25. Oktober 2014


Thank you for your energy balance!
Thank you for your financial support! 

Honored supporters of the Lichtwelt project,
Honored Reader,

Your financial support enables us to do our work, 
because the free of charge availability of the messages 
requires, besides much time and energy, also money. 

I very much would like to thank from the 
bottom of my heart for all the contributions 
from our supporters of the last weeks. 

It fills us with great gratitude that our work is very much 
appreciated in this manner and receives energy balance.
Until the day, when human society is freed from money, 
money serves us to prepare the soil for a new society and 
to loosen it.

It is necessary to overcome the old, to transform it, 
so that we may attain the new Life, among other things 
a life in God’s abundance without the need for money.

This is a task, among other manifold assignments, 
which we have dedicated ourselves to and which we 
also in the future will perform with all our strength and 

In gratitude and Love

The Lichtwelt-Team & Jahn J Kassl