4. Oktober 2014


Publication from the 
new Book by Jahn J Kassl: 
Telos - Welcome to Agartha 

This is an excerpt from Chapter 4:

Life Artery of Ascension 

I welcome you to today’s gathering in the divine 
Light and in the All-that-Is consciousness! 

A great process takes its course and a new 
wind blows over the surface of the Earth. 

All is subjected to great changes; and the old system, the structures 
of the world, as it has been until now, breaks apart. Nothing can 
oppose these natural processes whereby conditions reshape or 
enter into a new form of Being.  

The wheel of time also comes to a halt on the surface of 
the earth and so worlds merge and galaxies flow together 
into new covenants.

The Enlightened Ones of Telos
Today I talk to you about the tasks for this ascension process, 
which were taken over by the citizens of Telos; and the steadfastness 
that is characteristic of us. I speak of deep empathy that always 
surrounds us; a fine quality of light and love.
The city of Telos, my home city, is, in physical form, anchored 
under and around the sacred mountain Mount Shasta and in a subtle 
form rises from this location into this world and far into the cosmos. 
Telos has 1,5 million inhabitants and is besides Agartha, the capital 
city of our nation, and besides Shamballa, the spiritual center and 
the home of the King of the World, SANAT KUMARA, one of the 
largest cities of inner earth.

The Beings of this city have fundamentally a stature of 2,40 to 
2,80 meters. As we show up on the surface of the earth or appear 
to human Beings, we like to adjust our frame to the one of human 
Beings on the surface, so that an encounter is more easily facilitated 
on «eye level». The enlightened Beings of Telos have very lite almost 
translucent skin and eyes, which bring forth an inner radiance, a 
brilliance, which would appear as «unnatural» to human Beings on 
the surface and a human Being could rarely withstand it.

As with all Agarthans, one can obviously recognize the universal 
dignity and the empathy of an awakened divine Being and no being, 
may it even have the darkest intentions, can withdraw from this 
presence forever.

The citizens of Telos for the most part are represented by Beings 
from the sunken continent of Lemuria and as such we, as generations 
before us, have taken on the responsibility to remain in these etheric
realms until the transformation on the surface of the earth and the 
ascension of Mankind are completed. Everything has been aligned 
in that direction during the last 20,000 years, especially during the 
last 12,000 years of our calendar and since the downfall of Lemuria. 
So in these days, also for us, a very long time of preparations comes 
to an end. 
Therefore Telos forms the center, the life artery of transformation
and we are the driving force for the reversal of human Beings on 
the surface of the Earth and their return to God. 
Today in Telos everything is dedicated to the arrival of our earth 
siblings. All homes are ready for occupation and wait to be claimed 
by you. 

Emissaries from Telos to Kings and Presidents
Until this timeline, whereon we find ourselves today, we have tried 
everything to include the leaders of upper earth in the events of the 
upcoming universal, galactic and planetary transformation and to attune
them to it. For that purpose we sent emissaries from Agartha, once a 
decade over a long period, to the surface of the earth since the downfall 
of Atlantis. With the goal to solicit the actual leaders for a change to let 
them participate in the specific planetary developments, and thereby
create a need for truth that would bring a change in politics... 


translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb 

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