31. Oktober 2014


The one, who deposits 500,000 Euros, must pay.
First German Bank charges negative interest.

Erfurt: The interest rates fall everywhere – with a German Bank, 
savers must now even pay for depositing their money. Die Skatbank 
Altenburger Land charges for deposits of more than 500,000 Euros 
0.25 percent negative interest starting at November 1st 2014. (…) 
The bank justifies this step due to the interest rate policy of the 
European Central Bank.” (Kronen Zeitung, 10/31/2014)

Commentary JJK:
Remains to be seen, how long the good and foremost STUPID 
“savers” will still tolerate this and when they will finally pull 
themselves together to dissolve their savings account, no matter 
what amount. And entirely free of illusions: This dispossession of 
human Beings, will also reach much smaller amounts of savings. 

Why is this audacity of a bank and 
of banks in general even possible? 
Because we still allow it! 

Because I bet, if on Monday the 3rd of November all savers 
dissolve their savings accounts with the Skatbank Altenburger Land, 
 this bank will be insolvent before the office closes. It would happen 
similarly with other banks, as human Beings would finally understand 
that the banksters exploit them just like a Christmas goose.
It would be truly worth a try.

This is without a doubt a unique gift, 
which this German bank has given their savers on 
World Savings Day 2014 (more accurately world exploitation 
day, when the paying sheep are fed charities and are still 
thankful for it!).

In summary: Wake up and to act, would be highly advised!  
Let us send the banks into insolvency! 
We have it in our hands. 

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

People are leaving their garbage outside the banks – JJK: 

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