2. Juni 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones! 

Whoever recognizes the mote in the other’s eye, 
without seeing the beam in front of one’s eye, 
has still not stepped onto the steps of knowledge. 


Whereof does the spiritual path fail? What are the causes 
that only few human Beings rise above their lower self?

Lack in Trust and Hesitation 

As it is necessary to entirely devote yourself to a process, 
which requires this trust, devotion is only possible due to trust! 
If the mind, the great doubter, announces itself and if it is given 
great space, then the path to the Light can neither be continued 
or be completed. Trusting and being without doubt – 
who is capable of it? There are few, very, very few.

A-spiritual Mankind 

The overwhelming number of human Beings at today’s 
time is still a-spiritual. Meaning, many seekers on the 
path approach their redemption with old tools. Old tools are:
1.) mental recognition of all things,
2.) mental understanding of all things,
3.) mental capture of all things.

With these absolutely unsuitable means 
enlightenment can never be given, never.
Meaning: A truly spiritual human Being 
leaves everything up to his eternal and 
divine spirit – leaves everything up to God. 
This human Being knows that he receives everything
from HIM, that nothing exists without HIM and that 
everything is possible due to HIM. 
The path of spirituality is being entered as 
soon as the way of the mind has been left. 
Who understands this truth? It is those human Beings, 
who are already realized on a very high step; 
and there are only few of those.

Why is the knowledge of this fact of significance today?

Being able to distinguish Levels of Gurus 

It is so that you may distinguish the levels of the 
new Gurus – Master is not equal to Master!

It is significant to recognize a human Being due to his 
devotion, his trust in God and due to the significance, 
which the ego takes up in his life. This is the measure, 
whereby the actual spiritual progress of an entity can 
be read. Some human Beings have the ability to recognize 
every shadow in their fellow human Beings, yet without 
being aware of their own shadows. This is also a phenomenon 
of this powerful time of transformation. These human Beings 
encounter themselves in infinite reflections. 

A human Being, who recognizes every shadow in another 
human Being and thereby blends out his own shortcomings, 
will encounter these alien shadows as long until he connects 
the reflections with his own life. 

True devotion and deep trust in God go together with a new 
awareness of life, the sight to the outer loses in significance, 
the devotion to one’s own life attains highest priority.
Suddenly the beam in front of one’s own eye is being perceived 
and the mote in the eye of another is no longer worth a thought – 
too familiar are the flow of life and the course of human existence 
to such a human Being. The all-one interest remains to look at 
oneself in God’s mirror and to devote oneself entirely to God’s 
guidance. This is the condition of a realized one.
Nonetheless also unconscious human Beings can attain certain 
insights on the lower vibrating levels of All-That-Is, so that they 
perceive somewhere else what eludes them.
Meaning, a Master can act on a very low step of his master 
ship, and yet can possess some amazing knowledge about 
life and his students. Yet on this lower level these insights of 
the “Masters” are always utilized for their own benefit, because 
the ego dominates. On the other hand on a high level of master 
ship any knowledge about human Beings is applied for the
wellbeing and the development of the student, because these 
Masters shine due to their liberated divine Self and they have 
overcome their ego.
Today this is of great significance, because the old Gurus and 
the churches are disused, and seeking human Beings increasingly 
turn to the new Gurus. 

The longing for God, the desire for a home in God leads 
human Beings from place to place and leads human 
Beings from Master to Master. Thereby there is only one 
“technique”, in order to come to God and to affect God’s 
countenance: the absolute devotion to and the absolute 
trust in God. 

Who has attained this? Which Master is capable to guide human 
Beings there and which student is willing to be brought there?
It is very few.

„Seekers“, which do not want to find 

Therefore seekers search at the wrong place, therefore 
students find immature Masters, and therefore Gurus 
attract adepts into their life, which serve their imaginations 
instead of liberating them from their imaginations.
The circle of dramas never completes itself in this manner, 
neither for the Master nor for the students. New karma is 
created and new dependencies have been developed.
Therefore in this message I point to the fact that many of 
these Masters are themselves far away from the spiritual 
path, because they use their spiritual abilities for their own 
benefit in this world instead of applying these in harmony 
with the divine order.

The path to God becomes simple as soon as a human 
Being lets himself be totally absorbed by God.
Yet the simplicity of life or being absorbed by God is not 
in the interest of most human Beings. They love the complexity, 
the heaviness and the burden, in order to wring artificial benefit 
from their life and to give it impermanent value. 

Whoever complicates the simplicity and simplifies 
the multiplicity of a process, is certain of confusion. 

Therefore there are many seekers, who do not want to find, 
because finding means to complete the circle of life and to 
get out of this game.
Truly loving ones are rare, genuine seekers are a few and 
perfected Masters as well as unconditional students can 
only be found sporadically in this world.

Yet everything is being fulfilled! 

Nonetheless the world heals, nonetheless the process of 
transformation continues and nonetheless everything is 
being fulfilled, which has been announced to you. Why?
It is because more and more human Beings reach total lack 
of awareness on a low level of knowledge. This is conceivably 
also a merit of the esoteric movement, because the first impulses 
for awakening, the first flames of life – in between many half- 
and un-truths – changed a few souls and let a few hearts mend. 

Every attempt and all means, which bring a human Being 
back to his divine center and into his truth, has a beneficial 
effect for the whole process of uplifting. 

A few enlightened ones and many on their way towards it, 
is the key, which brings sufficient energy to this change.
On a lower vibrating level “spirituality” is experienced and 
lived differently. In these worlds knowledge and mental 
understanding precede spirituality. This is the step, 
where the first touch with the divine takes place.
Deeply reaching and powerful, changing any reality, this 
occurs not until you are on a very high level of self-realization 
and then, as any attachment to this world has been given up.
More and more human Beings open up to their possibilities of 
spiritual reality and it is important for you, who have progressed 
on the path of master ship, to distinguish these steps and to 
read human souls correctly. 

Trust ends the regency of the mind and
devotion ends the power of the ego. 

This is how you recognize human Beings, this is how 
you recognize the degree of master ship and this is how 
you recognize, which level and whom you deal with. 

Whoever has not reduced the strength of his ego, 
the power of his wishes and the demands of his mind
to a natural minimum extent, to him deeply reaching 
knowledge cannot be given, and to him the essence of 
knowledge will never be infused.

Humility is the Trailblazer 

The trailblazer, in order to step out of the old life – and step 
into the new being, is humility, foremost humility! Everything 
is possible if humility has been awakened! 

Humility is the awareness that all is given 
through God, out of God and from God. 

Nothing is possible without God, nothing is affected 
without God and God’s Grace becomes effective, 
as soon as a human Being has entirely committed 
himself to God. Thereby I summarize:
A.) It is necessary to distinguish Master and Master.
B.) It is necessary to recognize the character of 
transformation on the different levels.
C.) It is necessary to dive deeper and deeper into one’s own 
reality, until the beauty of the Creator has been seen and the 
beauty of the world fades – and foremost it is necessary:
D.) to liberate oneself from false images of one’s own degree 
of recognition, so that gained knowledge and still outstanding 
awareness work can be clearly distinguished from your day 
to day consciousness.
The degree of actual God realization is decisive and not 
the degree, which a human Being pretends to have realized.

Enlightened ones and true Masters have 
5 characteristics, the “quintessence of Masters”:
1.) Simplicity
2.) Peacefulness
3.) Trust in God
4.) Love for God
5.) Devotion to God

Recognize them and rejoice; they are amongst you.

I am the truthfulness on all levels of the pathway 
and you are entrusted to God’s Love – without exception.

In infinite Love

Way oft he Masters – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: 


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