby it is initially necessary to remove all old structures 
in your being and to remove the dark contracts from time, until 
each individual human Being is in the position to free oneself from 
the prison of one’s own as well as foreign conditioning and until 
sufficient self-confidence and the steady binding to God has been 

Regarding all requirements in the ascension process, 
the complete healings of the energy bodies of a human 
entity today have the highest priority and are the most 
urgent necessity of these days. No global event, which 
may be so exalted or light-filled, can unfold the strength, 
which an individual human Being, who has attained 
enlightenment, can set free! 

Today therefore everything is subordinated to individual healings! 
The Light realms of All-That-Is has been sent to you, in order to 
provide energy, in order to accompany you, in order to navigate 
you through many under worlds, before you ascend and attain 
the victory of reaching the summit. Truly I say to you: 

The complete healing of a single human heart has a 
greater effect for the healing of the planet than any 
removal of unbearable conditions in this still unredeemed 
outer world.

Self-Healing remains essential! 

Therefore go there and provide sufficient strength and 
energy for your self-healing! This is what counts today 
and still counts until the end of time:

1) No longer engage in any compromises.
2) Look there, where you did not want to look before.
3) Touch what deemed untouchable for you so far.

4) Overcome any fear of metamorphosis.
5) Begin to celebrate successes of your transformation 
and begin to love further steps until your perfection.
6) Love the metamorphosis, love the new, and love the 
possibilities, which today are offered to you.
7) Do not say, it is enough, do not say, you have already 
done enough, do not say you are tired and you deserve a rest!
8) Rather say: Come now until I am perfected!
Take affect you divine power, take affect you divine 
Love – unconditionally within me and through me.
9) No longer let yourself be irritated due to daily affairs, 
do not let yourself be diverted from your light-filled path 
or be kept from your loving doings.
10) Recognize the darkness in you and around you,
and illumine it with your Light!
11) Know: You are Life, you are the way,
you are truth and you are Love.

With today’s healing you have scaled the next step of freedom 
as well have entered the next step of knowledge and: you were 
given power. What has occurred today, here and now, you will 
also continue to partake in it, as your heart is open for the Light 
and your being is unconditionally entrusted to God’s Grace. 

Human Beings having arrived in the flow of Life, 
devote themselves to God’s guidance and to their 
Light of Love. Go there, because you are reborn 
and from now on are being reborn in every instance. 

I am amongst you, from the beginning of time 
and until the end of all days. In Eternity.


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