8. Juni 2015


Affirmation and Outlook 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

This message from the year 2011 (Bodhisattva: http://lichtweltverlag.blogspot.co.at/2015/06/bodhisattva-jesus-sananda_6.html is today and herewith affirmed! 
Fulfill your assignments on earth, each one where he stands, 
where Heaven has placed him and in a manner and with the 
talents, which he possesses.

Live your Assignments!

Great events occur in this time on earth, earth ascends into 
the lite dimension of All-That-Is; Love, Light and Grace awaits 
you; expectations, which begin to be fulfilled in these days.

It is even more significant that each human Being, who cooperates 
in the ascension plan, stands in his assignments today, lives and 
implements his assignments consistently today, goes on unerringly 
today, until everything is fulfilled for mankind and for yourself. 

The time of the great chain of events has come!
It is the time of change without repetitions, because 
mankind enters into the kingdom of Light and a whole 
world overcomes space-time. 

It is ongoing what has been prophesied for this world, what has 
been predestined for this mankind and what eons ago has been 
breathed into reality by yourselves, as you still acted as fully 
conscious Gods among fully conscious Gods.

God is the only reality, which acts on earth today, and in His 
omnipresent Love the slurry of all times appears, until it is 
redeemed and transforms into Light.

Darkness ceases to exist, Light is everywhere, God reveals 
himself to all human Beings and Heaven opens its billions 
of portals, where we expect you.

How much you are loved, how much you have accomplished!
I am amongst you.
I am the guardian of this mankind and the heart of hearts -

The infinite Love for all Life 

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