13. Oktober 2014


Leadership Claim of the 
USA is a great Epidemic! 

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

„Today there is a great epidemic – and it is the USA and their claim 
for leadership. They utilize the Ukraine and other countries only as a
pretext in order to furthermore pursue supremacy. The world stands 
at the abyss of a great catastrophe.” Michail Sergejewitsch
Gorbachev (Kronen Zeitung, 10/12/2014)

The last President of the USSR (1990-1991) and the “father
of German reunification” chose these words in a radio interview. 
Gorbachev has recognized late whom the „Prerestrojka“ was owed to. 
"We are a strong Nation (...) and we have something to say.", says
Gorbachev today and accuses the USA to provoke a “new cold war” 
with their behavior.

Gorbachev errs in this respect, because the USA and NATO have 
something else in mind, namely: a “hot war”; the propaganda 
for that has already started long ago!

Yet with this statement the former President of the Soviet Union 
gambles away his good reputation in the West and he ends the 
snuggle-course with the scoundrels in Washington and Brussels. 
And for that it has been highest time!
To be in alliance with the West means, to endorse death and 
destruction, means to okay war and means to lift the lie to truth.

It is evidence for the incapacity of any politician, 
to call Obama and Co your friends or have to, 
because who surrenders to the dumb heads in Washington and to 
the psychopaths in Brussels, has no longer a need for enemies. 

In the meantime the 83 year-old Gorbachev has 
recognized this! May ever more human Beings partake 
in this insight, and foremost sooner than later. 

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

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