10. Juni 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

A man can impossibly sit on two horses or tauten two bows: 
Mt 6:24 (Jesus says): „No one can serve two masters. Either 
you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted
to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God 
and money.“ How to understand this?


Beloved Ones,

The path into the Light is predestined for every human Being 
and it is only a question of the right hour, when a human Being 
decides to enter onto the path of the Light and to lift his life out 
of darkness, in order to fulfill it in God’s Light. As soon as this 
occurs a human Being begins to unconditionally accept everything 
that is. Human Beings cease to hate the one and to love the other; 
also they no longer will frame anybody, because in the process of 
perfection they gradually discard all imaginations.
Human Beings begin to honor all Life and to accept all aspects 
of the Creator. Nothing will be dismissed, one begins to see, to 
understand and to recognize that everything is a living part of 
Creation, above as well as below, light as well as shadows, 
love and hate.

This access to one’s all-knowing consciousness slowly opens 
in an awakened human Being, because it is one thing to rebuff 
darkness and evil and it is an entirely different thing to respect 
this reality and to accept it in love, in order to dissolve it in this 
love, no matter how much effort it may require.
Such a human Being rebuffs the “lords of darkness”, yet recognizes 
their existence as reality, as a reality, wherefrom a light warrior 
can no longer be reached or captured at the end of time.

Wholly accepting Life 

The words from Jesus state, to accept life in its totality, 
and not to deny any side of the medal, to decline nothing, 
even if it is rejected, not to deny anything, also if the dark 
lords are never invited into the house.

This is the way in order to overcome the polar world and 
in order to become one with All-That-Is. This is the path 
whereupon life is experienced in its totality.

The possibility of a choice only means that on a certain 
level of life Light or darkness will be rejected, in order to 
gain certain experiences, yet on a higher level of consciousness, 
all is one – one in God. 

It is a question of consciousness, as far as a human Being 
in this seeming contradiction withdraws from the dark on 
the one hand, and yet accepts it on the other hand, 
recognizing its All-That-Is reality. 

Widen your consciousness for this truth, because at the end 
of time all opposites are suspended and all contradictions 
cease to exist.  

I am amongst you, at all times and in Eternity.
I am the servant of all Life.


The Biography of Jesus, Part I (digital) – JAHN J KASSL: 

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