15. Oktober 2014

The Lie Machine - Paul Craig Roberts


The West is a “gigantic lie machine”! 
This is how Dr. Paul Craig Roberts describes the USA 
and the EU in his actual article, considering the presently 
negotiated TTIP treaty.

Once again he is right on the button. We are being lied to 
like it could not be any bolder. By whom? By our political elite.

Let us always be aware of this! As soon as a political party obtains 
power, the great lies begin, the deception of the voters and the 
common cause with the elite in power. Europe’s Greens are a good 
example for this. Wrynecks altogether.

And it is good if we remember this at the next election
and raise our voice instead of burying it in the ballot box.
A new political and societal system, with new and truthful
human Beings is the command of time. 
And this system, with suitable human Beings for it, is already in 
sight, if you look carefully, which increases the nervousness of 
the ruling class. Therefore they grab to brutal methods and as long 
as possible, facts are created.

TTIP is an example for it, which has been repeatedly treated by 
me and now also by Paul Craig Roberts, in its true energy and 
criminal orientation.

Let us defend ourselves with all available means! 
It is about our freedom and about our life and 
foremost about the future of our children and 
future generations. 

The USA and the EU want the whole power and are in the 
process of establishing a corporate dictatorship: The New 
World Order (NWO), wherein nothing will no longer be in 
order for us human Beings.

Let us defend ourselves, as long as there is still time, because:  
“Who wants that the world remains as is, does not want that it 
stays like it is.” Erich Fried (1921-1988), Austrian Lyric and anti-fascist. 

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

The Lie Machine
by Paul Craig Roberts

I have come to the conclusion that the West is a vast lie machine 
for the secret agendas of vested interests. Consider, for example, 
the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the 
Transpacific Trade and Investment Partnership.

These so-called “partnerships” are in fact vehicles by which US 
corporations make themselves immune to the sovereign laws of
foreign countries in which they do business. A sovereign country that 
attempts to enforce its laws against an American corporation can be 
sued by the corporation for “restraint of trade.” For example, if 
Monsanto wants to sell GMO seeds in France or US corporations 
wish to sell genetically-modified foods in France, and France enforces 
its laws against GMOs, the Transatlantic Trade Partnership allows 
France to be sued in jurisdictions outside the courts of France for 
“restraint of trade.” In other words, preventing the entry into France 
of a prohibited product constitutes restraint of trade.

This is the reason that the US has insisted that the Transatlantic 
and Transpacific Partnerships be totally secretive and negotiated 
outside the democratic process. Not even the US Congress has 
been permitted knowledge of the negotiations.

Obviously, the Europeans and Asians who are agreeing with the terms 
of these “partnerships” are the bought-and-paid-for agents of the US corporations. If the partnerships go through, the only law in Europe and 
Asia will be US law. The European and Asian government officials who 
agree to the hegemony of US corporations over the laws of their countries 
will be so handsomely paid that they could enter the realm of the One Percent.

It is interesting to compare the BBC’s coverage (October 10) with that 
of RT (October 11). The BBC reports that the aim of the Transatlantic Partnership is to remove “barriers to bilateral commerce” and to stimulate 
more trade and investment, economic growth and employment. 
The BBC does not report that the removal of barriers includes 
barriers against GMO products.
Everyone knows that the European Commission is corrupt. 
Who would be surprised if its members hope to be enriched by 
the American corporations? Little wonder the European Commission 
declared that concerns that the Transatlantic partnership would 
impact the sovereignty of countries is misplaced. 

RT, which is restrained in reporting truth because it operates 
inside the US, still manages to come to the point in its headline: 
“No TTIP: Mass protests slam US-EU trade deal as ‘Corporate power 
grab’.” All over Europe people are in the streets in mass rallies against 
secret agreements by their corrupt governments for Washington to take 
over their lives and businesses. RT reports that “social networks have 
been mobilized for a mass campaign that has been calling on Europeans 
and Americans to take action against ‘the biggest corporate power 
grab in a decade’.”

RT quotes a leader of the demonstration in Berlin who says the secret agreements “give corporations more rights they’ve ever had in history.” 
As we all know, corporations already have too many rights.
“Protests are planned in 22 countries across Europe–marches, 
rallies and other public events–in over 1,000 locations in UK, 
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, 
The Czech Republic and Scandinavian countries.”

Did you hear about this latest American corporate power grab 
from Fox “News,” CNN, New York Times, London Times, ABC? 
Of course not. Did you hear about the massive protests against it? 
Of course not. You only hear what the interest groups permit you to hear.

RT reports that the main aim of the international protests is “to reclaim democracy” and to put an end to the secret deals that are destroying life 
for everyone but the American corporations, organizations now regarded worldwide as the epitome of evil.

These phony “trade agreements” are 
advocated as “free trade removal of tariffs,” 
but what they remove are the sovereignties  
of countries. 

America is already ruled by corporations. If these faux “trade 
agreements” go through, Europe and Asia will also be ruled by 
American corporations. 

Originally published on: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org
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