2. Oktober 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Reader, 

During my review of all published messages, 
I noticed that I still have not published in the Lichtwelt portal 
the following personal message from Babaji for Georg (Dr. Georgi Stankov), which was already transmitted to me on July 30th 2014, on the occasion of 
his stay in Munich, mainly for his surgery. Initially I did not see any reason 
to make this “personal message” public. Yet after Georg has already
published this message on July 30th 2014:
I find it very appropriate today, to subsequently also publish this 
valuable and foremost timeless message for our readers together
with the following message “Actual Ascension Potentials”.

The special value of both messages and the here described 
events of July/August 2014 lies, from my viewpoint, in the following, that:
a.) it is precisely pinpointed that we indeed come closer and closer 
to our transfiguration, and
b.) how complex this ascension process is, 
whereby it is revealed to us layer by layer.

Thereby we are encouraged to overcome the concept of time 
and it is very helpful to internalize the concept of “Now”. 
Simply thereby we not only can bear the waiting and expectation in 
space-time, instead replace it with an inner certitude, which 
cannot be shaken by anything.
And this inner certitude is needed now from all and foremost!

As a “flashback” and as a renewed “inculcation” for the current time 
quality, this message is published here, since then having been 
followed by many messages.

With God’s Blessings and in Love

Jahn J Kassl

Ps.: Tomorrow the message “Actual Ascension Potentials” 
will be published here at this site. 

Big Brother 
Message by Babaji

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Georgi Stankov 

The events are unstoppable, the great light manifests itself
in this world after the darkness has been defeated and discharged. 


Ascension and Transfiguration 
Every step, every little detail in the processes that concern Georgi’s 
travel and sojourn in Europe is accompanied by me. Nothing escapes 
my attention, so that everything can unfold for the benefit of all.

The revelations, which affect the whole humanity, which will go hand 

in hand with the surgical procedure, have validity and will develop their 
power at the moment, at which heaven and Georgi themselves decide 
as to how the further course of their mission should be arranged.

This shall occur at this time and in the Munich area and this will 

transfigure not only Georgi, but all the Light Warriors of the first 
and last days.

Certainty, deep faith in God and the transformation of the last 

personal topics are the feature before the majesty of a Creator 
God occurs at all levels.

The heavy burden of the global ascension will be taken 

from you, and you will be bestowed with the light wings of a 
Creator God, with which you shall rise into the light.

No stone will be left unturned, no one will recognize this world 

anymore after the great purification is completed. The few who 
know today what is shown here, will give this new world the divine 
impulses, so that it will become for thousands of years  the homeland 
for many great souls, who will complete the final step into the light.

This is the affirmation of the already announced, this is the further 

revelation of the things as they are, how they come and how they 
occur in the Now.

Big Brother: You have already ascended!

Know it, internalize it, live it. Now you are given the wings 

to experience this ascension at all your levels.

In eternity, 
I am Babaji

The most vigilant companion, 
the most knowledgeable leader,
the all-loving God, who will rapture humanity 

over the threshold of light into eternal life.


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