31. Oktober 2014


and Member of the Bankster Club:
Josef Ackermann, 66  

written by Jahn J Kassl 
translated by Franz

A Sketch 

„World Banker“ Josef Ackermann (from 2002-2012 Head of 
Deutsche Bank) grants us in an actual interview (Format Nr. 43, 
October 24th 2014) insight into his cynical thought process. 

Arrogant and despairing of human Beings, the bankster discharges 
his “wisdoms” and dictates them to the journalists for writing. 
Here some pieces of gusto:

About the Vehemence of the Financial Crisis: 
„…that it then has such a radical effect and leads so 
quickly to the collapse – I did not predict this.” 
This means, a less “radical” and a somewhat later beginning 
“collapse” was indeed predicted or planned? Ackermann buffs 
himself and trusts in the stupidity of human Beings, otherwise 
this statement of a proponent bankster cannot be explained. 
Because who knew the risks and the side effects of this financial 
policy, the reckless speculation with the wealth of the Nation 
better than Ackermann?

Regarding the ECB-Bank-Stress-Test: 
„…Financial institutes have become more stable.“ 
Is simply wrong or lied.

About Competition: 
„…My fear is that the European banks lose in global competitiveness. 
J.P. Morgan just made 5.6 billion Dollars in profit in the last quarter. 
There is almost no European bank making this much in a year. “ 
Ackermann obviously still believes in unlimited growth and that 
the profits were honestly earned and not that they are only 
based on a capital crime.

About Repayment of Debt: 
„All responsible ones … must together care for 
an orderly repayment of debt.“ 
In this case I would like to know better Mr. Ackermann’s recipe. 
How for instance and until when could the USA repay their actual 
debt of 18 trillion Dollars (with increasing tendency), which comes 
to 56,000 Dollars per inhabitant?
How can Countries like Germany, Italy or France, all with more 
than 2 trillion Euros in debt (increasing by 1556 Euros in every 
second) repay their debt?
How can debtors like Spain with over one trillion Euros or the 
relatively small Austria with a debt of more than 280 billion 
Euros, which is 37,000 Euro per head, repay?

Regarding social Justice: 
„…As long as social advancement is possible for all, 
then I do not find that the social fabric is in jeopardy.” 
Please explain this to a family, which due to your measures 
have lost their home during the mortgage crisis and which due 
to the work with their own hands and totally according to your 
philosophy, has “seriously tried” to retain it? Visit the like mushrooms 
growing tent cities in the USA and explain to these social relegates 
something about “social advancement”. These people only wait to get 
to know your face and the ones like you, and I bet, you would not 
survive it.
What do you say to 46 million US Americans, who are dependent 
on daily government soup kitchens or the millions of young people 
without a job in Greece and Spain, whose fate is due to the global 
corporate power and to banksters like you?   

Visit the garbage children in Manila, Ghana, Calcutta or Karachi, 
Mister Ackermann, and present to them your cynical theory about 
“equal chances”. I bet you would also not survive this.
Of “equal chance” are according to your opinion obviously also 
the 1 billion human Beings, who are suffering from acute poverty 
and hunger daily, or the over 17,000 children under 10, which die 
daily from a very painful hunger death! Does it come any more 
corruptly or with more disdain of human Beings? 

Ackermann. A Bankster of the worst kind. 
Squinting for unlimited profits and growth (still!) he 
proclaims the myth of “equal chances” certainly for only those, 
who “seriously try” – whatever this also may mean in reality 
according to Ackermann diction. 

Certainly the bandits in the banks and hedge funds, 
who speculate at the commodity exchanges with agriculture 
products and drive up the prices, count as perpetrators. 
Therefore 1.25 billion human Beings, who have to live on 
1.5 Dollars per day, cannot afford enough food. These 
speculators are mass murderers.” Jean Ziegler (“I am so radical, 
because I know the victims.”  Tagesspiegel online, 1/7/2013)

Honored Reader,
This is the stuff from which the next crisis is knitted, 
because banksters, who tick like Ackermann, are plenty 
of them – yes, the system lives from exactly these kind of 

In summary about the „European Banker of the Year 2009“: 
Nothing learned from the crisis, otherwise Ackermann would find 
that the 5.6 billion quarterly profit of J.P. Morgan is frivolous and 
not tell human Beings, instead of declaring it as a sign of success. 

A Face of Hubris: Josef Ackermann, 66(6). 

This short sketch, a profile, which Ackermann has exposed about 
himself, serves so that we may liberate ourselves from all illusions 
that the dark elite had even rudimentarily understood what we are 
truly dealing with today and what the condition of human society 
really is.

Totally lifted off and fancifully these gangsters reside
in their homes in the clouds, until they are confronted with 
reality. It is a perverse passion, with which the Ackermann’s in 
this world hasten to meet the abyss, which they held ready for us.

Like spoiled children, they arbitrarily turn the screws of the world 
and seem astonished, when the game slips away from them. 
Irresponsible, self-serving, ruthless, criminal and exalted over
any suspicion of having a functioning conscience, the banksters 
lift themselves above profane humanity and smile certain of victory 
and dull into the faces of human Beings (still!).
Themselves being in free fall long ago, they pretend as if the 
world would be in worse shape than without their crimes and 
as if mankind would be poorer without their exploitation.

History repeats itself, it is surmised!
Today this is a point-blank false assumption, 
because history is not only written today, but is 
surpassed in all areas of past human civilization.  

Never before were downfall and failure of 
a system so absolute and never before are 
the possibilities for a healthy transformation 
so great. 

This is a turning point of epic dimensions.
The events are happening right now and in the middle of
this turning point in time, the Ackermann’s in this world display 
the Emperor’s new clothes for the amusement of the people. 
This is a comedy, which could not be any more comical, but 
unfortunately also not more dramatic and painful and the curtain 
of which is falling in these days. 

What can we do? 
To see it, not to evade the facts, 
instead calling it by name.
Why is it so significant?
So that the bold-faced lies no longer bear fruit with us, 
and so that we no longer have illusions about the 
consequences of this policy.

Meaning: It is necessary to look toward a radical 
end and a wonderful new beginning, the awakening.
Because far from all geo-political developments today only 
one thing counts: the fact that a planetary and galactic 
transformation is taking place.

Transformation and ascension of a world, 
and bankers like Ackermann, as the bank 
system in total, will be left far behind us.
This is the outlook and a fact! Yet until then it 
is still necessary to work off this level and to call 
things by name. Therefore

To all Banksters in this World: 
Your game is over! And it is entirely 
insignificant if this fact has already 
gone over to each one of you! 

The coming days, weeks and months will prove it.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

“Banks are Crisis-Resistant!“– JJK: 

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