10. Oktober 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

The “way of the middle” 
does not take you anywhere! 
There is only one way, the way of Love!

And this way is always a radical way, 
requires radical decisions and courage to 
turn away from evil that lurks 
everywhere on this experience level.

The “way of the middle” is completely 
misunderstood. It means not to look passively 
at the goings-on in this world, instead to bring 
an end to these goings-on from one’s center 
as a loving Being! With truth and Love.
Fallacies are so widely distributed among 
humanity, as the religions are, which were 
solely created in order to keep you away from 
your inner core, from the truth inside 
of you and foremost from the immediate 
recognition of God.


Spiritual Truth of End Time, Part I – SANANDA: 

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