4. Oktober 2014


Commentary regarding the actual secretiveness 
of the Western media and Politicians with respect 
to the mass graves in the Eastern Ukraine. 

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

„According to Russian sources a mass grave with more than 400 dead 
has been found near the city of Donezk. Russian Foreign Minister 
Sergeij Lawrow reported this to the Russian newspaper Ria Novosti. 
It obviously deals with the horrible proof for a war crime, says Lawrow. 
At the same time he criticizes the Western media, which did not report 
the finding. Already last week several mass graves roughly 35 kilometers 
from Donezk were excavated. Lawrow said, he now expects a “clear, 
responsible answer from international organizations – without prejudice”. 
The organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSZE) is 
already on location.” (Source: Zeit-Online, 10/1/2014) 

Besides such short reports, this horrible finding, which is clearly 
in the territory of the Ukrainian armed forces, is held in secrecy or is 
downplayed in the Western mass media. Keeping the ball low is the 
motto, so that nobody gets the idea that these crimes have a direct 
connection with the Putsch regime in Kiev.

Just imagine, what would happen media wise and politically, 
if there would be the slightest suspicion that Russia is connected 
with these crimes?

The Nazi-Junta in Kiev on the other hand, no matter 
what crime it commits, is still courted by the Western politicians.
Just now the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann returned from a 
visit with President Pjotr Poroschenko. And Viktor Juschtschenko
Ex-President of the Ukraine (2005-2010) "a single country cannot 
deal with the Russian threat”, paid a visit to Vienna together with 
the Mayor of Kiev, advanced “Maidan Hero” and proponent of building 
a wall Vitali Klitschko. Thereby the honorable intentions found an ear 
in Vienna and corresponding resonance in the Western media.

Only about the genocide of the Kiev-Junta, 
fully according to the NWO script “to deal with Russia”, 
there is total silence. Therefore everything is like always:

1.) Maidan-Putsch and massacre? Did not exist!
2.) Flight MH 17! Was there something?
3.) Aids convoy from Russia to the Ukraine! Lumpish 
invasion attempt by Putin.

Conclusion: What could unmask Kiev, 
is reinterpreted by the Western media and 
the Western politicians or is swiped under the 
carpet, and foremost at any possible opportunity, 
Putin is blamed for it. Media write and politicians 
sell it: The lies.

The Western propaganda machinery runs, as it seems, 
like oiled, however with a blemish: The leading media are 
losing readers and the politicians are losing voters!   
Nonetheless these elites continue everything in a fatal manner
just like ever and the liars believe their own lies long ago. 
They must, because it is necessary to push the NWO agenda, 
which all of them have bought into. And Russia stands in its way – still!

And from my point of view it will remain like that for a long time! 
The US-NATO alliance would not be the first one to break and go 
down because of the will of the Russian population and the political 
and (if necessary) military finesse of Russian politics. Pride always 
comes before the fall, and in this area the USA, EU and NATO 
have truly opened a new dimension!

While reality is held in secret by these elites, 
it appears even more massively.

Die “Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten” reported on 9/26/2014: 
„A speaker of the OSZE (Special Monitoring Mission – SMM)) in 
the Ukraine confirmed to “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten” 
the existence of such graves. The speaker said that the rebel 
forces led the OSZE to the unmarked graves. Thereupon the 
staff went to the designated places (…)
Close to the village border the SMM discovered a pile of earth, 
similar to a grave. In the earth there was a sign with the five 
names of the dead bodies, written in Russian, and the date of 
death: 8/27/2014. On the other side it said: „Died for Putin’s lies”. 
(…) The interim government in Kiev, supported by the EU, so far has 
not reacted to the report of the OSZE. The government has at no 
time moved into position regarding the right-wing radical groups, 
because these are an important military support for the regular 
Ukrainian army.” 

No reaction is also a reaction!  Even more so,  
"no reaction" is a "statement" from OSZE and Kiev, 
how clearer and more revealing it couldn't be! 

„One person waits until time changes, the other tackles it and acts.” 
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Writer and Philosopher

What can be done, what can everyone of us do, 
so that this diabolic elite sooner and not later will 
face the fate, which they are holding ready for us?

Boycott them!
Boycott the MM-Media and boycott every election!
Why and how long do we still want to read lies and 
elect mendacious politicians?

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

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