12. Juni 2015


Demand for the Disclosure of the discussed 
Topics and Decisions of the 63rd Bilderberg 
Conference in Tirol.

Demand to the President of the Republic of Austria 

 from Jahn J Kassl 
translated by Franz

Honored Mister President Dr. Heinz Fischer!

In these hours you have the dubious honor to be able to 
personally participate in the Bilderberg Conference. Since 
the days of Kreisky, it is said of you that you like to make 
the most important decision while sitting on the toilet.
You will not get into this awkward situation with the 
Bilderbergers, because what is being discussed and 
decided there is entirely withdrawn from the public
eye – and this for decades.

From a democratic perspective it is an audacity that as an 
elected President of the Republic of Austria you participate 
and until today are completely silent toward the citizenry, 
just as if this meeting does not really occur or that you 
yourself are not there.

If I consider how the government machinery jumps around 
the citizens, how we are being eavesdropped and almost 
completely surveyed, it is frivolous how the global elite
protects itself from the citizens and at the expense of the
citizens with walls, fences, helicopters, soldiers and the police.
And you Mister President, otherwise vernacular and gregarious, 
you are not only participating, but in the middle of it. 

»Whoever is not up to anything also has 
nothing to hide«, is being said in connection 
with our surveillance!

Therefore the conclusion is close that you and your friends, 
from mass murderer Henry Kissinger down, are up to very 
much and have a lot to hide from us.

For this reason I demand from you that 
after your return from Tirol, you give 
us information about the meeting of 
the Bilderberger and about the actually 
discussed topics and decisions.

Which egg does the global elite really hatch in these 
hours in the eagle nest Interalpen Hotel Tyrol?

I am convinced that many people – and not only 
in Austria – have a great interest in this.
And foremost: People have a right to know!
Any other behavior is unbearable in a 
democracy and is unworthy of a President.

If we do not hear anything from you in the coming 
days, I must surmise that you are again sitting on 
the toilet.

Respectfully Yours

Jahn J Kassl 

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