15. Juni 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

To return into the Light and to enter into the world 
of Love! This is what is destined for mankind; this is 
what is ahead for all living entities of this earth. 

And so it occurs now, so that for the earth is fulfilled what has 
been a long time in waiting, and what is witnessed in mankind, 
what seemed unreachable until the last of all days: its 
transformation into the Light and the return of all entities who 
are ready to the all-loving reality in God.


The great final battles have begun! Everywhere in the world 
the injuries of the living Mother Earth show up and the hurts 
of human hearts. Epochs upon epochs are redeemed today, 
whereby unimaginable energies of darkness discharge.
Purifications of unbelievable intensity and healings, which 
were no longer expected, occur.
Suffering and pain are transformed and the empathy for all 
Life and a deep understanding about the trueness of all things 
occur. Whenever a human heart heals, inner knowledge spreads 
and a new and deep understanding of Life will be gained step by 

And while the energies of many times in this world discharge 
now, Love begins to prevail and the Light paves the way.
A time period cannot be more contradictory, because this 
mankind seems to return to darkness, but actually is on 
its way into the Light.

While the greatest upheavals very often bring with them such 
pain, the “World of Love” develops and while Mother Earth 
upends itself and human Beings act out the last fights, with 
themselves and with the outer world, Love grows in the hearts.
And while the world unravels, human Beings are set back into 
their divine center.

The divine plan fulfills itself and nothing and nobody can 
endanger this plan or destroy it, because truly: Light 
prevails over darkness and Love triumphs over hate – 
on all levels.

Remain persistent, remain in Love and be the Light, 
everything is being cared for, so do not worry!

God is with us, God is in us, and God acts through us. 
In Eternity.

In infinite Love

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