1. Oktober 2014


Publication from the 
new Book by Jahn J Kassl: 
Elija Prophecies 49-65 for all 
4D-Worlds until the Year 3000 

Return of the Prophets 


God’s Prophet, returned and in my spirit the 
eternal presence on this planet. 

„Fire will burn everything,
Water will flood everything,
The Earth will bury everything under her,
The Storm will bring a new World.”  

Truthful seekers know it, truthful knowers among the 
knowers, interpret the signs of the time and understand what is.

The decade 2011-2020 
changes the worldview.
The decade 2020-2030 
changes humanity.
The decade 2030-2040 
establishes the subtleness of the planet.
The decade 2040-2050 
establishes the subtleness of the human body.
The decade 2050-2060 
brings immortality.
The decade 2060-2070 
brings the earth into suction of the 5th dimension.
The decade 2070-2080
returns many human Beings, 
who have attained enlightenment a long time ago, 
to the levels of 3D and 4D.
The decade 2080-2090 
lifts the earth, which presently is in the nearest 
hologram to earth, which presently chooses ascension, 
into suction of the 6th dimension.
The decade 2090-2100 
means farewell for many Masters, who from then 
on will complete their evolution cycle on the 6D-12D levels... 

translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb 

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