3. Oktober 2014


Conversation with Babaji

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz

Beloved Jahn,
You have a question:

JJK: Yes, Georgi interprets the message “Great Brother” such that 
he will ascend in Munich with the PAT team; meaning “transfigured 
and heaved”. I see that this message testifies to that, yet from my 
viewpoint there are also other options probable. What is it really?

BABAJI: It is important to understand that Georgi’s presence 
in Europe concludes all still to be done ascension tasks. 

Georgi and the PAT 
After that all energetic requirements for the ascending ones are 
fulfilled, because due to the individual pain experience, which 
Georgi had agreed to, collective pain patterns have been released 
and are forever being dispelled from this world. So far this is known 
and today this process is ongoing to the fullest extent.

This surgery fulfilled exactly the meaning to dissolve 
collective suffering and to remove it from this level forever. 
Once this process is finished, the path is free for further 
individual ascensions.

Regarding Georgi’s assignments it should be mentioned that 
they are continually adapted to the requirements of the planetary 
ascension. This also explains that some fixed ascension days 
stayed away and caused great displeasure. This also applies to 
some light warriors of the first and last hours. These are decisions, 
which are constantly made in the All-That-Is-Consciousness and some ascensions therefore were repeatedly delayed, because it was 
expressively arranged such from the all-knowing consciousness and 
the level of omniscience. 
Thereby the humanly limited consciousness is always faced with an 
enormous challenge; and deep divine devotion, the deep trust in God 
are for those high souls, which experience this, the necessary 
navigators for this section of their days on earth and in this world. 

The extent of your Love for this world 
and for this mankind is truly unlimited. 
You are the ones, who bestow “unconditional 
love” for all Life to new glory. 

In short: After the process in Munich is 
completed in divine perfection, everything is possible.

JJK: Meaning, Georgi’s ascension does not necessarily occur in Munich?

BABAJI: The unique work of Georgi and of Carla, the essence of the 
Divine in form and image, consists primarily in the fact that they 
liberate this world from all sluggish energies on all and due to all 
levels of their Being. The intensity of this process is enormous and 
can only be carried on for a certain amount of time. And therefore 
the completion of these assignments is certain and very close.

Munich completes one process and a new one begins. It is open 
which new assignments Georgi will be choose and in what manner.

A choice, which is always made in absolute agreement with the 
All-That-Is-Consciousness, with the All-That-Is-Knowledge of a Being. 

Decisions on the level of realization are always 
made out of full divine consciousness, and those 
are never subject to earthly facts. 

Even though facts affect the decision, they never determine it.

JJK: Will all PAT-Members also follow Georgi’s tracks, 
as soon as he transfigured? 

BABAJI: Those, who are destined for it, yes. Others on the other 
hand have different assignments and foremost also different stages 
of awareness. Not all have recognized and many follow Georgi blindly 
rather than consciously. It is necessary to know this. Therefore the 
hour of ascension is a unique moment for every human Being and 
always occurs in absolute agreement between Heaven and earth. 
You know that.

The Agarthans 
JJK: What role do the Agarthans play with all these processes? 

BABAJI: They hold the world together! This is the best description. 
In every respect. In cooperation with the Universal Fleet of Light, 
it is the Agarthans who from inner earth care for upper earth. 
For a long time this mankind is in the care of the Agarthans 
and it remains such until the last of all days. Thereby it is mostly 
about the fact that the destruction of the planet and of all life is 
being prevented. The Agarthans stifle several dark deeds of the 
actual enraged forces, which see that their game has come to an 
end. Thereby all processes of transformation are given enough 
time and space, so that they can also be fulfilled. 

Once the point of global upheaval has been reached, 
geopolitical, planetary and cosmic events occur nearly 
simultaneously. In a very short timespan, everything is different! 

Yet until then it seems that the changes are few and far between
or some even surmise that everything remains the same. 
This is an illusion, which accompanies you to the end.

JJK: Meaning, regarding the timing of the ascension of individual 
human Beings and the world, there is still time to be allowed for?

BABAJI: Yes, because time is the greatest of all illusions. 
Once this is overcome, then a Being is truly free. It is certain, 
after this great suffering has been lifted from human Beings, the 
path toward ascension of many beings will be free and a new quality, 
lightness and Light will reach this world, before it uplifts. Thereby 
we end our conversation.  

What has been proclaimed occurs. 
Who understands this truth far from space and time is free 
and has arrived, in the Light, in God, in the Now. 

I am with and in the world.
I am with and in human Beings.
I am the All-That-Is.


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