25. Juni 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Report: With respect to the message “The last 20 Minutes, 
Part I”, a day later another dream was again given to me with 
another indication of the number 20, whereby the 20, without 
me remembering any details of the dream, is continuously present 
and omnipresent. 

Beloved Ones,

The number 20, the number of divine Grace, of divine laws, 
and the 2 the number of the all-loving presence of the divine 
Mother, will be imprinted in mankind in these days.
Symbols herald what is upcoming, symbols, which are 
continuously transmitted to Mother Earth and to individual 
human Beings.

The upcoming salvation of mankind is heralded due to the 
sacred 20, and this occurs even before God’s trombones will 
sound on the whole earth.

Heaven opens 

The repeated indication to the number 20 shows that 
the closeness to “the event” increases.
The 2 as the number of the divine Mother also reveals 
that Mother Earth will be led back into oneness, the 0.
And this repeated dream picture points to another fact, 
that the time of justice has come and that Heaven opens 
for all of God’s children, who have entered unto the path 
of Light and have never left it.

Heal Your Innermost! 

The here unites with the beyond, this number also 
points to that and thereby it becomes obvious that the 
planetary ascension of Mother Earth and mankind into 
the Light comes closer and closer, even if on earth 
impatience spreads among human Beings.

Therefore you beloved Gods in human Gestalt:
1.) Lift yourself out of time whereby you
a.) go into timeless All-That-Is by meditating or
b.) due to the constant binding to the Source, 
continuously live in the timeless reality of the Source. 

Whoever waits today is surrounded with 
disappointments and can barely orient oneself 
toward the divine Light. Whoever remains with 
self today and constantly lets the Light come into 
one’s being, one’s attention will be oriented toward 
the most essential until the last of all days: toward 
the healings in your innermost. 

It is of significance to know that it occurs!

It is insignificant when it occurs.

Say goodbye to all space and timelines, whereby you 
give yourself to God’s timeless presence, until the Grace 
of salvation has captured the whole earth and all human 

Redeem yourself from the temporally conditioned 
patterns of salvation, liberate yourself from the prison 
of this world and you will be in Heaven – still today.

I am That, being amongst you,
I am the Way, the Truth and Life,


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