16. Juni 2015


Message from the Light Reading on May 30th, 2015 in Vienna 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Labor Pains of the New Earth 

Beloved Ones! 

The powerful labor pains of the living Mother Earth 
have started! Nothing remains as it has been! 


I am amongst you and with a host of Light entities we carry 
out provident so that this planet will be released from the 
cocoon of space-time. The earth is under the care of Heaven, 
nothing can happen to you, you, who are most intimately 
connected with us. God’s trumpets sound, the trombones of 
Heaven announce the change and introduce the new age of Light. 
You can already perceive sounds at various locations from, out of 
and through Mother Earth; they are the first audible signs for the 
fact that something great, unimaginable and liberating paves its 
way to you.

The new Life, the new earth, and the new world are on its way 
to you and step-by-step it is now turned over to you. The sooner 
you leave the path of powerlessness and the sooner you walk the 
path of self-empowerment, the more visible, the more tangible 
and the more experiential this gift will become; the gift of a new 
mankind, which orients itself entirely toward the prime Source of
All-That-Is and puts God, the ALL-THAT-IS reality, into the center. 
God is the center of all Life and human Beings, who are ready for 
ascension, will experience this in the last days of the old mankind.

Actual Time Quality 

Let us now pay attention to the actual time quality in particular 
and to the further transformation steps of the individual.
The “spiral of discharges” continues to turn.
Transformation and change describe this time.
Extremely painful issues redeem in these days and 
bring forth new injuries, create new karma and further 

A whole world seems to get out of its center, out of its balance, 
and this appearance does not deceive you, because truly: Before 
this earth is put into the new position of All-That-Is and can anchor 
itself there, it will be liberated from all chains, which shackled her 
to the existing structures.

The dark burdens are taken off, dissolved and transformed. 
The hate of many ages finds salvation and those, who create 
new karmic loops, will experience their redemption at another 
point in time and will experience it in another world. Meaning, 
the great discharges continue and the climax still has not been 
Simultaneously Mother Earth begins to shake off all dark energies. 
Great movements of earth masses are already ongoing and will 
also be increasingly perceived on the earth surface. Meaning, 
the transformation of mankind occurs in harmony with the living 
planet and what the individual human Being, what the human
collective, redeems, will also be released into the Light for all 
times by Mother Earth. These processes aim toward a joint and 
simultaneously finalizing discharge, and this day is already 
registered in the “cosmic memory”.

This means for the actual phase of the ascension process that 
the point when mankind seems to extinguish itself, planetary 
and cosmic events occur, which bring a sudden end to this 
process. Then the ones are separated from the others, we 
will make an appearance at all locations of this earth and we 
will uplift you into the light-filled reality of the new dimension.

„Levitation Beam of Heaven“ 

We possess “transportation technologies”, which are truly 
from another world, which vibrate differently and feature other 
capabilities. In those last hours the “Levitation Beam of Heaven” 
will be omnipresent – at all locations of this earth, because no 
human Being will be forgotten and many human Beings receive 
a last opportunity for their choice.

God’s Grace works and reaches every human child and those, 
who are without fear, will cross the bridge between worlds and 
will take a place at God’s festive table, there, where we expect 

Therefore we, from the realms of Light, say to you:
“Do not be afraid!”, this does not describe your behavior of 
this time quality, instead it describes foremost this sacred 
hour of the last day, when you shall cast off any fear and 
shall ascend to us. Truly: Heaven knows its children and 
we recognize our siblings from the Light, who perform 
their service on earth.

Take Advantage of Time 

For every human Being it is necessary to make good use 
of the time until then. This one is valuable.
Prepare yourself, whereby you persistently continue to 
work on your own ability to love. Refine your being and 
mature to perfect creatures.

Even if the outer appearance forms give the picture of a world 
of hate, it is possible and it is required to create the “World of 
Love” within you. The internally realized Love vibration ensures 
that you heal and that human society is quickly freed of hate.

Transformation occurs, according to intensity and devotion 
of a human Being, quickly or slowly. Yet in each case human 
Beings reach their goal and at the end they reach the gate to
the Light. It is significant that you remain persistent and never 
slacken to bring Light into your being and Love into your heart. 
This is the way, this is the necessity, and this is the task of all 
light warriors of this end time: Ensure that your own house 
remains pure, so that you can ask God at any time to come in.
For many the process of uplifting goes on too slowly! I say to 
you: In the moment, when you will look back at the process 
of uplifting from the spiritual realms, you will perceive at 
what speed and in what dynamic this process occurred.

What for a child takes a long time for an adult retrospectively 
has passed quickly. The illusion of time creates in you a 
condition of waiting and expectation, taxes your patience 
and creates impatience. Go into meditation and you will see 
how everything around you dissolves. Also time.
If you succeed to keep this level in your day to day 
consciousness, then you have reached a condition of 
peace, which only a few know, because impatience 
creates unrest and inner peace is lacking.

For the upcoming time it means that you shall as before 
care for harmony and peace within you. More than ever, 
this is what counts today. 

Only Love can heal hate. Only due to empathy and 
due to forgiveness are the energetic structures of 
hate released from a being and all self experienced 
or injuries done to others can be healed. 

Here there is still much to do for many human Beings, 
because truly: The Kingdom of God must at first be 
established within you and if it is not within you, 
it is nowhere. 

God the Creator of all Life reveals himself to all human Beings, 
who are ready for it. And ready is, whoever has devoted his life 
to God and has fulfilled his assignments in this world in Love 
and humility.

The global transformation process continues, notwithstanding 
the individual transformation steps are set. With every day the 
Light vibration on earth increases and God’s Love vibration
spreads out in individual human hearts. At the same time 
with every new day, further discharges become visible.
The successful change of this earth requires only a small 
number of realized human Beings and this number has
already been reached. Therefore these already “final steps” 
of transformation can be set, whereby powerful energetic 
structures are liberated.

Mother Earth releases any dark energy and Mother Earth will 
be put back healed into divine order. And put pack will also be 
a human Being, who has chosen Love, has anchored the Light
and has realized peace within self!

Come under my roof, I love you!
Do not be afraid, because earth is under my care. 

…the World takes on the form of Love – in you. 

Trust your power and our omnipresence.

I love you

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The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound 
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